Salman Khan to appear in court on January 29

A local court in Jodhpur has summoned Bollywood superstar Salman Khan to appear before it on January 29th 2014 in an Arms Act case.

The court of Chief Judicial Magistrate Chandra Kala Jain, after hearing and examining prosecution witnesses on Wednesday, asked the actor to appear before the court and record his statement.

“Salman has been asked to appear personally before the court on January 29,” Salman’s counsel Hastimal Saraswat told IANS on phone.

Till now he was exempted from appearing in the court.

It may be mentioned that on the midnight of October 1-2, 1998 during the shooting of Hindi movie ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain;, allegedly two blackbucks, a protected animal under the Wildlife Protection Act, were killed on the outskirts of Kankani village near Jodhpur.

Salman along with few other stars were accused of poaching blackbucks.

During this time the Bollywood star was also accused of carrying illegal arms. He is alleged to have been carrying arms with expired license.

A complaint was filed against Salman on charges of being involved in hunting of protected blackbucks.



  • Very Bad news for industry and for salman fans but law will have its final say. But its unfortunate that our no1 star is criminal.

  • When this criminal go to jail???…be has more than 20 cases on his name including murder case…..shame on Indian law

  • 5 days after breaking opening day record and 2 days after hitting a century during opening weekend bhai jaans celebrations will be cut short by a publicity hungry judge… This is getting old now and no doubt in the subsequent 3 decades hundreds if not thousands of protected animals have been poached/ killed for sports/ recreational fun or commercial reasons but authorities are still dragging out this case when it suits them…! Already now decide bhais fate and we can all move- put up or shut up but stop wasting everybodys time and scarce taxpayers monies on this matter.

  • killing animals, illegal arms, poaching, hunting, beating woman, drunkard, etc etc .. Hearing these words. Only one person comes in mind.. Telgu remake specialist.

  • I hope he goes to jail fast but as he is a man of power and wealth the case will drag for some more years. I have no faith in our judiciary system.

  • @Navin
    Why u are after Salman so blindly…that u even don’t want the law to do its work???
    Shame on u…
    There may be lots of cases of illegal hunting but not every case will come in media…this publicised due to Salman..
    And btw
    Stop dreaming and live in reality bcoz Jai ho is not going to shatter Dhoom 3’s record…
    You should rather dream of Jai ho breaking records of Dabangg 2,that will be quite an achievement for it …

  • salman khan in court again. This should be some kind of record. Can any other actor match that???!!!

    Bhai rox!!!

  • salman khan will come out clean against these fake cases.. nothing to worry at all.. god is with u salman.. u r god’s favourite child.. keep on with the good work with ur films n charity.. this man has helped n saved several needy souls through his NGO being human.. respect n love to u mr. salman khan.. u rock.. man with the golden heart.. jai ho salman!

    @sakhi – salman khan’s superstardom has surely affected ur mental state.. get well soon n do take ur medicines on time.. if u cant afford ur treatment salman’s being human is there n will surely be kind enough to sponser ur treatment..

  • @SS,well said bro,that’s why Salman took no1 position in celebrity search list, with out releasing one movie. all SRKians rocks together.

    also they forgot the “CULPABLE HOMICIDE”,which is the biggest case among all.when that case’s date will reopened?I hope soon victims will get justice,praying for it.

    look how criminal’s fans @Navin,@beinglallufan,@dxtdamn,how they are enjoying while saying bhai will release soon.These fellows are really Indians?and waiting for other criminal fan @hrithik,@sachin11,@aks hope they will arrive here

    hey @hrithik,now you got why sallu only used 10% money,because other money he has invested in dismissing culpable homicide case.


  • The species of Chinkaras and Black Buck have become so rare that hunting them has been declared to be illegal. How the species have become so rare? Are they all because of Salman Khan? Or were those people who had been hunting the animal were the servants of Salman Khan? Why haven’t those hunters charged with similar cases. Why only Salman??? The case is still to be proven true. We are not witnesses to the incidents and there is no witness against him! It is nothing but a conspiracy!!

