Salman Khan Magazine Cover: Masala

The numero uno superstar of Bollywood, Salman Khan, is featured on the cover page of Masala magazine. They claim to have a few shocking details about the REAL Salman Khan, plus behind the scene pictures from his latest film.

Living up to it’s name, the magazine also has a few ‘masaledaar’ articles on the alleged Priyanka Chopra – Akshay Kumar link-up (about a decade ago).

Salman Khan Masala Magazine Cover

Salman Khan Masala Magazine Cover



  • instead of being a 47 year old fello he looks hardly 30+.fab pic…i think the sucess of movies is showing on his age

  • @Indicine Just saw the headline ‘PC-Akki’s link-up’ at the top right corner of this magazine cover. Can you please write a column about this?

  • dont say he is 47 and still looks young….u guyz have no ideas about the treatment they go through in USA……check Salman in some portions of BANJARA song…..

  • Srkians look closely as theres no wrinkle on display, not even a scratch on bhai jaans beautiful face. Say what you want about surgery or whatever, when a 47 yr old Salman and a 48 yr old Aamir look this good then for me it is worth every single penny…. :-)
    Srks surgical adventures have been disastrous and all you srkians know deep down that no amount of playing around with ‘needles and knives’ is going to make any improvement to that wrinkled up rotten turnip looking face. So sad so sad for srk and his dwindling indian fanbase. :-(
    Oh well bhai you look stunning and Im sure Gauri will buy a copy of Masala and take it with her to the US next time her and srk go to a plastic surgeon, Gauri will ask the surgeon can you make my old weak husband look as half as dashing as Dabangg Khan to which the surgeon will reply:-
    “sorry maam but bhai roxXxXxXx…!”

  • salman refuses to age!!!….also @ all srkians read the first line : the numero uno superstar!!! keep rocking man!!!

  • Ash kkkaran Whts ur prediction for ce if solo on eid and if clash or some other non holiday release . .

  • where srk got place in the magazine like time magazine,forbes magazine cover page,sallu is getting place in masala magazine.

  • haters let ur salman makes his appearence in the international magazine.he is the real buddha with his planted

  • @Don not as good as Farhans DON dialogue writing standards so let me help you out here.
    It goes something like this:-

    “Salman bhai looks Good without makeup but Shahrukh Don bhai still looks BAD with makeup…!”


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