Salman Khan spotted riding a scooter: Photos

Salman Khan was spotted riding a scooter on the streets of Mumbai today. The actor was seen wearing a ‘Being Human’ t-shirt and was followed by his security and a few fans.

Photos below.

Salman Khan snapped on a scooter

Salman Khan snapped on a scooter

Salman Khan

Salman Khan



  • Being Dabangg and carefree……Salman Khan all the way…..Jai Ho…..Thanks Indicine for covering Salman Khan reports as well.

  • The way Salman lives his life is simple like a common man! A superstar with a common man’s heart.. Jai Being Human! Jai People’s Man! Waiting for your next, KICK.

  • Salman looking great in these pics.

    @sss you asked and i remembered, but hasn’t replied because you won’t accept why D3 is an atbb & Ce not, even i showed you history of atbb’s, and i will add one fact also for D3 as atbb, but i know still you won’t agree.

    1. D3-261.66cr nett (hindi)
    Difference-52.56cr (25.18% more D3 collected than CE)
    CE collected 3.35% more than 3I.

    2.Distributer share- D3-140cr+ (as boi said D3 d.S. is between 140-145cr, so i taken min. value)
    Difference-24.4cr+ (21.1% higher than CE)

    before CE, ETT hold the highest D.S. title with 106cr as it broken record of 3I 99cr Share.
    difference b/w ce & Ett D.S.-9.6cr (9.5% higher than ETT)

    above 2 points shows the differecen of nett collection & D.S. of D3 was much higher than previous record holders both in amount and %s. That’s why D3 is ATBB as it become more profitable than CE for its distributer.

  • @sss you showed the list of srk’s last 10 films collection, but i don’t know which sources you select for you datas as there are many mistakes in those,i will give you the history.
    Mangal Pandey (2005)-55cr WW
    Rang de Basanti(2006)-94cr
    Fanaa (2006)-104cr
    Taare Zameen Par (2007)-89cr
    3 Idiots(2009) -392cr
    Dhoom 3(2013)-500cr+ (Hindi)

    Total-1598 (8 films avg-199.75cr)
    if i taken Dhobhi ghat (29cr WW) than total-1627cr(avg-1627/9=180.78cr)

    Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006)-113 Cr
    Don (2006)-105cr
    Chak De India(2007)-103cr
    Ra One (2011)-202cr(Hindi)
    Don 2(2011)-210cr(Hindi)

    total-1846cr (10 fims avg-184.6cr)
    if i used Billu (40cr ww) than (1886/11=167.8cr)

    1. i used Aamir & srk figure from Miltiplex Era, as Aamir had no release in 2002,2003,2004 and pre 2002 knows as Single screen Era, so i taken figure of Aamir since 2005 & srk from 2006.

    2.from 2005 to 2013 Aamir has 9 releases (Dhobi ghat included) & srk has 12 releases from 2005 (Billu & Paheli includes), so there is 3 films gap between these 2 in those years, not so much.

    3.i didn’t count Dhobi ghat still as commercial film because as an Aamir fan i was well aware that how the movie been promoted and who was credited the Lead Hero of Dg and that was Prateek Baabar and if this was promoted as Aamir’s film than i would definitely watched into theatre, but still if some want than i included, but Billu was also promoted through srk and he having presence both in official poster,trailer and 30 min presence in film itself.

    4.Srk had 6 holiday releases among last 10 as a lead (excluded billu), while Aamir has 4 holiday or holiday season releases from last 8 (DG excluded).

    its not about just used the data from here & there and made the list,for proper comparison you should also see considerable factors for collection as in 2006 since multiplex era Aamir borke the 50cr barrier with RDB and then followed by others, so it was completely unjustice if i used DCH(2001) proper multiplex looking movie before Multiplex era to use like you.
    than you himself can see the difference and here Aamir had done more variety movies than srk.

    Aamir Roxx,Salman Roxx, Srk also roxx but you need to come out from shocks.

  • @Sky amir give 50cr in multiplex era and srk have 6 holiday release but out of them don,oso,jthj not solo release and ce have only 6 open days and rnbdj 12 days while ghajini,3i,d3 have open field to perform…..fanaa,rdb without clash 50 while don with clash 50 in 2006

  • @sky how z tzp promoted? Is Amir lead actor in TZP ? Amir also in dhobi ghaat poster and srk havent promoted billu as he is as lead actor….whether its billu,dg hard to count as srk,amir movie bcoz irfan,prateek promoted as lead…u may count tzp and kkhh to amir salman account only due to both r big success

  • @sky u r talk about considerable factors for collection then why they r not apply for atbb status….oso,rnbdj,ce and ghajini,d3 big example for that….who knows in 2007 oso first to reach 100 cr as it colleced 86 then reduced to 79….

