Salman Khan on the sets of Mental in Goa: Photos

With his Ek Tha Tiger record in danger of being eclipsed by Ranbir Kapoor’s Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Salman Khan was spotted on the sets of his next release ‘Mental’ directed by Sohail Khan. The superstar was learning a few photography tricks on the Panasonic Lumix camera.

We have a couple of pictures of Salman on the sets of Mental in Goa. Have a look.

Salman Khan on the sets of Mental in Goa

Salman Khan on the sets of Mental in Goa

Salman Khan Mental on location

Salman Khan Mental on location



  • I don’t understand how the record of “ETT” is in danger.The collections of “YJHD” has fallen now in weekdays and its collecting 4-5 crores per day and will continue to fall as the days passes while it still needs to collect more than 50 crores which is very difficult after 2 weeks of its release for any movie.

  • This picture of Salman holding camera with both hands will make Thakur and his fans jealous bcoz Thakur is not in the condition nowadays to hold camera like this with both

  • Camera is looking good but i don’t think its range is good enough to cover all the people who stands in long line to watch Salman’s movie outside multiplex and theatres.

  • All the record of boxoffice 2013 will broken by mental in the start of 2014 and new dynamic record made by kick in eid 2014

  • ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a SALMAN FAN, on INDICINE named AYAN, who won the 1st prize on INDICINE FORUM when it started,
    I miss him when I see SALMAN HATERS barking here

  • This picture illustrates how relaxed and chilled out bhai is on his film sets.
    Rocking bhai as you know what your fans want from you and you arent afraid of giving us truckloads of entertainment, entertainment and more entertainment…! ;-)

  • @indicine Thanks for not publishing any more pictures from your vault of Chennai Depress movie set pictures…! ;-)

    You are forgiven for giving me a hard time this past month when you unfairly supported xzone against me but its cool as its nice to know he has atleast some sympathy or empathy from someone…!

  • @sachin11 Thakur of Sholay is restricted nowadays to hold anything in his left hand let alone a camera- which means he wont be able to the Dabangg Signature belt move during his cheap publicity stunts on every single station.
    On a positive note for his fans, King can still do the Dhinka Chika signatute move as his left hand will be concealed inside his jean pocket full time…! :-P
    And a positive for us bhai fans is that we wont have to endure any more of Kings ‘saans’ signature move where both arms would be stretched out sideways like hes trying to catch 2 heroines in his web…!

  • In the first pic, perhaps he is watching his latest pic in camera….nd wrinkles on his foreheads only indicates that how worried he is, for his old age nd personality…he is fearing that once the effect of those medicines will end, he ll again turn into a “choosa hua mango” of maine pyar kiya , hum aapke hain kon days….:P meanwhile the plot of mental is revealed too….mental is said to be an unofficial sequel of movie “tere naam”….this time, film will shoot into mental asylum of agra…..interestingly..salman will start from where he stopped in tere naam….this time , he is playing the role of “bujurg” mental patient, who has a lot of experience as he spent a lot of times in asylum itself….here, he ll try to emerge as the leaders of all the “mentals” nd how many hurdles r being faced by him, in his way…this will be the essence of “mental”…:P

  • mental will cross YJHD easily.question is will it cross dhoom3?(dhoom3 will definitely break 3idiots record unless some wrong goes)

  • Making the new record at indpendes day weekend now salman bhai made new earth shattring dynamic record at the box office 26 januray

  • Xzone…ha ha ha
    I luved ur comment buddy…
    Really I think his so called fanss r blind.
    Just look at him…his charm n smartness faded wid time.he iz just lukin awful

  • @xzone: you take care of CE which is about to release to screwed the mood of EID this time talking about face keep a pic of SRK one side and side our salman and ask 1000-people who is looking younger? begging srk to Jetu to postponed OUATIM-2 to get good opening last time salman ETT help him at box office to cross 100-crores.

    Even Ranbir kapoor get bigger opening then WRINKLE SRK same on him and his fans.

  • @xzone : How effortlessly you describe and put your srk’s thoughts in writing. You are a master to know the what srk thinks and how worried about his diminishing looks !!!

  • @aki….why shud i worry abt srk or ce??? r u srk haters not enough to accomplish this task???? :P ur whole day nd night only spend while thinking how let srk down….but don’t think too much otherwise on 8th aug, ur head might be get blasted due to severe pressure on it…:P
    @hritik..yup…srk is wrinkled..but he knws the reality…he is about to cross 50, so it’s natural to get the one…but ur budhau remake khan is still running away frm the reality…he thinks that he is still as young as 25…so he can make action scenes faster nd better….plz tell him not to take risk at this age…bcoz once this effect of medicines will finish, he ll not have a single option, except getting admitted into emergency ward of “lilawati hospital”…:P

  • @xzone: without taking risk SRK became THAKUR of sholay ha ha ha just see the promo such a crap promo really.CE suck.

  • @aki I really don’t know what to say u hv u properly seen d trailer of CE it rockkksss I think u r just gtng tensed n hyper by seeing that srk can do much better than aki in these kinds roles, n will surely score much higher as compared to RR at box office. And Ur so called lafangaa akki tried so hard to do ROM movies but failed miserably but srk will prove that he can make more money than d remake cheap fellow

  • @xzone You just raging like mad because you really wanted a small role of a ‘mental patient’ in Mental but all you got was 3 months of unnecessary training on how to be a depressed passenger on board Chennai Depress. Rohit Sir made all actors watch JTHJ 200 times until he felt you all looked perfectly depressed but he didnt know that since Diwali you saw JTHJ 235 times already so you were already certified as clinically depressed…! :-(

    Dont take your anger out on bhai jaan but rip into Srk and Rohit for rekindling all those nightmares inside of you…! :-P

  • @xzone: our hero is capable of defying not only his critics but his age as well. All coz of hard work he did on his body. dont be jealous srk wont look not even 10% of salman’s looks even in 7 lifetimes.

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