Salman Khan on SRK and Rajnikanth! (Interview)

In an exclusive interview to Zoom, the lead stars of Ek Tha Tiger, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif talk about the success of their film.

With a straight face, Salman says he feels ‘he has failed with Tiger, as the film hasn’t crossed 100 crores on the first day’. When Omar Qureshi tells him that a lot of people consider him as the ‘Rajnikanth of Bollywood’, Salman says ‘when Rajnikanth is on screen you forget everything, he’s got his own style. Even in real life he is such an amazing man, there is no way I can come even close. You can actually call him ‘God man’.’

On Shahrukh Khan, he says “Shahrukh has an immense amount of intensity in his work. He takes his work very seriously, he’s a very competent and a spontaneous actor. I am sure he has make her (Katrina) feel comfortable. I want people to know that I don’t bitch (talk ill) of Shahrukh Khan. This is from the bottom of my heart.”

On his relationship with Shahrukh Khan “We dont see eye-to-eye. We stay away from each other, but we have a lot of respect for each other’s work. I hate it when people come and say ill about him.  I dont like it at all. Whatever has happened in the past is forgotten. I pray that his next film with Katrina, breaks the record of Ek Tha Tiger and then Aamir’s Dhoom 3 beats that film….”

Watch Salman talk about Ek Tha Tiger, Rajnikanth and Shahrukh Khan in the video interview below.



  • Even though I do no like him or his movies(salman khan) ,but it is still the truth that he does not think bad about SRK.I really wanted to like this man but due to some of his movies and mainly due to the reason of the arrogance of his fans I really do not like him.

    I hope that someday SRK and salman come together and both the srkians and sallu fans will somewhat forget the immense bitterness that they have now.And I would love to request the sallu fans to somewhat reduce to bring SRK each time and bring him through the negative sides.

  • Lets compare the record of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan since 2006
    Salman Khan
    1. Jaaneman- Flop
    2. Partner- Blockbuster
    3. God Tussi Great Ho- Flop
    4. Yuvraaj- Disaster
    5. Hello- Flop
    6. Marie Gold- Flop
    7. Wanted- Super Hit
    8. London Dreams- Flop
    9. Veer- Flop
    10. Main aur Mrs.Khanna- Disaster
    11. Dabangg- All Time Blockbuster
    12. Ready- Blockbuster
    13. Bodyguard- Blockbuster
    14. Ek tha Tiger- Blockbuster
    Shah Rukh Khan
    1. Kabhi Alvida na Kehna- Hit
    2. Don- Hit
    3. Chak De India- Blockbuster
    4. Om Shanti Om- Blockbuster
    5. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi- Blockbuster
    6. MNIK- Hit
    7. RA.One- Hit
    8. Don 2- Super Hit
    With Ek tha Tiger becoming successful there are jokes circulating on social networking sites that Yashraj were working with the wrong Khan.These idiots don’t realise that if SRK-Yashraj past films releases today what amount of money they will earn.Imagine Salman Khan saying the popular SRK dialogue from epic movie Darr-I love you Kkkkkiran.Salman does not have the skills to do all previous SRK-Yashraj films.Films like Ready,Bodyguard and Ek tha Tiger did huge business only because they are released today in the era of multiplexes otherwise their verdict would have been different.RA.One broked Bodyguard’s first day and weekend record and SRK-Yash ji Next will inshallah break the lifetime net collections record of ETT.

  • yashji next wil be flop lik ra.1 even bodyguard release hope ra.1 to be sucess…..piece of advice stay away from srk friendship it is gud for career…salman used struggle wen close wid srk…..but always maintain gud relation wid akki,aamir,ajay etc

  • Yaar agar ye sab overacting movies aaj release huyi na to all time disaster hogi acting to srk se achha nawazuddin siddiqque aur randeep hooda bhi karta hai phir unki movie kyun nahi chal rahi now public want handsome,great personality hero like salman jo srk kabhi na tha aur nahi hoga.yashraj next opening will be 10cr mark my words because sos also releasing and you srk fans are very less than salman fans because you srk fans are only in networking sites but salman ke fans country ke kone kone mein hai isliye to ett ne har circuit mein record banaya.agar srk mein dum hai to ye sab record tod ke dikhaye.

