Jai Ho Romantic Song: Watch Salman romance like never before!

Here’s the latest song promo from Salman Khan’s keenly awaited Republic Day weekend release ‘Jai Ho’. The song ‘Tumko To Aana Hi Tha’ sung in the voice of Armaan Malik and Marianne D’Cruz Aiman is composed by Amal Mallik.

The backdrop is beautiful, the song is sensuous and Salman – who never kisses on screen – goes out of his way to woo his leading lady. He also seems to be head-over-heels in love with Daisy – we just wish the film had a prettier leading lady!

Watch Salman romance his on-screen heroine like never before in Tumko To Aana Hi Tha (you just had to come into my life!)

Song Video: Tumko To Aana Hi Tha
Music Director: Amal Malik
Singer: Armaan Malik, Marianne D’Cruz Aiman
Backing Vocal: Altamash Faridi



  • Very true indicine;wish they had a prettier leading lady. Daisy Shah cannot match upto the standards of a leading lady 8f Salman. Song is beautiful though.

  • Aweeesoome! !i wanted it from salman.tum ko toh ana hi tha is the best song of jai ho album.it’s line “love you till the end” is very touching.
    Hats off to arman mallik. .thumbs up Salman. .i’m happy.

  • @sakhi whenever news related to salman comes sakhi is the first 1ne to read and comment on tat we salman fans comment later…. I thnk he is a big salman fan LOL.. I thnk sakhi is a uneducated person..whenever I read his comments I feel so…sakhi if u hate salman y do u read news related to him and comment on tat..

  • The song is awesome!! I see some sense in Hrithik fans like nipun!! by the way, Hrithik fans would be sensible because Hrithink himself is a nice person and actor. However, look the crooked aliens and fans of the Thakur of Paglapur, always negative. Now, the fans of every other actor have come to know the crooked fans of an arr0gant actor behave.
    SAKHI RAWANT might be a jobless freak to come here to post the comment before anyone else; Or she might be an admin of Indicine.

  • Awsm Salman vaiya nd Daisy
    Awsm JAI HO
    I love u Salman vaiya
    die hrt fan
    nd afte a long time Salman vaiya cm
    so itz gnna b JAI HO SALMAN
    We r waiting

  • I will watch this thrice in theatre. The trailers are getting bigger day by day!! No wonder Paglapurian will find this song shocking because songs like this do not happen in Paglapur. In Paglapur, they only Lungi dance and their Thakur worship the Thalaiva Rajni.

  • @Sakhi congratulations the lyrics of this song also suits on u ‘Tumko To Aana Hi Tha’ for commenting 1st in Salman’s article.So what if Srk is not coming 1st in star rankings from many years but u will always come 1st here.lol

  • @Raj the admin of indicine can’t write that Jai ho will be disaster bcoz this is commen sense that Jai ho will not be a disaster as it is a Salman khan starrer movie so i think your other option for Sakhi is correct.lol

  • Daisy Shah is very sexy. I wud like a gf like that…………..Salman picked a good heroine. He has introduced us to 3 beauties: Daisy, Katrina and Zarine………………….SRK has introduced us to Deepika, Akshay to PC and Lara Dutta and Hrithik to Barbara Mori……………..thak you guy for these beautiful women!!!

  • @sakhi rawant “tumko to aana hi tha”

    Pehle phir se… First again… Atleast take time out to hear the song as it was indirectly made with you in mind- maybe then you would have appreciated it…

  • @sachin11 my apologies bro- your comment FAO sakhi rawant was hilarious- the jobless troll had to come here first… As always… and just like always leave nonsense behind… Lol

  • @aaiiyyaaa Im sure Anand Babu will survive watching Jai Ho in theatres three times but Im not sure you will survive watching your Lincoln Statue Actor John Abrahams hamming/ buffoonery in Garam Masala once let alone twice thrice…..

  • Hey guys even if Sakhi is jobless thats ok, not everything in life is about job and money, we are not defined by our jobs but our relationship with the almighty. When we die we do not take our jobs and money to the graves or afterlife…………….plus most jobs are crappy and soul crushing, being jobless and free to whatever u want is much better life (if u have plenty money saved). If i cud work for a job like indicine or something related to the movie industry or cricket, then thats a good fun job.

  • daisy is not beautiful becoz dark skin?just go and watch rani,kajol looks much bad than daisy….have u seen mission impossible-2?herione there no way matchin tom cruise…..jai ho wil be bloockbuster and aamir khan is promoting it!

  • Awesome song .. Beautifully picturised, choreographed, sang, … in fact everything about this song is BEAUTIFUL… Even Daisy is looking Hot ..

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