Salman Khan on SRK and Rajnikanth! (Interview)

In an exclusive interview to Zoom, the lead stars of Ek Tha Tiger, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif talk about the success of their film.

With a straight face, Salman says he feels ‘he has failed with Tiger, as the film hasn’t crossed 100 crores on the first day’. When Omar Qureshi tells him that a lot of people consider him as the ‘Rajnikanth of Bollywood’, Salman says ‘when Rajnikanth is on screen you forget everything, he’s got his own style. Even in real life he is such an amazing man, there is no way I can come even close. You can actually call him ‘God man’.’

On Shahrukh Khan, he says “Shahrukh has an immense amount of intensity in his work. He takes his work very seriously, he’s a very¬†competent and a spontaneous actor. I am sure he has make her (Katrina) feel comfortable. I want people to know that I don’t bitch (talk ill) of Shahrukh Khan. This is from the bottom of my heart.”

On his relationship with Shahrukh Khan “We dont see eye-to-eye. We stay away from each other, but we have a lot of respect for each other’s work. I hate it when people come and say ill about him. ¬†I dont like it at all. Whatever has happened in the past is forgotten. I pray that his next film with Katrina, breaks the record of Ek Tha Tiger and then Aamir’s Dhoom 3 beats that film….”

Watch Salman talk about Ek Tha Tiger, Rajnikanth and Shahrukh Khan in the video interview below.



  • here is thing i am a salman fan and like all other salman fans i give other actors credit where its due for eg rithik in agneepath, but the problem is salman is ruling right now but few losers dont agree. proof is right infront you and along with him is aamir and srk in top three so here are the class

    super star class : salman, aamir, srk
    star class : rithik, akki, ajay
    future star: imran, ranbir, emraan

  • thanks sallu for saying good things about SRK. But your followers do not respect your words. You wish yash ji’s next to break records but your followers saying negative words. You are clever Salman bhai as you know what can SRk-YRF’s next can do. But your followers itna deemag nehi yea samajne kaliye.

    Wish u good luck for Daabang 2.

  • salman khan sab better stay from srk’s friendship….it is gud for ur career…..ur going thru best phase of ur career njoy ur life….

  • @niloygps: its not we d salman fans
    dey r akki’s fan who r asdvisin salman,
    u can check d names ,ROWDY etc in cmmnts colomn

  • @niloygps: see haters & peace makers r dere in evrybody’s fan list wthr its SALMAN, AKSHAY OR SRK u need 2 decide wat u want 2 b A HATER or A TRUE FAN

  • @Varun As you have compared Salman and Shahrukh films where u have mentioned salman flop films. But did not include any if Sharukh flop film. Let me list u some shahrukh flop films..

    1)Always Kabhi Kabhi
    2)Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu
    3)Dulha Mil Gaya
    4)Billu Barber
    7)Zamana Deewana
    12)Dil Se
    13)One 2 Ka 4

    And there are many more which are below average. So don’t confuse others that his all the movies are appreciated.

  • @Varun And if SRK is so popular then his next should break the record collection of ETT and with the same speed that salman did with ETT. Salmans todays comments are appreciated as he too wants Shahrukh to break his record. Thats why Salman is “king of Hearts”.

  • For the first time i have seen salman talking abt SRK with so much RESPECT.. Previously, he use to ignore or make fun of srk.
    Hmmmmmm.. Andar hi andar maandavli hua lagta h boss..

  • How could she not know about nine lives? Didn’t she hear Back in Black of AC/DC?
    I got nine lives Cat’s eyes. Usin’ every one of them and running wild..

    And Salman is very cute, he is so dumb and he doesn’t even know it. That’s why he connects with so many people, dumb being common denominator between them.

  • guys i liston all of ur comments remember one thing salman is one who cant be legends coz he does nt knw act and in ek tha tiger in which palace he dialiog or he act but he is doing movies on eid and alone and all india only ll go to watch his movie but i dnt like ek tha tigr even my friends in cyprus dnt likeeven one moments so if in festival and in eid holidays then people must ll go cos india population is 120cr and in overcease movie did nt did well like in india if rowdt rathore realise in this time instead of ek tha tiger then u all people crazy that how he broke 3 idiots record ………….well i talk about srk with honsty ajay is a big star also and his movie sos is coming with srk same day dewali then how srk movie can meak records but i am hundred per sure that srk movie ll have perfect story which we r waiting for long time and the first tralior of srk is coming with raaz 3 thats was nt tralior which u sw with ett if both movies r good sos and srk ok but nobdy cant be meak record thats sure but i am sure that srk ll show his magik to all over the world again and inshallah it ll be succesfull

  • @jacks salman is nothing in front of srk as far as acting is concerned but srk is zero in front of salman as far as superstardom and fan following is concerned

