Salman Khan voted as the fittest of all actors

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has beaten other actors like Hrithik Roshan, Arjun Rampal and John Abraham to take the first spot in an online poll for India’s fittest actor.

The poll was conducted by an health and wellness website, where more than 30,000 people voted for the fittest stars in the industry.

Salman KhanSalman Khan

Salman and Hrithik’s fan following on social media ensured that they received the maximum number of votes defeating other fit actors, said a statement.

Salman received 43.36 percent votes while Hrithik got 42.81 percent votes. Others like John Abraham, Arjun Rampal, Shahid Kapoor received less than 3% votes each.



  • This poll is useless. Khanfans are always active on internet. By the way akshaya kumar is the fittest actor of bollywood,not salman.
    Shapewise,hritik and john abraham. Hands down!

  • Woww…
    Again Apna Sallu No. 1
    No. 1 Actor
    No. 1 Human
    No. 1 Youth Icon
    No. 1 Box Office King
    No. 1
    No. 1
    No. 1
    Salman Khan Born To No. 1

  • Salman is fit but our king is the fittest and when he visit hospital many times the patients admitted there becomes fit by just seeing our king and starts walking coz they think that when this man can walk so why can’t we

  • Hrithik has the best body in bollywood at present…
    Salman should also be behind Ranveer singh,john,varun dhawan,shahid kapoor.

  • Before jai ho release Salman fans– >>
    1.Storm is coming
    2.R.I.P all records
    3.Movie sirf Salman k naam se
    chalti hai
    4.Salman k movie ka poster b 100cr
    kama legs
    5.blahhhhhh blahhhh blahhhhh
    After jai ho release —>>
    Bahana no.
    1.Wo kya hai na ticket prize kam
    the Dhoom3-900
    Jai ho-250
    Truth— Sab movies k ticket prize
    same the (except D3 in imax)
    jai ho k prize kam nai the
    Nd D3 1st Movie Jo Imax Format relyz Hui.. CE Nai Hua Tha
    2.Modi ko Milne ki wajah se Muslim
    me films boycott kar di
    jab Salman apne ghar
    GANPATI bithate hai tab nai boycott
    karte to ab kyu karenge???
    don’t blame us we respect all
    3.Movie bahut achi hai collection
    mat dekho
    Truth— look whoz talking
    yahi fans pehle collection bhokte
    the ab ye story ki baat karne lage
    Jai ho
    Screens —>>4500 screens
    Solo release
    B.o collection—->>109 cr
    N still if u think its semi hit then doob

  • @bulli
    watching salman car coming poor people run coz he might b drunk driving n killing people. rare species also run away coz he might shoot them.
    killing people n rare species u have to be fitter.

  • Bhai roxXxXx

    Looks like the evergrowing family of ‘nipins’ werent enough to push Hrithiks tally of votes past bhai jaan…!

  • Baap hamisha baap hota hai…Salman is the baap of fitness…He’s a fitness icon….Nowadays, everyone has a nice-looking body as there are abundances of gym and tools. but during the time of Salman????????? And Salman trained Hrithik for one and half year in building hro’s physique….

    @bulli, you are hilarious…..Keep it up…

    @Romance on expiry date, talk a little bit about billu, ratoon point one, con 2………..

  • Salman the fittest
    ppl forgot his several diseases.. Just having biceps n triceps doesnt mean he is fit… He has a suicidal disease something.. Also he has infections in his throat.. From ma pov I guess akshay is the fittest one among all followed by john vidyut

  • @Romance New_yr: Following are the differences between Ra One and Jai Ho:
    1. Ra One had one of the best teaser, Jai Ho had the worst teaser.
    2. Ra One trailer was received pretty well, Jai Ho trailer was received badly.
    3. Ra One released on holiday, Jai Ho released on non-holiday.
    4. Promotions of about 1 year for Ra one, Promotions of about 1 month for Jai Ho.
    5. Ra One had chartbuster songs, Ja Ho had weakest music album for a Salman starrer.
    6. Ra One had no 1 actress of that time (kareena), Jai Ho had Daisy Shah (definitely bottom 3)
    7. Ra One seemed high in production value, Jai Ho seemed pretty poor in production value.

    Note: Only thing in favor of Jai Ho as compared to Ra One was Salman instead of Srk, and still Jai Ho beats Ra One’s collection.

  • Among the senior actors i think unarguably akshay is the fittest and manages to shoot nearly 3-4 films a year. .no other actor can achieve dis feat. .its also unfair to compare actors like salman,hrithik nd akshay with younger actors as they are much younger than these actors.

  • salman the fitness (guru) teacher of hrithik somewhere n (chela) student hrithik beats others thts nice to hear :)

  • Salman Khan deserves it but hrithik doesn’t. Hrithik is suffering with many diseases. He is not doing action scenes and using body doubles. I think hrithik’s second position must be replaced by John Abraham.

  • @Romance expiry : You are biggest shameless (even bigger than sss) guy I have seen on indicine. You support all Khans when you want to downgrade Hrithik n post hatred comments about Salman & Aamir on their article. Typical example of a backstabber fan. Atleast Salman fans (whoever but very less) gave excuses for one movie but srk fans have been doing since MNIK to JTHJ (Thats 4 movies) !!!!!!

  • The results are based only on popularity. Akshay Kumar is fittest but Salman being a work out holic n with great looks has favored him to win the poll !!!!!

  • This poll is a joke. Hardly trustworthy! You could vote every 10 seconds and a few crazy Hrithik and Sallu fans voted in a few hours their heart out.

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