Salman Khan’s ‘Dabangg’ to be the major attraction at Dubai’s Bollywood theme park

Bollywood superstar†Salman Khan will be make a smashing comeback as ‘Chulbul Pandey’†for a live stunt show titled ‘Dabangg: Stunt Spectacular’ which will be a part of ‘Bollywood Parks Dubai’ – which is the first Bollywood-inspired theme park†in Dubai.

A†behind the scenes video was released which featured Salman, along with his brother Arbaaz Khan, playing their ‘Dabangg’ characters.

“As soon as the moustache and uniform is on, the voice changes, the gait and my whole personality changes. Today, I’m playing my character of Chulbul Pandey, a cop” Salman said.

Arbaaz added by said “No one could have played Chulbul’s role better than Salman Khan, as he added a dash of his own personality. While the script offers one thing, Salman had brought a lot more to the table”

Set in an abandoned warehouse, the attraction will take the spectators on an adventure with police officer Chulbul Pandey, where he has to rescue his damsel Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha) and her friends from fictitious goons.

Shujaat Saudagar has directed the introduction to the show.

The theme park will open on October 31 2016. Check out the video below:



  • BB and sultan were really good movies…but dabangg??? oh plz…stay away…I havnt watched both of them…bb dobara dekh sakta hun..par ye ni dil karta dekhne ka..

  • I was a big fan of Salman Khan but after i saw his interview in which he supported PAK actors now i am not his fan at all. SALMAN KHAN IS A PAKISTANI.

  • OFF THE TOPIC.@INDICINE is Siddharth malhotara playing main lead in HASEENA.And what is the release date of HASEENA.

  • No one can plays chulbul panday character better then salman….ryt….evenno one can play sultan character better then him…..and tere naam nd wanted chqracter aswell

  • When i went for dabbang 1st day 1st show…after seeing his role ……i was like he will surely get filmfare best actor award“`…………but after that year when srk got the award for mnik….i was like what the hell is wrong with these filmfare guys…….now what has to be done to get this award,this was the best performance of salman……and no body in the world( i body in this world) can perform this character in such a briliant way…………….2 months later i watched mnik and i said one word “this award was worth for srk performance”….he was the best in mnik……..
    but i challenge again no body in this world can play chulbul pandey like salman did……love you salman

  • one month before i had already saw show based on bollywood theme park on NDTV india where they playing the video of DON2 and and also showing behind the scene and interview and called don2 as a main attractions of this theme park surprising to see this old news article with different content?? it’s seem you got this theme park news soo late but nothing new and special in it

  • Dubaiís Bollywood theme park..
    its going to amazing..
    Dubai will be second home to bollywood.

  • Epic Roles that were only meant for these Superstars Franchises that will always be remembered hate them or like them but you must have agreed they did justice to their franchises.

    Salman Khan aka Chulbul Pandey Dbbng
    Ajay Devgan aka Bajirao Singhm
    Sanjay Dutt aka Munna mbbs
    Shah Rukh khan aka Don. Don
    Salman aka Tiger even before TZH release
    Ajay aka Gopal golmaal
    Akshay Sundi ful
    Amitabh Sarkaar
    Kangana Tanu

    Franchise that should have stick with only one hero.
    Dhoom Hrithik
    Welcome . Akshay
    Ouatim Ajay
    Gangajal Ajay
    HeraPheri Akshay

  • DABBANG is a landmark Movie in the history of bollywood.

    Sunny Deol was the only best action hero for Bollywood after dabbang came, Salman turned out be the action king and all his movies went to be become Blockbusters.

    That is why he is a Superstar.

    SRK can never play a role like Chulbul pandey anytime.

  • Salman has gone way above Chulbul Pandey. He was rocking with larger than life character Chulbul when Dabangg in 2010 came now he has grown up so much as an actor as well as Megastar even Chulbul Pandey character looks small for him. That is Salman for you.

  • Sallu Bhai rocks. Dabangg was the best movie of bollywood, even better than pk, ddlj, lolay, 3Idiots etc. Dabangg is a masterpiece which can’t be made in bollywood again. Salman Bhai is box office king.
    @KHILADI : Kitne dhongi baba ke saath teri randi maa soyi hai bata kyuki teri kattarpan se pata chalta hai ki tu ek baap ki aulad nahi hai tujhe aur teri Fake Hindustan ko langa karke maarunga samjha! ! !
    @fan Tubelight cfl : Yes Salman deserves filmfare awards for many movies but those bloody filmfare only likes SRGay
    aamir TINGU Khan’s is nothing without Raju Papa and great brands
    #True Salman Fans

  • Hud Hud Dabangg!!! Dabangg 3 is going to become the HGOAT and HGOTY in Eid 2018 !!!!!
    #True Salman Fans

  • Some people were saying that Dabangg was crap. If Dabangg is a crap then why it becomes BLOCK BUSTERS ?
    #True Salman Fans

  • This is good that you have published articles on Bollywood theme park.

    I love this article but Hrithik’s KRRISH 3 is a part of this park even before DABANNG. So you have to make an article on KRRISH3 even before it.
    I’m not against DABANGG but every film deserves an article.. Baat sirf Barabar Ki..

    WHERE is going KAABIL articles. Why you are hiding articles about KAABIL

  • Salman in HAHK and Dabangg are class .Tere Naam and Bajrangi can be played by any good actor but the two roles cannot be refreshed by anyone in any copycats including salman in Dabangg 2 or PRDP.They may not be high on the list of critics but they are the most believable and likeable roles Salman has played ever

  • @joker 10:59pm

    While our Nationalist government has no problem to allow visas and work permits for Pakistani artists then WTH we are to ban movies starring Pakistani artists???

    BTW, before blabbering on others don’t forget your so called patriotic makki is a Canadian citizen while Salman is Indian. Now tell who should be kicked out of Bollywood- Indian Salman or Canadian makki?

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