Salman Khan’s KICK: Shooting begins July-end

Salman Khan’s Kick, directed by Sajid Nadiadwala, will go on floors this month end. The first shooting schedule will begin in Great Britain, where a few important sequences will be shot.

Kick is a remake of 2009 Telugu blockbuster with the same title. Salman will reprise the character played by Ravi Teja in the original, while Jacquleine Fernandes has been cast to play Ileana D’Cruz’s role.

Salman has two releases in 2014 – Mental, his first release since 2012 blockbuster Dabangg 2, will release during the Republic day weekend (24 Jan). With Kick, Khan makes a grand return to his favorite Eid weekend.

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  • @NVS
    well bro, u need to go through my comments 1ce more, and the last joke was hillarious, but i will suggest u to nt insult big b & rajesh khanna, and this time i m nt using in any figure of speech, so dont put over load on ur brain.

  • @NVS : good one bro. srk fans have gone mental after watching CE. They will be in coma when Bhai’s Mental arrives.

  • @DANISH : If u keep repeating same thing that does not make it reality or fact. Indicine had given some hard slaps to you for making farcial (Thuppaki wad offered to srk) comments so i will have some mercy n allow to go more insane. Lol !!!!!!!

  • @beingsallufan oh great, just make sure to add some bloody item song in it…! I thought I told you to kill that NVS while he’s playing that dog’s role. Why is he still lurking around here? Oh never mind, come let us loot some money from our people…!

  • @ruler @dinesh and @beingthakurfan So you 3 jokers want to star a non masala genre film alongside King yeah…!
    Ok heres an idea, how about we make an adaptation of the Western classic ‘3 Men & A Baby’ but ofcourse our version will be much better than Sajids unofficial crap ‘Heyy Babyy’.
    So you 3 will play the role of 30 something yr old unemployed virgins when suddenly a ‘shahrugate’ (Im thinking Srk in womens drags) knocks on your door and proclaims that 1 of you virgins is the father…! You all look perplexed but suddenly envy races to the surface as you all want to be the ‘sperm donor/ father’. The movies goes back in flashmode and we see each and everyone of you involved in a drunked escapade with Srk in some grotty bar. However we see that no sexual contact ever took place with you guys. So whos the ‘sperm donor’? The movie ends when another virgin, 47 yr old Nexus walks into the hospital delivery room and says hes the proud father of little baby xzone. The ‘shahrugate’ mother walks away with ‘sperm donor’ nexus whilst you 3 ‘virgins’ are left standing only to end the movie with:- “My Name Is Khan & Im Not A Shahrugate” in tandom…! ;-)

  • @Hrithik
    Ok I accept it that it was my mistake.It was the film called “VETTAI” which was offered by A.R.MURUGADOSS to SRK & not “THUPAKKI”.But please give me a sensible/correct answer that why Takloo always wants to star in masala films & not some other or different genre film?

  • @dinesh Market forces, supply and demamd, what the audience wants Salman bhai gives them it. Simple- hardly rocket science.
    Your scientist aka Srk gave the audience a cartoon in the form of but that was rejected. Salman gave them ‘Veer’, a historic piece which too was rejected…!
    Get with the programme you highly non intelligent fan- people are loving a certain type of genre at the moment so why deviate and end up having egg on your face.

  • @DANISH : was ETT a masala movie for you?? Ask SRK to stop doing boring movies n come up with atleast 1 Blockbuster. Salman will do what his fans love not what his haters like!!!!!!

  • @Hrithik
    Salman will not do what his fans like.He will only do what he can do best i.e. MASALA MOVIES.And because his 80% fans are illiterate & uneducated they will like that only.

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