Salman Khan’s Kick not postponed, will arrive during Eid

Lately, there have been rumours doing the rounds that Sajid Nadiadwala was likely to postpone Salman Khan’s Kick to a later date, as it was supposedly “40 days behind schedule”.

However, a source close to the film has rubbished all rumours and re-confirmed that Kick will indeed arrive as scheduled earlier.

“There is no delay in release, Kick will release this Eid. The post-production work has already begun, only a few days of shooting is left”

“These rumours are being spread by those with vested interests. By using their PR machinery to spread these unwarranted rumours and unnecessarily creating uncertainty, they probably want other films to arrive on the same day” said a source close to the film, who didn’t want to be named.

The source also added that the first look of the film will be out this month and the theatrical trailer could be attached to the prints of Akshay Kumar’s Holiday.

Directed by Sajid Nadiadwala, Kick also stars Jacqueline Fernandes.

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez at Kick press meet in Poland

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez at Kick press meet in Poland




  • Already salman’s jail Reason coming in this site by his fans and its one and only srk. . . So srk everywhere.

  • @BABAJI — Plzzz grow up buddy…..SRKs PR have nothing to do with K3s manipulation…..the main site which lessened K3s collection and because of which all the chaos and debate started is BOI which stated K3s collection as 178 crs….This BOI states CEs 1st day collection as 29.?? crs behind ETT,CEs WW collection below 400 crs, RA.1s collection as just 200 – 202 crs, JTHJ lifetime as only 101 crs, Gave RA.1 3rd position behind D3 and 3I in terms of WW…..Need to say more ????…..LOLLLL

  • @navin Epic comment! lol
    After failing to beat Ready 4 times Srk and his insecure fans have to do extensive research about what reasons to give for each of the 4 underperformers.

  • Top grossers will be an epic battle between
    Kick vs P.K. vs Bang Bang
    The others will compete in a small match for 4th onwards ranking:
    Singham 2 vs HNY vs Holiday vs Welcome Back

  • @Indicine,please publish the details of Ajey back to direction for Shivet….i know you missed the news for Singham returns,so please you need to know there are alot of fans for Mr Ajey. thanks

  • @Kingshuk : Exactly !!! You just wrote what you did for 4 years until CE saved your fake king. Keep ranting !!!!!!

  • @sss : Hollywood is looking for you as you beat India’s famous astrologer ‘Bejaan Daruwala’ in predicting future. The only glitch in your prediction is that it is based on blind & fanatic fan following instead of facts & reality !!!!!!

  • @pravin : will hide yourself from Indicine if Kick is flop ??? Think before you comment first let your srk release his movies non holiday like Jai Ho (it got zero holiday without apart from regular weekends) !!!! Thats not an excuse but a fact but you wont see it as you are a blind srk fan !!!!!

  • @queenshuk Not surprising to see you struggle to read the truth but I aint offended n I hope you aint offended by me not addressing you by your full obsurd name but I shortened it n I think we can all agree that your new nickname is much more bearable- from now on I will address you as ‘queershuk’…! Sweet nah

  • @damnnnnnnnnnn….!!!!..!!!…..

    Yeah Bollywood is definitely divided into 2 camps as you rightly pointed out. Just like fan camps there are also camps within Bollywood. There are those actors who belong in the ‘actors’ camp n then there are those actors’ who belong in the ‘overacting’ camp. Unfortunately for Sarkar he only has Rakhi Sawant to keep him company in the ‘overacting’ camp…! Poor Rakhi…! :-(

  • @Aryan khan u continue talking about hits but we r more interested in blockbusters and ATBB’s as our fav stars give blockbusters every year and r not leap year blockbuster star like your

  • @indicine.. plz give the rewives of hollywoods latest movies.. kick is blockbuster its very funny movie I already watched in telugu looking forward for sk

  • @kingshuk,I’m so glad for appreciating me thank you.

    @salman fans,KING SRK need not require to spread negativity because KING KHAN is the HERO and whoever go against him he automatically considered as villain and will become a big negativity himself/herself among THE PEOPLES,so never dare to flow against KING KHAN,that’s what BEST for all of you.

  • @sss : What did your fake king do when AJ Devgan released SOS with JTHJ ??? I think srk deserve Ghanta award for that. You talk as if no one has gone against srk or they are afraid of him. Lol !!!!

  • KICK is gonna be a huge blockbuster!! As it has everything: Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment!!!
    But worry for self-proclaimed king. I am sure that after a movie called raees, SRK will turn from raeesTObikharee in one moment. Farhan will overshadow this bleating, stammering and hamming SRK. Because Farhan has so much stamina to run for miles but our bakraking has been infected with lung cancer because of chain smoking both at his home and in public places………….So, obviously, when Farhan chases SRK in the film, he needs an ambulance with to be accompanied with him for emergency hospitalization of soon-to-be cancer patient. Because if the cancer patient dies during chasing, the cop Farhan won’t be able to get the required infos on his past deeds like lungi dance in paglapoor stage. 3.7 Billion goatfans are praying to get Salman jailed coz only then, a g0atking can claim to be a tiger in the absence of the real and mighty Tiger.

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