Salman Khan is the Tom cruise of India: Lauren Gottlieb

Lauren GottliebIf international dancer-actress Lauren Gottlieb hopes to be seen in an action film soon a la Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, she also wants to team up with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

“I am looking to stretch myself. To come across the world and take projects in different languages is a big challenge. I want to make sure that I am growing. I have been in India for five months and it has taught me so much. Project-wise, I want to take something which stretches me. I would love to be the Angelina Jolie of India,” Lauren told IANS.

In terms of projects, if she is looking for action-based films, she also hopes to work with Hindi film superstar Salman.

“I would want to be with Salman Khan. He is like the Tom cruise of India… I am waiting to see what happens,” she said.

Meanwhile, she has put her dancing shoes on to participate in “Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa” and said that reality shows provide a great platform for artists like her.

“‘Jhalak…’ came at a perfect time. I am excited to see where this goes. I saw how ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ pushed my career and got Bollywood looking at me. I know what this platform (reality shows) can do for you,” she said.

The actress revealed that “I have got a couple of offers for films, but I can’t speak about it now”.



  • Yeah…and i am the prime minister of india…lol….seriously man….who is this “Lauren Gottlieb”…hope she won’t turn into an another “somi ali”….but one thing is sure that her mind is filled up with junk….to whom she is comparing this “lallu”….Tom cruise???? he is a living legend and real rockstar….even amit ji or srk r nothing against him…in terms of popularity, charisma nd personality…..nd this dull girl has compared “the great tom” with this “fisaddi remake khan”….seriously indicine…nice joke…it made my day nice…bcoz even santa-banta or sir ravindra jadeja can’t entertain us like u did with posting this joke…:):)

  • ROFL … This small actress from nowhere calling a desi action hero Tom Cruise. Joke of the week!
    Tom Cruise has himself said that Akshay Kumar is the most daredevil stunt performer and actor in Bollywood. Akshay is also known as “India Jackie Chan”.

  • haha… Todays’ small actresses are all praise for popular actors or do some notorious publicity stunts merely to get roles in films with big stars. For example, see Mallika Sherawat doing funny acts for grabbing a role because she is being rejected everywhere nowadays.

  • Salman khan is salman khan, he cant be compared, especially to these gora choras, he is the ultimate mega star.
    haklu srk fans will be burning with jealousy, ok dont cry folks, our budda ugly haklu crap star srk is still the most irritating actor in bollywood history & the ultimate megastar salman is the most loved actor ever in bollywood history along with dilip kumar, big b, rajesh khanna & aamir khan. ok na.

  • @Rider. I was about to say it but u did already and very well said. Tom cruise is Sharukh Khan of Hollywood and Salman Khan is tom cruise of Bollywood. Tom Cruise will be more happy to be hear as Sharukh Khan of Hollywood.

  • nobody is anywhere close to salman khan in india thats a fact.. by far the biggest superstar of india

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  • Wtf?? Salman is much much bigger than tom cruise, he is miles ahead of all superstars combined in this whole universe. He is the greatest of the greatest. He is the best actor. He is the best dancer. No one can compete him. All are ants in front of him.

  • I think she wouldn’t be telling this if she knew how he has won a ghanta not so long ago. Tom cruise must be like ‘who the hell is salman khan’ after hearing this news.

  • as if you are a saint!!! be sensible..u little fool. who cares about spot fixing???India is a place where bigger crimes happening and criminals roaming around free…first try something to solve that. after that if you have time in life, speak about spot fixing and the legendary actors who give us entertainment, risking their lives.

  • stop cracking jokes, superstars like tom cruise are beyond the reach your stars, they don’t even care about us, while they are making films like oblivion,knight and day,mission impossible , you are making,bodyguard etc !

  • So Salman Khan is the ‘TOM’ Cruise of Bollywood. :-)
    Aamir Khan is the ‘TOM’ Hanks of Bollywood. ;-)
    And our beleaguered bewildered demented ageing frail King Srk is the ‘TOM’ of Tom
    & Jerry fame of Bollywood. :-P

    PS xrated xzone You are just the ‘TOM’ of the ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ fame because anybody can make a nonsensical comment but you in particular excel at it…! :-P

  • 1 comment published out 14 in 2 days- wow I feel like Im on a roll but I wonder how many more anti xrated xzone comments I’ll need to write before 1 sneaks through Indicines pro Srkian Moderators net???

  • @Navin: well said !!

    Salman cannot be compared to anyone. Some fools r saying Salman is not known in abroad, let me remind them Salman was known in worldwide (7th handsome man in world) when srk was unknown outside India.

  • @navin….Start posting something relevant…that ll be definitely published….but indicine has no interest while publishing ur garbage and junk comments….first modify urself…then blame others….in reality…not a single comment of urs is eligible for getting published…so thank indicne..that they r still publishing ur comments….

  • @navin…this slap is enough frm indicne…???? or u need more…???

    @indicine…yup…i m agree that i m not posting sensible comments…but plz have a look ..who has started it??? it’s definitely not me…i m just replying them in their language…thats it…if they ll stop it…then i m not a fool that i ll continue posting such type of comments…but as of now, i ll reply them tightly…i m sorry indicine…

  • @hrithik: I think it must be in your wet dreams that he’s the 7th handsome man in the world and who is the number 1? Navin?

  • @teju — dude what is wrong with you.. there has been no such news.. dont cook up stories.. n u have also given the judgement that salman n akshay r involved in spot fixing.. who r u??? the CBI or the supreme court!! which world do u live in???

    just becoz u dont like salman n akshay dont spread false n baseless news.. this is ridiculous.. i dont know how indicine posted your comments..

  • I think no other actor in the world have given 5 back to back blockbusters, like Salman and that too within 3 years.

  • @ruler…awesome reply yaar…but he needs more….although his aliases r currently not present here…!!!!

  • @teju : it seems ur life is boring hence cooking up ur own stories. surely Salman have done some personal damage to u or ur family (if u r wise u will understand what I mean) thatís why u r making such baseless comments. if have guts prove it with proper source u coward !!!!!!

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