Salman Khan on the cover of Stardust (June 2014)

Bollywood superstar is featured on the cover of Stardust for the month of June 2014. Khan agreed to be on the cover, even though the magazines headline reads “Will Salman Khan go to jail?”

In an interview with Stardust, actress Vidya Balan talks about marriage and her life with Sidharth Roy Kapur. She says “Sex can’t salvage a marriage”

Sushmita Sen, who recently said that she plans to get married soon, also spoke about her love life “My tastes have evolved, I won’t opt for a younger man”

Check out the cover page!

Salman Khan on Stardust Magazine Cover

Salman Khan on Stardust Magazine Cover



  • Look at the difference between your bhai and King Khan recently Srk has featured in Stardust cover with the title of Czar of India and now your bhai will go to jail its criminal….. and they proud.

  • The one and only MEGASTAR of Bollywood !!!!!!!!! His good deeds and best wishes are with him, hopefully he will get what he deserve after bringing lots of Entertainment to people of India and tirelessly working for poor and society !!!!!!!!!

  • If bhai goes jail then our kings movie in future will have good chance to become second highest grosser of the year after aamir’s movie of that year

  • no matter what fans fight for. result speaks fir itself.
    king khan rules. truely a selfmade star

  • Now after SRK , SALLU joined. Do good to others and people copy you. SALLU follows SRK hope he buys IPL team next year

  • “Top Grossers of last 25 years”
    Salman has 8 films:
    1 .Maine Pyaar Kiya
    2 .Saajan (1991)
    3 .Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994)
    4.Hum Saath Saath Hain (1999)
    5 .No Entry (2005)
    6. Dabangg (2010)
    7 .Bodyguard (2011)
    8 .Ek Tha Tiger (2012)

    SRK has 5:
    1.DDLJ (1995)
    2 .Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)
    3.Devdas (2002)
    4.Veer Zaara (2004)
    5 .Om Shanti Om (2007)

    Aamir has 5:
    1.Dil (1990)
    2 .Raja Hindustani (1996)
    3 .Ghajini (2008)
    4 .3 Idiots (2009)
    5 .Dhoom 3 (2013)

    Salman is the Biggest star of last 25 years.
    He is the ultimate MEGASTAR and KING OF BOX OFFICE.

  • @Roshan: Still Salman is marginally ahead of Srk in India. Wonder how far behind Srk would be lagging if Salman didn’t have such problems.

  • @thullu ka papaji: yes results speak for themselves:
    Salman: 9 highest grossers (mostly without big banners like YRF/Dharma)
    Srk: 5 or 6 highest grossers (courtesy of big banners like YRF/Dharma)

  • BOI Top stars ranking as of March 2014:
    1. Salman
    2. Aamir
    3. SRK
    4. Ranbir
    5. Hrithik

    1. Aamir
    2. SRK
    3. Salman
    4. Hrithik
    5. Ranbir

    1. Salman
    2. Aamir
    3. SRK
    4. Ranbir
    5. Hrithik

  • Lallu fans always say he is a best human being in india then why he killed those poor people let’s suppose it was an accident than we have to leave all criminal who doing same mistake(accident).
    i am fan of srk becoz he is not doing publicity for helping needess people if u don’t belive than just go to wikipedia an check uno awarded him for his social working all educated people know lallu donate some many for hide his bed thing for example each an every person he donate money there are media if media was not there than he never seen poor people.
    I just want to say plz being a fan of any one first being human

  • Srk give 1st day collection of c.e. To uttarakand victism without making publicity and lallu give rs 25000 to censer patient calling media for publicity

  • It requires guts to allow your pic to be on magazine cover with such a headline. I am sure this copy will sell more than copy on which so called Czar on the cover !!!!!!!!

  • @JS, are you an authentic source or trade analyst ???

    Hrithik is in top 3, he is above ranbir,salman and srk. Aamir is only ahead of him. Akshay is above ranbir. stop posting bullshit here, khans fans. according to khans fans, every list will be topped by khans only.

  • It doesn’t matter if he is criminal or goes to jail, he will be a saint in our eyes. we will praise his ill deeds all over. i hope a film is made on our bhai and titled “JAIL GAYA BHAI”

  • @sanjeev11
    when we speak of star, everything is included (relation with people including wife, crime rate, etc).
    now think who is charged with ipc. think ur self. get a life dude. u r thinking without brains. haha. loser get a life

  • @sanjeev11
    also consider flops. srk is having less flops than salman and aamir. do ur homework properly loser. stating whatever doesnt make u a cool dude.

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