  • @sky i have read your comment what an atbb and bb may b you noticed or not but hahk record broken by gaddar with 7 cr margin and 3i record broke by ce with 6 cr margin then how gaddar atbb and ce bb and ett havent crossed 3i fig but crossed 3i DS…NOW TELL WHY AND HOW TO BELIEVE ATBB TAG…

  • @sky,I know you couldn’t understand the fact,but I have some mistakes yes,mp’s ww collection is 53cr so as for DON2 it’s 230cr,also rectify CE’s collection is 422cr not 395 cr and 3idiot’s 386cr,all as per producer’s figure for HINDI version only,if you posted from boi then kindly show me.

    CE :422cr
    JTHJ :251cr
    DON2 :230cr
    Ra One:240cr
    MNIK :201cr
    RNBDJ :158cr
    OSO :149cr
    CDI: 105cr
    DON :105cr
    KANK :115cr

    TOTAL :1964cr


    aamir khan’s last 10 film’s worldwide collection:

    dhobi ghat:15cr




    1.kindly show me the sites from where you got Ra One and DON2’s collection.

    2.we didn’t understand what is multiplex and single screen era,this is just a excuse for losers.if films liked by audience then it could get space in multiplex as well as single screen,otherwise salman’s mindless fans gave such excuses for jai ho.btw we didn’t tell amir to release in single screen era,it’s his fault.otherwise we have so many excuses,one of them is CE had all chances to surpass dhoom3 if it would have got such screen numbers and no big release,you got it.

    3.again I want to clear why I added dhobi ghat in amir’s filmography,it’s not our fault.because it’s amir who added this films into his lead film’s my request you to immediately check wikipedia,in which you’ll found dhobi ghat in amir’s lead role film’s list while billu barber added in SRK’s special appearance category list.otherwise I could have add “alsi khele hum jee jaan se” and “bombay talkies”,but it didn’t mentioned in amir’s lead role film’s you cleared your doubt why I added dhobi ghat.

    4.MNIK is a non holiday release and it couldn’t release in many states,still you know about the result this film very well.according to you from that 6 holiday release,jthj which destroyed by salman for his convince to release sos with it.about CE you know very well,it started with 3700screen and next week reduced to 2000 by akshay kumar,next reduced to 1000 by john,then reduced to 500 by BIGB,ajay, the question is did dhoom3 faced such situation which released with 3700(hindi),3900-4000(dubbed versions) with higher ticket price along with I-max with no big star release.then how you considered it is a small hit compared to dhoom3 which has the franchise power don’t need big star.

    5.last but not least generally it’s SRK and amir who always sets and broke records.amir fans said a lot SRK took 4 year to broke 3idiot’s record,but they forgot amir took 13 year to break DDLJ’s record.big question,can amir crate a record after SRK will break dhoom3’s record this year?because there is no franchise any we can say raju hrani is the last hope for him this year until and unless it will face any clash,still there is no chance to come near CE.

    when salman rocked he is a flop star from 2000-2010 alongside govinda and anil helped him in partner and no entry.when amir rocked he gave always movies/1-2years,for his long awaiting the peoples,they had a misconception in their mind amir always do his work perfectly,that’s’s the south Indian dubbings which raised our two sunk superstar,but you know about MEGASTAR SRK very well.

  • @yash if you read my earlier comment about atbbs than you not required to ask the question?
    read what i commented about gadar that time
    “GADAR- 76cr, 9% more than HAHK as i mention no film able to even touch 50cr mark except Gadar in 9-10 years (from DDLJ (1995) to RDB(2006)), so this was huge collection, and still this movie contains the highest grosser records in 9th,10th and further week collection, this movie released before Multiplex era began, so that time it was so huge to collect those figure so its remarkable collection of GADAR that time, hence declared ATBB.”

    interestingly you didn’t asked why DDLJ(61cr-1995), KKHH(45cr-1998) & RH(48cr-1996) declared atbb when they are not able to cross HAHK(69cr-1994) while at least Gadar broke that record and became Highest grosser.
    after than i also given detail for OSO,RNBDJ & Ce case, i used 86cr mark for OSO but still i told just collection 7.5% more than Dhoom 2, while second highest grosser of that year welcome collected around 72cr with solid clash TZP, it wasn’t huge termed as ATBB, no doubt that was huge BB but not atbb.and seriously you think a debutant Ranbir-Sonam pair saawariya can affected Biggi like OSO on the festive occasion as both Salman & rani was in special apperance and that was told at the promotion time of Saawariya.fact was Ranbir (Rishi’s Son) & Sonam kapoor(Anil Kapoor Daughter) debu was in news due to Sanjay Leela Bhansali as director but craze wasn’t anywhere close to Refusee Debut of Big B’s Son Abhishek & Kareena (sis of Karishma & grand daughter of Raj Kapoor) and it was second outing of J.P. Dutaa after Blockbuster Border. So saawariya wasn’t a big threat for OSO,and if you google the opening of both films you will know Saawariya opened to poor response while OSO taken excellent opening.

