Salman Khan’s KICK: Shooting begins July-end

Salman Khan’s Kick, directed by Sajid Nadiadwala, will go on floors this month end. The first shooting schedule will begin in Great Britain, where a few important sequences will be shot.

Kick is a remake of 2009 Telugu blockbuster with the same title. Salman will reprise the character played by Ravi Teja in the original, while Jacquleine Fernandes has been cast to play Ileana D’Cruz’s role.

Salman has two releases in 2014 – Mental, his first release since 2012 blockbuster Dabangg 2, will release during the Republic day weekend (24 Jan). With Kick, Khan makes a grand return to his favorite Eid weekend.

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  • @karizma : we salman fans how aamir fans are. Dont spread false news n try to create any fan wars.

  • @Syed : It may be great for you for being a srk fan. Your long comments makes me suspect your loyalty towards srk. Even if I agree with you that srk ruled for 20 years then you have to accept that 20 years rule was so fragile that it just took 3 years for Salman to break your srk rule.

  • I doubt whether these movies will release or not?.. may be salman khan will be in jail based on court verdict. He will join his friend Sanjay dutt….and will make Munni bhai chale jail! instead of Munna bhai chale america!! And Salman will gets a lot of Kicks from police inside the jail while his movie kick gets released.

    The people who are cruel only wear ‘Being human’ T-shirts. Salman khan has no shame…he kills, uses abusive language towards women (rem aishwarya rai phone call). Has problem with king khan in katrina birthday party….but wears t-shirt ‘Being human’…

  • some guys r fans of srk..some of sallus fans..some of amirs fans..they hate each other everyday..commenting negative about eavh other but fact is we all luv these three khans whivh are ruling bollywood since last 20 why r u guys fighting everyday..they r going to stand there till their one can defeat them..!!

  • @Syed : Go to court and testify against Salman immediately so that he can behind bars. hai dum?? barking wont help you or your srk. Let srk prove with CE this Eid then talk about Salman !!!!!!!

  • @beinglallu : The same munaf (Mental) n nehra (Kick) are capable to make your srk sweat and made him wait till June to announce his CE release date. Abey kahe ka king bey ?? An actor who needs other superstar’s stardom to book screens and need a favour from an elder actor to get solo festival release. This is the aukad of your king.

  • Does anyone care what the name of the movie is?

    Seriously guys, people say Salman’s next, and you just go and see it. Simple.

    No other promotion of knowing characters, youtube hits, facebook likes etc., is required. Just the name is enough. SALMAN.

  • Out of the Two KICK will be more Excited because i will differentiate between two movies

    MENTAL-A Story of a common man Who want to help society by using chain technique and also it involves with lot of social elements and action elements and this is purely a MESSAGE ORIENTED but this is a good story

    KICK-Its a Full fledged Comedy-Action entertainer has a right mic of Romance-Action-Comedy-Thriller and also this movie had some light moments where audience like the movie if you are a salman khan fan plz dont see the original one you will get Goosebumps for sure and also Salman is lucky to get this movie

    Out of the two KICK has major chance to get Top position in 2014

  • Can anyone answer me that why the hell Salman does only south remakes & not some different genre film? SRK has given back to back 200 crore + grossing films in different genres.He is truly the “BAADSHAH OF BOLLYWOOD “.

    Below is the list of SRK films of different genres grossing 200 cr+ back to back including 1st,2nd & 3rd phase:


    That is why,I love SRK.Truly the face of indian cinema globally.

  • According to BoxOfficeIndia here are the Top Bollywood stars in India, Overseas and Worldwide. Post the ‘Blockbuster’ success of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Ranbir Kapoor has risen to the second spot in India and stands third worldwide, in a list that is dominated by the Khans.
    India – Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan
    Overseas – Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan.
    Worldwide – Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor.

    SRK fans worldwide Salman Khan.

  • don’t worry about salman’s cases he will handle it. just worry for your fake king srk’ ce. he just made a tamil movie in hindi language with cheap item song. if salman do a film whether it is a remake or original he has his own style all the remake what he does are atleast official by purchasing the rights of the original movie not like your fake srk all the movies what your fake srk did are unofficial remakes by copying good scenes from other movies whether it is from tamil,hollwood,tollywood,korean,japanese,chinese and many more. this is his standard by just ctrl+c then ctrl+v that’s it. the people who r barking on salman’s movies you all will know that on the release date itself. all salman fans don’t worry this poor fellows will be in the “first day” ” first show” and offc ourse “first Row” when these two movies will release.

  • @ Danish, why should he do different film? He is not out there to prove some ekka dukka.

    He is an born entertainer and he will always entertain whether it is remake or original, he doesn’t care, nor does his fans…….bus paisa vasool hona chhahiye.

