Salman Khan with Sana Khan: Mental On Location

Bigg Boss 6 star Sana Khan, who recently signed the biggest film of her career, shared a picture of her along with her ‘Mental’ co-star Salman Khan.

Sana was signed to place the second lead in the Sohail Khan directed film, along with Kannada actress Daisy Shah. The film also stars Tabu and Ashmit Patel.

Apparently, the 25 year old actress was asked to hit the gym and shed a few kilos before shooting for the film.

Salman Khan with Sana Khan on the sets of Mental

Mental Pics: Salman Khan with Sana Khan on the sets of Mental



  • @IMAM : Go n test your eyes or should I refer you to some charitable free eye test camp? Jealous n re-tarted soul. SRK n Katrina was more like father and daughter.

  • may indicine forgot that salman is also only one who has given 4 disasters in a row
    i have seen the original version of mental,its not good
    mental will be hit ,not bb

  • i dont understand the haters, first they say he is successfull because of remakes but dabang 1 and 2 and ett are his best highest grossers. than they say oh he is successful because of masala movies but ett is a spy thriller action movie. than they say his movies are hit because of holiday where as ready was his non holiday which grossed more than srk two diwali release jthj and raone, hrithik agneepath 26 jan holiday weekend, ajay’s diwali’s golmaal and srk’s christmas don 2, and the funny thing is these haters still say ready is not a bit hit, which is not only a blockbuster compared to all movies i have mention but grossed more than all also and golmaal was only blockbuster among the movies but it collection is less than ready. if you hate him so much than dont visit his articles simple as that. salman is boxoffice king wether you like it or not.

  • Selfish
    marigold,god tussi great ho,hereos 3disasters in row
    in telugu version it was chiranjeevi,megastar.who is much bigger than salman,who ruled telugu industry for 30 years

  • Honestly, she doesn’t have any qualifications to become an actress. I don’t know what’s so special about her that the director saw.

  • @pavan i must say you are burning in fire because the way i see those were not his cosecutive disasters. god tussi great ho was a moderate sucess and was later declared as flop not disaster. heros main cast was Mithun Chakraborty, Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol and salman was doing guest appereance and if you call it salman’s flop than please kuch kuch hota salman did guest apperence so that movie should called salman’s ATBB right. marigold was released before parter which was salman blockbuster marigold later released in US so it means you are leing or you dont have your facts rught. it just like i said if you dont like salman than please dont visit his article and you know yourself that salman is a mega and chiranjeev or what his name is cant even come close to salman’s craze in india. so please dont make joke out of yourself.

  • Pavan lol 1st u said 4 now u say 3 Haha and by the god tusi great ho was not disaster it was flop and abt heroes salman was in special appearance and if ur credit heroes to salman then ualso add kuch kuch hota hai in salman atbb list wch had same role . . Lol

  • at last salman will have a teammate in tihari jail
    with sanjau baba to kill solitude
    i wonder if his bodyguard will be with him in that jail so that they help each other finishing policegirl and mental altogetther
    they will have plenty of time
    to do that
    and the world premiere of mental will be in tihari jail
    and the first audience will the prisoners of tihari
    and all the prisoners of azkaban sorry
    tihari jail of 5*****
    wow the prepayed viewed would be of 75 cr
    and distribshare will surpass all
    other actors

  • Karishma Popat’s fan are posting hate messages and flop messages against the film Mental, they are mental and pulling their hairs as Ms popat faku Karishma didnt get the film and Baby khan got it .

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