    now don’t talk about pros and cons like Don,jthj &ce had competition.every actor has share of competition and other factor who can go against of the film.
    1.Fanaa in 2006 released on 26th may and after 2 weeks on 09th jun sequal of classic Phir Hera Pheri released which harmed the collection of Fanaa, and after 2 weeks of PHP, Krish on 23rd jun released and in that time movies used to collected significant in 3rd,4th,5th or 6th week unlike today as most biggies got 90% collection in 2 weeks, plus Fanaa wasn’t released in Gujarat throughout its theatrical run and Gujrat came under Mumbai circuit (the biggest circuit in domestic market) so was huge loss for fanaa. So you question for RNBDJ and Ghajini was cleared from my side.

    2. Welcome and TZP in 2007 clash, welcome was Massy entertainer(best year for Akshay’s career with 2 hits & 1 superhit already in a year) and opened bumper, while from trailer of TZP its look like a non-commercial film from trailer and opened reasonably well in multiplexes while poor all over india,which can conclude being just a avg or above avg grosser but that movies WOM was best for 2007 and this collected 63cr in lifetime, and TZP was always Promoted as Aamir’s Film both as an actor & Director and i am very well aware and Dhobi ghat wasn’t promoted Aamir’s Film as lead actor and was total a niche market film.
    Srk’s Don in 2006 was highely anticipated film of 2006 due to a Remake of Big B’s starrer and having huge craze among peoples while Jaaneman was a fresh script with new director Shirish Kunder, though it had Salman & Akshay as lead but movie wasn’t hot among peoples like Don because of remake factor and it affected Don earlier in weekend but because that time movie used to collect huge in long run, so from weekdays Jaaneman felt down huge due to negative wom & poor reviews while Don collecting great as people who watched movie in theatre that time like the film especially srk fans.

    3.JTHJ was clashed with SOS which affected its weekend collection, but the benefit JTHJ had was 6 days extended week and its weekend collection in 6 days was close to 71cr while in first 3 days it collected 43cr, so huge 27cr benefitted due to weekend extended, and if JTHJ was solo release its weekend will be around max 55cr, still having difference of 15cr which could stop that film to reach 100cr mark in 2012, while sos was massy entertainer but JTHJ has huge recall value because of Srk-Yash ji track record, Yash Ji as director after Classic Veer-Zaara,popular heroine Katrina,ans Srk’s most loved avtar means as romantic hero while SOS had just cameo of Salman,Ajay-Sonakshi not so hot pair and non-popular director.
    Talaash released after 17days of JTHJ & SOS and combine total collection of both SOS & JTHJ was 190cr, so most of peoples would like to stay away from a dark thriller Talaash which wasn’t market hugely, having recall value due to Aamir-Kareena after 3I and Aamir’s comeback after 3 year and Talaash carried huge buzz as it was supposed to release on 01st jun,2012 but because it postponed the craze among people considerably down and the movie wasn’t had universal appeal still collected 90cr and from 8th days had competition from Massy film K786 which also not did too well but still collected 65cr in its run sufficient to affect Talaash.

    Now i will tell you the benefit of Extended weekend for any Film, in 2011 Ra1 released on diwali period had 5 days extended weekend, its first 3 days collection was 53cr and rest two days was 32cr, total-85cr in 5 days, from Monday movie crashed hugely and collected total 30cr and wrapped its collection as 115cr collection(Hindi) had open 16 days, if Ra1 had just 3 day weekend than its lifetime will wrapped little short than 100cr, so srk had clashes but still he had considerable huge factor with his films to collect well and enjoyed holiday collection.

    so don’t use pros and cons every time, every actor has some factor for benefit while some as negatives.
    as you mentioned i will again tell you one factor also.
    srk since KANK to CE, had 3 films with YRF,2 Films with Dharma, 1 remake & 1 sequel.
    Aamir has 1 remake, 2 films with Yrf inclding a sequel, although big banner don’t guarantees success but if it had crowdpullar actor like Aamir,Srk than they had enough chance to give hits comfortably.
    now don’t say what was YRF & Dharma without srk, as i know what was that & what is it now.