  • I am a big salman fan and i watch movies for entertainment(not the cheap ones). but how can we judge about the quality of a movie or its actor, when each 1 of us have different tastes and thinking? Srk is a self-made talented actor with global fan following(screen presence), but is it that all the movies he made are of the highest quality(relative)? Does srk’s so called romantic movies which may be best for some but personally for me they are boring,irritating, head& heart aching(mainly bcoz of srk’s overacting and bakri stammering sound), dumb, routine love stories with some silly, stupid unnecessary sentiment but good songs be called as a high quality movie. Even ranbir k can do the movies that srk does as he is as equally talented if not better than srk, but the only difference is srk’s global fan following. Aamir is perhaps the only actor who plays the movie’s character than himself in his movies and always tries to do something new and different all the time. So if u r a aamir fan, it should be mostly because of the characters he portrays in his movies and for his acting abilities and not bcoz of his larger than life screen presence or crowd pulling capacity. Akshay is again a self made actor who is as talented as aamir and ajay d, good action hero with some crowd pulling calibre but he is mostly money minded when his films are concerned( just with 2 hits he is back to his own ways of holding as much as 45% movie profit share apart from his fees). Hrithik is the best dancer and also a very talented actor who rarely overacts and bollywood’s best all-rounder but his choice of movies will always be questioned(i always felt he was the rare talent who has been the under achiever till now). Ajay d is a tremendous talent who plays almost every character naturally and with ease. His acting abilities are as good as any1, but only recently are his crowd pulling capacity been taken seriously . Salman khan, i have 2 be honest, is no way a better actor than any of the above, but he still can play any character in his own way. He may not act as methodical as other great actors, but if he plays, then how will he still be salman? Salman khan has that screen presence and crowd pulling capacity, only parallel to rajni kanth, which is enough to make cash registers ringing. Its not that salman cant do a movie as good as aamir’s quality wise, but it is bcoz people expect salman to do the movies he generally does. Just imagine srk doing ett, it wouldnt suit him, even aamir would have been miscasted, akki may be appropriate but he has a lesser stardom than salman, same with hrithik and ajay. So simply what others do even salman can do but what salman can do, only few can do better.

  • Salman can say words to big stars who is good who is bad because he got power of his Fans. Honestly Ek tha tiger worst movie no story connected no sense in movie. All movie team just came in blockbuster frame because of Salman Fans. I can say salman fans also know how stupid movie. Main movie title and salman fans work in favour of ETT. otherwise All sucks.

  • Yup.. Dats it.. Thats the spirit.. Keep it up salman.. Dats why we like u.. U say what u feel.. Hope we’ll see u nd SRK together soon.. Waiting for karan arjun 2..

  • “Salman khan”! It’s more than a name. It’s a phenomenon, it’s a hysteria, it’s a enigma and it’s a euphoria. Love him or hate him, but you can never ever ignore him. May be he is not streetsmart,witty and diplomatic like srk nor intelligent,sensible&calculating like AK but he is straightforward, frank, funny,at times silly, even innocent but more importantly fearless(dabaang) while giving interviews. No one can deny the fact, that right now he is the biggest crowd puller in bollywood, and creates a mass hysteria and stirs up emotions like on one else in the bollywood. No other actor gets louder and more louder ‘whistles/sitti’ and claps/thaliya’ than him in the bollywood. Salman khan has become the ‘one man army’ just creating records only on the basis of his presence in the movie, irrespective of the quality its quality. He has become every director’s ‘dream project’ and every producer’s ”sone ki ande dene wali murgi”. He just has to choose better scripts and do better movies, only to become much bigger than what he is already now. right from ‘wanted’ to his latest ett, he continuously did action movies(only for his fans, because they want salman to do only action and masala movies) which really has affected his health seriously. We all know he even had some surgery just after dabaang, and even now his health is a problem, Which is why he has decided to take a break from action movies. He already announced that he would be doing a romantic movie. Dont know how his fans will receive that movie? But he has D 2,sher khan, kick all coming up in future and all being hardcore action entertainment and masala movies, so his fans should be having sweet and great expectations.

  • ”srk has won 18 filmfare awards, the most with dilip saab” is perhaps the most common quote srk fan’s give when comparing his acting abilities with other actors . So is srk the greatest actor in bollywood history and equivalent to dilip saab? But why doesnt he have any national award? Srk i say is a good actor, but is he in anyway a better actor than big b(3 national), aamir(deserves national award),ajay d(2 national), hrithik,akshay & salman? The answer is no. To be honest, of all the awards he got, he truly deserves only some of them. We all know this filmfare/iifa/stardust etc are all ‘fixed and scripted’ gimmicks to increase trps and nothing else(its the reason why Aamir k never attends any award functions other than that of national awards) hence srk being the popular actor and the stage performer, got most of the best actor awards .for movies like swades,chak de india and some others he deserved those awards but they were also some other movies for which he received those awards, this when some other actors were more deserving and more worthy. But how important are non-national awards in an actor’s career?
    Ask superstar rajni kanth or salman khan, ”what is your greatest recognition as an actor, is it awards,records or the big money?” the answer without any doubt and in an instant from both of them will be this ” i really dont care about awards or records or money but all that i care is about my fans. Indeed the greatest asset in any actor’s career is not his number of awards/rewards, records or his bank balance, but the sheer number of true and loyal fans,who always believe in you all the time, celebrate your success as well as failure with same humility and be your well wisher. Its not how many crores or how many awards i get for a movie, but it is how i keep my fans smiling,happy and satisfied. My fans whistles are bigger than any award, my fans thunderous claps are more worthy than any reward or record and finally my fans smile, happiness, joy and satisfaction are more priceless to me than all the money in the world. My fans made me the superstar that i am today and whatever i am today its all because of my fans support, their prayers, their hard earned money, their trust and loyalty”. So for a rajni kanth or salman these awards or rewards or records or money are nothing in front of their fans true love,support,trust,loyalty, well wishes, prayers and their smiles, happiness, joy and satisfaction. This is the true measure of a real superstar, an icon and a legend.

  • Oh i will be very happy to see srk nd salman together. They both like each other nd i hope they will be together soon. So Karan Arjun part 2 is very much possible. Love u both srk nd salman. Yes no doubt some haters will not be happy. But i know srk salman r destined to be friends again. Lets hope for the best.

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