  • Anand Kumar (director
    of ‘Zilla Ghaziabad’)
    who fathered a baby
    boy on Eid has named
    him Tiger, inspired by
    Salman Khan’s ‘ETT’ people love him more than SRK

  • Salman is better actor than srk but inferior to Amir amitabh Sanjay dutt interms of acting capacity. He has potential 2 come even par 2 them but it’s only that he didn’t tap it correctly. I m still fond of his acting in aaa, mpk, hahk, Karan Arjun, saajan, dabangg HDDCS etc. as box office wise he is always a big draw but post 1990 his career took a toll due to his personal problems. Also he is so kind that he keeps doing sp. app, 2nd lead & worst movies for friends & family. Once he keep taking things professionally post wanted he is the número uno of Indian box office. Also his meteoric rise in popularity abroad & plexes shows his intelligence & charisma. today his demigod status says it all.

  • Nice to see Salman and Shahrukh saying good things about each other..Salman might be moody and egoistic but he doesn’t fake in my opinion! Infact..both Shahrukh and Salman are emotional and a little egoistic..but they are real and not jealous..unlike u know who!

  • next is always next..
    So talk only abt presnt and past.
    Salman is great and he just repct all human being no matter ki he is srk and rajnikanth or aam janta..
    Luv u sallu.. best !

  • Lol on haters of SRK and Salman who are getting irritated to see them saying nice things about each other..haha

  • @rowdy

    I am sure that you yourselves know who is better as an actor so you would better not say about ACTING in front of a man who has garnered so much respect for the acting that he does.He is the one who gets into the skins of his acts and can make the audience laugh cry smile all in the same movie.

    And talking about the anticipation of the coming movie you know how hugely each and everything related to the movie is trending so well.All of internet is going viral just for the new srk picture in which he wears a unfirom.People are even searching madly about what the name of SRK is going to be in the movie.And in youtube the teaser which had 5 seconds of SRK has crosses 12000 likes and more than 20000 comments and all that for 5 seconds of SRK.Everything related to the movie is a hype now!!!

  • @ayushsrk in india every veteran actor got fans so srk fans goin gaga over it…others dont evn knw srk got this year……u agree r not srk got limited actin abilities….history proved srk is selfish….

  • @rowdy bro ur ryt…..salman better stay away frm srk becoz srk is not ur well wisher…….stick wid aamir,akki,ajay and biggies bollywood… another movie wid yashraj banner

  • Yes many people are not know that srk ki koi movie bhi diwali pe aa rahi hai only some people know who related to networking sites.aur baat karte ho record todne ki mujhe to lagta hai yeh movie flop hogi kyun ki sos ka buzz bahut high hai aur log iske promo ko bahut pasand kar rahe hai also salman doing item song in this movie.and people wanted some masala entertaining movie in festivals not boring romantic movie.

  • Even a Being King fan I hope late King’s next will beat Ek Tha Tiger’s 2nd day,3 days weekend and 5 days weekend records. And do well

    But no chance for 1st Day, 1st week and lifetime collections. Everybody know that.

  • Promos of SOS & Yashraj’s next are going with ETT in theaters.

    Just observe the crowds reaction in theaters for both promos.
    You can get the answer ‘for which film people are waiting’.

    According to me at least at Single screens SOS ‘phaad degi’.
    Again the first promo of Dabangg2 is coming with SOS.

  • hey guys jst chill yar atleast ab to mat zagdo
    both actor are best in their field n they hav respect about each other so all of u should hav respect about them

  • dabang 2 ett se bhut bhut acchi hogi coz dat police role suits salman…chulbul pandey…ek ek dialogue maza aata h sun ne me…..

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