  • Lol @sss if ce had three open weeks it would gross 300cr, if oso had no clash than it will collect 100cr, rbndj collect 100cr,jthj could beat 3i if had no clash with sos, this is excuses of srk fans so i don’t think who is masters in those excuses, that’s why from 2000 to 2005 srk had 6 hits out of 15 movies as lead. First of all your idiocy well know on this site, jthj 251cr,ra1 240cr, don2 230cr all figures are official including regional, check wiki where he showed jthj-211, don2-210, ra1-202-204cr both don 2 and ra1 had hindi collections while wiki used official figures for all versions for ra1,don2. You said Dg-15cr while 14cr was net collection of Dg of two weeks domestic, i don’t need clarification of your source which lifted from unauthentic sources or from Taran adarsh, you included DG but not billu, hahaha. Great logic man. Keep bring it on will be fun ride for us.

  • @sss Mnik didn’t released in some theatres in Mumbai on first day, but after than all was clear and even MNIK had good open weeks till housefull released, the fact was that movies loved by overseas but in india its got limited appreciation, the movie had strong buzz due to Srk first release after 1 year gap,srk-kajol bb pair, and Kjo as director so it was huge but than crash after first week.yes Aamir broke ddlj record after 12 years with Tzp, but we Aamir fans never said Aamir was bigger star than anyone in late 90’s but you srk fans said That srk was bigger than anyone than why Srk failed to cross HAHK-69cr domestic and 135cr ww mark till oso. 13 year gap despite he was on top worldwide acc. to you. Forget that even after Ddlj srk even not surpassed Aamir’s Rh 48cr domestic figure till Don(2006) happened.10 year gap, Aamir still break his RH figure with Rdb less than 10 year as RH released on nov’1996 while Rdb released on Jan’2006.

  • @sss Srk crossed Ddlj 61cr domestic gross after 12 years with Cdi in 2007. So you can better judge how hard it was to collect for every star.Aamir took 14 years to break Hahk in which he had no release for 3 year, while Srk took 13 years with release every year both Srk and Aamir crossed Hahk and Gadar collection with same film i.e. Oso and Ghajini respectively. Yes there are fan wars and we can say anything for any actor but it due to both side, neither Aamir nor Srk fans solely responsible for this,its due to mutual comments from both side and only due to the respective actor they loves.Aamir fans said Srk unable to break 3i record in 4yr, but Aamir never failed as Srk hadnot highest grosser under his name,even if you take oso than Aamir grossed after 1yr and ce after 4 months. Its srk fans common comment with every released that Srk will break 3i record till ce released and now you are saying for d3 record for same, and if Hny failed to do so than again you will face trolling,this is fan wars.Cheers.

  • @sky for atbb there is not clear & exact criteria and whenever its srk movies the criteria alwz change….in my previous comment i have said kkhh is bb then no problem inspite of clash it able to put big fig and dont say dharma is big benner @that tym while what v see rh is 13 cr less to ddlj and 21 cr less to hakh…ddlj did 8 cr less then hahk….gaddar break ds and net fig of hahk after 7years and ce did that after 4 years then why diffrent criteria for both movie and dramitically dabbang declared atbb isnt that idiotic enough for so called atbb tag ? And as you say gadar first to cross 50 cr mark then same CE first movie to cross 200 mark with 6 open day….the reason why i gave only example of gadar is only bcoz they manage both net gros and ds….
    And clashes r alwz different as revenue shared in that perticular time in whatever era and v may seen that with pk…atbb is not much differ from bb as there r not any such parameter to get that tag…

  • @yash yes you are right why dabangg declared atbb but the reason was the gap between highest grosser that year when dabangg released than Second highest grosser was Raajneeti with 92cr and it was third film to gross 100cr and that time trade wasn’t expected that after 3i 202cr its been easy task for big stars to get 100cr and the same year Golmaal3 collected 107cr despite the clash with Action replay but till than Dabangg declared atbb. And because after than 100 wasn’t hard to earn that’s why Ett was declared only BB not atbb despite that 2nd highest grosser of all time was bodyguard 141cr while ett netted 186cr, Yes you can say about RH and KKHH for atbb status but as i said even passing of 48cr mark of Rh wasn’t easy for any film except Gadar till Rdb collection now its not too hard for big stars so it required big margin from previous record holder to declared ATBB, if d3 fall short less than 250, it would only be a Bb not Atbb but its all india collection is 274cr while Hindi 261.26cr.

  • @sss, @yash i am with you yes…. you two rock man… this the PR of amir and sallu always degrading our king khan but we all know who is the winner and the most versetile actor in bollywood and around the world….. and the looser are jealous becose their star can’t compere to SRK.

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