    Coming to the another case, according to, average 18.7 people of every 100,000 people in India die due to the road accidents every year. Are they all because of Salman Khan??? Why are those cases have been taken so lightly? It is Salman Khan. If we can put him in legal mess, we can squeeze a lot of money from him. In the end, who benefits?
    That’s why the son of the late accident victim’s son said he doesn’t want Salman Khan to be jailed but some monetary compensation.

    Besides, logically, pavements are neither for sleeping nor for driving cars on. The men who slept on the pavement, Indian govt that could not provide a proper house for its citizen and Salman Khan (if he was driving the car) are all guilty for the accident.

    On the other hand, the Thakur of Paglapur, in public, attacked the poor security guards were honestly and indiscriminately doing their duties. But the Thakur wanted special treatment for his daughter because deep-inside, he is arr0gant and thinks there is no one better than him in India. Man-handling of his daughter was just smoke-screen made up by him to cover up his physical assaults on the poor security guards. He bribed all the eye-witneses and escaped the punishment. Banning to the stadium is just a penalty, not punishment. Crime is a crime whether big or small.
    Besides, he physically attacked Shirish from behind. It happened in at a party and in public. Yet, there was no public prosecution against him. Rather, the Thakur used Shirish dominative wife to pressure Shirish not to sue the Thakur. Poor Shirish could not anything but had to follow what his dominative said. Shirish might still hold grudge against the Thakur of Paglapur.

    Salman is still facing the cases. The judgement can be either in favor of him or against him. No one can say. Had Thakur been in his shoes, the cases would have been closed many years ago. Like he did with the Wankedhe case. Despite abundance of photographic and video graphic evidences against him, no criminal case was filed against him. That is called money power!! Money talks!! He is the richest….

  • @sss we know people like u eat chicken and other non veg dishes everyday but will now talk of animal

  • @sss – who r u??? the supreme court of india??? u may wait as long as u like for the verdict.. be rest assured he will be proven innocent.. we take inspiration from salman for helping n saving hundreds of life.. we too wish to do the same.. he is a real life hero.. keep inspiring us salman with ur good deeds.. a big salute to u.. n as far as these fake n bogus cases r concerned, they dont stand a chance in front of the court.. keep rockin!

  • @buddha ki lungi Zip it big mouth- I follow Aamir and bhai jaans career path loyally but my blood boils when I read personal attaxXx on Salman bhai by lungi wala fans like yourself… I will defend bhai against the indefensible if it arises to it then so be it- my love is unquestionable and if bhai chooses to hug a buddha at an awards show tonight- however blasphemous immoral it seems to me, I will still follow bhais lead and forgive Sarkar of Paglapur too for his treacherous ways in the past.

  • @ss + @sss + @ssss + @sssss Please forgive me if there was anybody else I missed out from your closet of IDs… Yeah Im here but what you want from me is anybodys guess as I really dunno whom I should be addressing now after jotting down your individual IDs…!

    Oh yeah I remember- bhai roxXxXx and Indian Law just like Awards Shows sold their souls yrs ago so I hope bhai uses his wealth wisely and buys more decades of freedom as he deserves it… Jai Ho as India knows how to look after its money making celebs, businessmen, politicians better than every other country out there except maybe Pakistan. Burn losers for you to tell us to burn when Thakur buys meaningless pompous self indulging egotistic glorifying awards so when someone buys his freedom like Salman bhai then alls fair in love and war. ;-)

  • @sss : Please put a stay on srk wankhede ban first then worry about Homicide n Murder cases !!!! Save srk first then pray for salman punishment !!!!

  • @SAKHI : I pity on your parents for giving you such a upbringing. Keep barking, hold a rally, display banners still Salman will get whats store in his fate not what haters like you want !!!!!!

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