Salman Khan with Sana Khan: Mental On Location

Bigg Boss 6 star Sana Khan, who recently signed the biggest film of her career, shared a picture of her along with her ‘Mental’ co-star Salman Khan.

Sana was signed to place the second lead in the Sohail Khan directed film, along with Kannada actress Daisy Shah. The film also stars Tabu and Ashmit Patel.

Apparently, the 25 year old actress was asked to hit the gym and shed a few kilos before shooting for the film.

Salman Khan with Sana Khan on the sets of Mental

Mental Pics: Salman Khan with Sana Khan on the sets of Mental



  • mental will be the biggest hit of 2013 and make it 4th in row for salman king khan…..mental total earning=krish3+chennai exprs combined.

  • @Indicine Team

    Haters dream of making Salman film flop turn into slap on their faces everytime.

    But i think we have to thank them for that because they hate Salman from from bottom of their hearts which may be stronger than love of Salman fans towards him.


    keep it up bro.
    Salman will diliver another BB in row like last 5.

  • Those haters who say it will be a flop..he is not ordinary like his fellow contemporary actors..he is Salman khan who has deliver 5 back to back Blockbusters which no other actor hv deliver in history of hindi cinema..Right it down MENTAL will do above 140cr India , even if its shooting as just started….Box Ofiice Real King Salman khan .

  • @randy when ready released and till bodyguard came it was 3rd highest grosser in india just behind dabangg and 3 idiots….also it was blockbuster not hit!!

  • @Team Indicine You are doing a good job by posting comments only after moderation. In fact, a user whose comments get deleted three times should be completely banned from commenting, thus making Indicine a cleaner site.

    • @Nitish, who is stopping you from sharing your opinion. But one or two word comments don’t make any sense, we have even been deleting comments like ATBB, Super Hit.

  • @Indicine Team, i know you are a Salman khan fan.when some people badly abuse Akshay, Ajay Devgn, SRK,Hritik or other actors you don’t blame them.but when some people insult Salman you blame them. Its disgusting!

  • Randy@
    U r rite may be hit like ready not other salman,s movie but still ready one of the biggest hit in India only rowdy rathore manages to surpass ready,s collection in india

  • Those haters saying that film will be a flop..he is not ordinary like his fellow actors..he is Salman Khan who has delivered 5 back to back blockbusters..right it down Mental will do above 140 cr , even if shooting is just started….Box Office Real King ” SAlman Khan ” .

  • @Sumit..i think u can try to be a director..because u can see the future..u knw everythng..why dont u make a movie..

  • ho god.. i cant see salman wid crap sana khan… i really dont undrstand y they signd b grade actress to this a big fan of salman bt im really disopointd….

  • @Indicine this is my prediction and for your kind information,Prediction means saying without seeing Trailor,film and whatever!!!

    • If you are predicting a ‘super disaster’ for someone who has delivered 5 back-to-back blockbusters, then you can keep keep your predictions to yourself. Whether it is Salman, SRK, Aamir or Hrithik.. their films can’t be ‘disasters’.

  • Those haters who r sayin this film will be a flop..he is not ordinary like his contemporary fellow actors..he is Salman Khan who’s name is enough for Blockbuster..he has delivered 5 Blockbusters back 2 back other actor has delivered 5 blockbusters in history of hindi cinema..Right it down Mental will do above 149 cr India , even if shootin is just started….Real Box Office King ” Salman Khan “

  • ‘Mental’ needs Salman bhai jiving and grooving and that will be enough for it to be a Blockbuster and collect around 140cr -150cr net in India. If Daisy and Sana do their job properly ie remember to smile every time the camera is on them then it will suffice but all said and done, the audience just want to see Salman bhai beat up all the psychopathic mental patients at the Asylum like our former srkian henchman /friend ‘xzone’ and this is all the action quota the audience expect at a bare minimun. Mental will rock all over India and bhai fans will make a EID festival out of the release whether it releases on Eid or not.
    @star bhai roxXxXx and Mental will rock sumits little world to pieces…! :-P

  • @sumit hey dude the only ‘Biggest Flop’ visible on this page is you my friend formerly known as ‘xzone’..! :-p
    You may have a new identity but your farcical commrnts are still regarded as the ‘Biggest Flop’ comments ever made. Come back another day when news of Chennai Depress releases then you can use your 2 favourite words ; ‘Biggest Flop’ and Chennai Depress in the same sentence. ;-) ;-)
    @xzone Your disciple Sumit has learnt well from you and the other buffoon ‘IMAM’ saheb. :-P

  • @INDICINE TEAM :- Good work as u r now strict 2wrdz the comments! :-)
    I don’t like Salman but this film can’t be a disaster,rightly said khans rule BO!
    I hope your strictness with comments remain when there is article of SRK or AAMIR etc!
    Thank you Indicine.. much appreciated!

  • Imam lol this is problem of u guys u just speak out by jealous and insecurity . . . Ans ma simple quest who looks much old Srk or salman ans being neutral

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