Salman Khan’s Kick not postponed, will arrive during Eid

Lately, there have been rumours doing the rounds that Sajid Nadiadwala was likely to postpone Salman Khan’s Kick to a later date, as it was supposedly “40 days behind schedule”.

However, a source close to the film has rubbished all rumours and re-confirmed that Kick will indeed arrive as scheduled earlier.

“There is no delay in release, Kick will release this Eid. The post-production work has already begun, only a few days of shooting is left”

“These rumours are being spread by those with vested interests. By using their PR machinery to spread these unwarranted rumours and unnecessarily creating uncertainty, they probably want other films to arrive on the same day” said a source close to the film, who didn’t want to be named.

The source also added that the first look of the film will be out this month and the theatrical trailer could be attached to the prints of Akshay Kumar’s Holiday.

Directed by Sajid Nadiadwala, Kick also stars Jacqueline Fernandes.

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez at Kick press meet in Poland

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez at Kick press meet in Poland




  • kick 300 280 crores.hny 200 crore.singham2 180 180 crores.bang bang 130 crore without clash and 100 crores with clash.

  • Great news as ‘Kick’ will not postpone and release on Eid so that means haters will get kick on decided time and there will be no delay or festival excuse and sympathy for

  • Thankgod kick won’t postpone, i can’t wait for the film. Since ETT kick is only Salman films for which i am waiting for eagerly. Kick will be huge. Waiting for trailer

  • ‘Kick’ is looking sureshot blockbuster after looking its on location pictures and Salman is looking in dabangg mode and people who r spreading negativity by using PR machinery will get painful kick this Eid.

  • kick is biggest disaster of 2014. its good that it’s releasing in eid or else bhojpuri fans will give reason of non holiday release date for its failure.

  • haha looks like someone’s PR is working overtime to spread negativity about KICK. haters are already shit scared lol ;) BAAP is coming on EID!

  • Salman related article comes & jobless haters get some work LOL. don’t worry about Salman, worry about your 2 rps stars ;) !

  • 2008-Aamir
    The pattern will continue as 2014 will have Aamir/Salman again as the top grossing megastar.

  • its big flop for salman khan in 2014!
    time to young stars replace old ones
    like arjun ,ranveer,ranbeer,varun,sidharth etc

  • Akki had a little chance to release his film it’s entertainment on eid so that he can deliver one hit with the help of eid holiday…but as now kick confirmed for eid release akkis hope for one hit film has gone…now it’s entertainment will be sandwiched between kick and singham 2 and will end up as another 60 cr flop….

  • Who cares for KICK PICK TICK VICK…lolzz

    It is clear and simple,Salman films can turn anyone’s brain into curd!!!

    Waiting for HNY,Remember KING is always KING…
    These lallu,tingu pingu are nothing in front of THE SRK.

  • All new jokes —

    (1) Reason for Jai Ho underperformance — SRKs PR

    (2) Reason for 70-80 crs differnce of collection of K3 — SRKs PR

    (3) Reason for TAALASH underpormance — SRKs PR

    (4) Reason for OUATIMD underperformance — SRKs PR

    Want to hear more ???
    Wait for EID 2014….;-)

  • @queenshuk Reasons for Sarkars films recent failures:-

    1- MNIK- Not as good as Forrest Gump
    2- Ratoon Point One- Not as good as Abhisheks Ra.One
    3- Don 2- Poor script by writers so Sarkar improvised n had to overact to cover up the loopholes
    4- Jab Tak Hai Mojo- Yash Ji was too old to direct- left film in limbo
    5- Crappy Express- Underperformed bcoz millions of lungiwalas mistakenly bought tickets for Chennai Express train as opposed to theatre tickets- film thus couldnt collect 1234 crores….!
    6- Players New Years Reunion Party- film underperformed bcoz people couldnt understand why New Years celebrations were brought forward to Diwali- Diwali is for Diwali festivities they point out…!

  • Movies gets postponed when they run behind schedule or to avoid clash but our kings movie never gets postponed coz our king has got special ability of begging to other producers to make their movie postpone

  • it seems kick will be a big flop because peoples are fed of south remake,salman is too desperate to get a hit and trying to increase publicity although didn’t have any interest in these type of film.

    @pravin,absolutely let’s see what will sallu fans will give reason after kick becomes a big flop.I think it will struggle to reach 120cr.

    @Dynamic,absolutely bro,outstanding comment.

    @Flop kumar,this time all south remake gonna be big disaster,akki sir will soon retired,don’t worry.

    @kingshuk,marvellous comment bro,after kick debacle,sa;man fan will say BO is under control of SRK and peoples working for them are all SRK’S PR.bro, however you said this but I know this comment after EID I’ll get for sure.

  • @sachin11 Srk dont need to spread negativity against an actor who has given 9 hits in 30 yrs. Even abhshk emran and saif has more hits than ur fvrt. And he also dont need to spread negativity against ur 2nd fvrt who started acting in 1988 and become succesful in

  • @kingsukh
    Don’t know about others but Krrish 3 manipulation has somewhat to do with SRK…

  • we bhai fans don’t care if kick collects 1 cr or 2 cr , it will be considered ATBB by us. even if distributors lose all their money , so what ?? he is our bhai, even if his film flops then also we will call it blockbuster.

    our bhai has a secret, eid is only way to hide your weaknesses, sssshhhh please don’t reveal this secret to anyone. or else there is huge chance of a disaster if released on any other day. but he is our bhai, flop or disaster doesn’t matter, for us its blockbuster.

    mera bhai,tumhara bhai,aapka bhai,hum sabka bhai, hamara bhai, sallu bhai !!!

  • @vicky, you are a moron. you hate hrithik so you think bang bang wont be big ?? you should be ashamed of yourself for loving crap films just because your fav khans are doing that film.
    @romance disaster, LOL! keep your predictions with you fool. this year will be ruled by bang bang, holiday,its entertainment,singham 2,action jackson and bombay velvet, pk also.

  • @flop kumar, stop your stupid comments. Its Entertainment wont be sandwitched between kick or singham 2. Its Entertainment will provide tough competition to both films and will be bigger grosser than kick.
    romance new flop, hahaha hny will be a flop. HOLIDAY will be in top 3, i bet you. Its Entertainment will be in top 5 for sure. Akki will rule once again

  • @kingshuk completely agreed wid words
    Sometimes I think bollywood is divided in two parts.. shahrukh lovers n shahrukh haters..
    Really I was shocked wen some hrfans said all this fake figure of k3’s collection was started by srk n his pR.. If dat is the case I shd assume boi,boc, toi all work on shahrukhs consent.. But stil I imagine y they didnt reported 50cr more of collections of jthj n

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