    Hear this in Salman’s own words – if you want to see acting, go watch Hrithik’s movies and if you want to see overacting watch shahrukh……lol.

    Now you got the answer, don’t ask this again here.

    PS: He has also stopped doing favours (spl appearances ) to some fake past friends, who never returned the kindness.

  • @DANISH : You forgot ETT n Dabangg ?? both huge grossers.

    FYI … These two were not remakes but originals.

    Salman will continue do to what his fans like not what his haters want !!!!

  • @hrithik
    u r the one who book theatres for every film??
    i hav made an short film on our bhai, it is an inspirational story which shows how u can be a superstar inspite of being uneducated, pathetic actor and being a self branded criminal. can u book theatrs 4 me??

  • @beinglallu : burning after knowing facts about your king??? take some water from Being Human donated tanks n chilll !!!!

  • @beingsallufaan kyaaaaaaa really..? Say, are you going to include that scene where he drives over poor people while they were asleep? Please show that in 3d effect, it’s going to be awesome. Man, i’m just proud to be a salman fan…!

  • @beingsallufan. I can guess your real identity but since you have earned my respect i will not spill out your name.
    Since you are a ‘junior shirish kunder’, You can also make a movie on a media made, fake, overacting, arrogant, selfish, manipulative, opportunistic, heavy drinking, chain smoking, irritating haklu star who is assumed to have 3 trillion fans worldwide (even though the world population is just about 8 billion).

  • @ruler. Yes beingsallufan aka junior shirish kunder will include the great scene you suggested and fortunately you will be enacting the role of the person who died unfortunately on that unlucky day. But please dont overact like your fakestar srk in that scene.

  • Here i can say one point that if we were talking about kick it was blockbuster in making but salman bhai is risking by taking mental as it was just above average flick but with nice story line and message oriented what ever may be at this point of time salman really done a great job by giving back to back blockbusters

    But one thing i have to mention he has earned name and fame multiple times by an original story DABAANG so he became top and he has taken some remakes which helped him but films like DABAANG,DABAANG 2, Ek tha tiger were original scripts and huge money spinners

  • @NVS are you sad that your not in the movie? Don’t worry, you see there will be one more great scene of equally importance where he kills off that rare species. Since we can’t found that rare deer, we just have to portray it by casting some ‘stray dog’. We’d all be happy if you would play that dog’s role with your excellent acting skills like your bhai, which i’m pretty sure that your going to recieve one or two ghantas for that…! Since there is an overabundance of ‘dogs’ rate in our country (you can even find them in indicine too), nobody’s going to miss 1 dog, if it were to be killed while shooting…!

  • @hactic
    i asked u if u can book the screens, but u r diverting 4m the topic.

    thanx 4 the respect mate & who is shiris kunder???
    got it, the director of all time classic ‘janeman’………and i didnt find ur script intresting, common yaar, wats the use of showing the overacting of a man who has acted in craps like swadesh, cdi, darr, bazigar, kabhi haa kabhi naa, kal ho na ho…..and yes, this middle class boy 4m delhi became a superstar only bcoz of media, u r damn correct.

  • @beingsallufan: Yes I booked the screen to host a bashing show of you by all Salman fans.

    Whether srk or yrf booked screen using ETT it proves one thing srk power is no longer same as earlier.
    Lets give benefit to your srk and assume yrf booked the screens then it means they do not have confidence in their product and srk stardom.

    Dont behave like a clown and make fun of yourself. First get your own id you hypocrite !!!!

  • @hrithik
    i m nt hypocryte, i m die hard salman fan, as u called me “clown” & that is the biggest proof of me being what my id suggests. and i will suggest u to know abt the trade norms that will make u competent enough to comment on the subject u hav raised. good day bro!!!

  • You duffer dumbo!ETT & D2 are original but of the same genre i.e.Masala Genre.My question is that why he does the same kind of films always?Is he scared that if he does different kind of films then he will not get the same box office sucess or his illiterate uneducated fans will not like it or he will not be able to do
    If you have the guts then please give a proper answer to me & not like a Illiterate Uneducated Takloo Lallu(Sallu) Idiotic Mental Remake Khan Fan.Otherwise, except that SRK is the “BIGGEST” & “GREATEST”
    actor ever in the 100 years history of indian cinema.

  • @beingsallufan. Lolz though your comments were meant for pun, some of them are true and the rest, as always are srk fans fantasy duniya illusions. Dude you proclaimed yourself as a proud ’till-my-last breath fanatic’ of srk, then why the hell are you using ‘being’& ‘sallu’ in your id? Your sarcastic, pun filled comments doesnt serve the purpose of using that id but anyway be proud that you are using the id of the biggest megastar in india and unarguably the biggest megastar of this generation only paralled by the likes of rajesh khanna & big b. And yes he is a ‘people’s megastar’ and not a fake media made superstar like your darling srk.

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