Salman Khan voted as the fittest of all actors

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has beaten other actors like Hrithik Roshan, Arjun Rampal and John Abraham to take the first spot in an online poll for India’s fittest actor.

The poll was conducted by an health and wellness website, where more than 30,000 people voted for the fittest stars in the industry.

Salman KhanSalman Khan

Salman and Hrithik’s fan following on social media ensured that they received the maximum number of votes defeating other fit actors, said a statement.

Salman received 43.36 percent votes while Hrithik got 42.81 percent votes. Others like John Abraham, Arjun Rampal, Shahid Kapoor received less than 3% votes each.



  • @sanjeev11, are you drunk? released on 3000 screens and collected 125cr whereas jai ho released on 4500 screens and did 109cr. In which universe does that ean that jai ho beat Or have you forgotten to take a numbers class in your nursery?

  • @Hrithik, do not talk about the past. If you talk about the past, then salmans streak of flop films should be taken into account. Atleast the 4 films srk made crossed 100cr and made good money at the box office.(mnik did more than 100cr overseas.) Salmans streak of flop films combined probably won’t make 100 crores together.

  • Not agree too much with this poll, Salman didn’t get so much than he deserved. Atleast Salman could received 80 percent votes. Salman is HEARTTHROB of the nation. Hats off u…..Salman.

  • If you talking about fitness, Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty are the fittest bollywood actors but since indians are fools so obviously they would ignore the right choices.

    @Navin, well fact wise, presently Hrithik has the best body in the business, Ranveer,John etc have better bodies than salman now.

    @Virat Kohli, you are a pathetic Hrithik hater. salman’s body is full of fatty tissues now and he has been suffering from many disorders too. Hrithik is doing all his actions by himself even after the brain surgery. It is your salman who has never done action by himself, first time he did by himself in kick, so media made it a news out of it. I think you should keep yourself updated and not live in stone age.

  • @hrithik Biggest joke is lallu winning this poll! Take a look at the bodies of SRK and Akki, they are hard, firm and toned without roids and supplements unlike ur lallu!

  • @TS: screen only affects the opening not the final collection. If only number of screens determined the final collection Dhoom 3 and CE should have collected 3 times more than 3 Idiots. Now who is drunk? haha

  • @TS : Agreed Salman had a bad patch n career lows but you should also accept srk Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke (Lifetime 40 lakhs), Billu, Paheli, Maya Memsaab, Guddu, Zaamana Deewana, Oh Darling Yeh Hai India, Duplicate, Chaahat which all sank without a trace !!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,you salman fans are biggest shameless who are thinking lallu is an actor,which is an insult to actors.yeah,lallu has best body still he couldn’t romance and looked like father of heroines.yeah he has fitness still looking so fat and couldn’t move freely in dances.

    even chunkey pandey also could remain fit by eating come on all SRK fans today onwards sallu and their fans will be known as revital boy and fans.even SRK danced so well in ISHQ DANCE with out using any REVITAL,lol.

  • @Triniman : It does not say how the body build if Salman body is due to all steroids than he dont need to work out now after so many years of hardwork. About srk firm body we know fragile he is that even a plastic door causes him injuries. Btw I wonder how you know about firmness of srk body?? Lol !!!!!!!!

  • @hritik
    career lows can b considered for 1-2 years of flops but ur lallu has career low for 8-10 years. whereas there is consistency in srk. srk might not given blockbuster consistently but no one loses money in his movie. but due to your bhojpuri lallu many distributer became beggars.

  • @hrithik I have eyes to see thats how, anyone can see Akki and SRK bodies and how toned their muscles are and how well their clothes fit, salman is an indian and as an indian it is difficult to bulk up like that without supplements or roids, we indians have to work twice as hard in gym as white/black men in order to get as big as them, anyone can deduce lallu body(and even John now) is due to roids and supplements with workout/diet and Akki/SRK bodies are due to pure workouts/diets

  • @Pravin : If Salman movies had made distributors beggar then he made riches also with 5 back to back blockbuster. I dont deny srk consistency (barring Ra.One) in last few years but he was earning chillars for distributors with streaks of Hits when Aamir & Salman making distributors lakhpatis !!!! btw post a list where Salman was without a Hit for 8-10 years.

  • @Triniman : You live in a world where a worn out
    skinny n muscle less man is fittest for you. May God help
    you !!!!!

  • Sallu Fittest Of The Fittest Of Alltime Amog All Bollywood Actor Admit It Or Who Cares Ur Views Truth Z Always True & Result Also Showing D Truth.

  • which idiot is the judge to decide sallu as fittest?? if he is, tell him to do atleast 2 movies an year…just 2..can he??it needs a 10-yr old’s commonsense to proclaim Akshay as the fittest. remember what all he’s done for the industry all these yrs, even at the age of 45. even sallu called akki as the most fittest.

  • Salman born to be the no1 in all.
    Dear srk and Akki fans don’t try to abuse our salman in jealous.

  • @praveen: no one will praise them-self or say they are the best.v can take it as next to Sallu is Akki.

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