Ishkq In Paris Box Office Opening

Ishkq In ParisPreity Zinta’s comeback film Ishkq In Paris has opened to a disastrous response at the box office on Friday. The occupancy at a couple of centres was so poor that shows had to be cancelled. The all India average opening is 10%.

There are quite reasons why the film has proved to be a non-starter at the box office. One, the year long delay – the promos were released almost a year ago as the film was initially set for theatrical release in September last year. Two, the music and promos didn’t click with the audience.

The other two releases this week – Zindagi Zindagi and Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke – released on very few screens have fared poorly too.

Hollywood release Fast and Furious 6 has opened very well. The film is likely to collect 3-4 crore on it’s opening day.



  • haha.. I predicted that 5 months ago.

    Why do these old stale actresses make comeback? Bollywood is already flooded with number of actresses. Preity Zinta should get married and retire from industry. Ghar grehasti sambhalne ka time aa gaya hai.

  • No worrys priety..!! M sure ur upcoming movies will b comercially hit again..gud luck..ignore criticizers..

  • Well, the weekend just started so, hold on to your horses, and even if the film fails, Preity will always walk out the winner because no other actress of her contemporary has ever produced a film that was held up to that high regard and without a big hero or big director to back, if this film breaks even, Preity will should establish herself as a producer and get a better material, once an actor always an actor in my books but she can be in the industry without limiting herself to acting.

  • @Hamza Khan No way! OUATIMA is backed by far more talented Director and cast, plus sequel factor. SAW was an A certified film, still managed to do good. It was an Above Average film.

  • @JM…you must be the biggest fan of,cuz.. i see your comments on almost every articles.

  • What kind of mentality that is!! Where all d khans who r 50years old can be hero,lover boy but a actress above 40 cant do any film as a lead ! Shame on your mentality

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