Salman Khan in Son of Sardar (Photo)

Salman Khan makes a special appearance in the Diwali release Son Of Sardar. The superstar will be seen sharing screen space with Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha and Sanjay Dutt.

Picture below!

Salman Khan Son of Sardar

Salman Khan Son of Sardar



  • My dear fans, the reason i.m doing a 30 second appearance is that going by popularity of jthj, i.m scared it will break ETT’s record very soon.. So i.m trying to fool my idiot fans to watch this dumb SOS instead.

  • @hey. Yes we know selfish,jealous&insecure srk will resort to any & every kind of cheap dirty thing to injure his competitors . And whatever u said above also applies to jthj. Even if jthj is a ‘classic & a masterpiece’ it will only wow the urban &overseas audiences but SOS will surely titillate the indian masses because of its content. Agreed that srk is a bigger star than ajay but dont forget that ajay has penetrated deeply in the hearts of masses and gained a foothold in those areas where srk has failed to do so. One thing for sure SOS will be nothing short of a superhit whenever it releases.

  • salman khan is the only actor in bollywood ever who has appeared in the most number(15+ and counting) of guest appearances or in special songs(including srk’s OSO) and that too “WITHOUT CHARGING A RUPEE AND ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF FRIENDSHIP(including srk’s OSO) AND AS A TOKEN OF BOLLYWOOD KIND HEART”. He has helped many junior artists in whatever way he could do. Salman & ajay are friends from a long time. The trailer,songs of SOS are trillion times better than jthj and surely SOS will be a super duper hit.

  • @ Salman khan
    Your special appearance in sos cant help this movie bcz of SRK. Jaab taak hain jaan blockbuster and Sos disaster


  • @shahid. Beta mei 6kka hakl# srk ka 6kka fan hu aur tu mera 6kka beta hei tho iska matlab ye nahi hei, ki hum sab 6kke hamesha salman ki g@#nd chatte. Humara 6kka srk ko tho ye mujra karna bhi nahi atha. Beta zyada g@#nd chatmath salman ki.

  • @shahid. mera g@#nd# 6kka beta, Aaj raat hum dono ko srk ki g@#nd chatne ke liye jana hei, thayar hoke rehna.

  • @Khan: Well SRK to the uninitiated but seem insecure because of the way he handles the media. But as I said, it’s not his insecurity but his competitive nature which is makes him do stuff. No actor in Bollywood can say that he/she hasn’t manipulated the media. What I was trying to say is that, it will only be good for the producers of Son of Sardaar, if they change the release date because that way the movie will earn a whole lot more than it will if it releases on the 13th. People might say that there’s enough space for 2 big movies to work at the same time. But they don’t know the truth. Even 5 years ago when TZP & Welcome worked, films did not rely on the opening weekend collections so much. Films have become way more front-loaded than they used to be. The producers can’t afford to risk earning more money because of their ego.

    And, well, SRK’s romantic avatar, I believe has as many (or more) fans than Ajay’s action/comedy avatar. RNBDJ (SRK’s last true blue romance) which released 4 years ago did rip roaring business in the interiors. Just because he hasn’t done a romantic film in the last 4 years, doesn’t mean he has lost his fans.

    Let’s just be a little logical here. It will do nobody any harm to earn more. Viacom 18 should seriously change the date. I want both of the movies to earn at their optimal level.


    @am, have u seen salgey’s tera naam?? srk is looking more stylish than this chu###tiya salgey…

    Agree or not not its the truth, THERE IS NO BIGGER 6KKA THAN SALGEY….

    aur ab koi bhi mera naam use kiya to , uski maa ke…..

  • We salman fans show respect to salman khan by calling him as salman bhai . . This is a star power . . He is like our family member . . Nd salman bhai u rocks s s s s

  • @Indicine dabangg2 trailer release student of the year plese cnf other sites show dabangg2 trailer release 19 oct

  • I didnt have to say anything when i heared ajay releasing sos with jthj but honestly, now i think some people r afraid of THE KING :D proud to be Shahrukh’s fan.

  • sallu fans enjoy this!!

    It’s something that he just can’t seem to avoid, and we’ve seen it all, from shooting black bucks in Rajasthan to running over pavement dwellers in Mumbai. This time,though,the altercation in Panchgani – where Dabangg 2 is being filmed on location — that wound up in the police station had the superstar missing from the picture.

    Police officers with Panchgani police station told Mirror that a bodyguard and driver working for Salman got into a road rage brawl with local residents, and that the actor was not present in the car when the incident took place.

    Sources said Salman wanted to take in more of the scenic locales and decided to take some time off from the shooting schedule to visit nearby villages and hilly areas. The film crew has been stationed in Satara district’s Sangam Mahuli village near Panchgani since some time now.

    Salman, accompanied by his bodyguard Rodrigues and his driver, set out in a Toyota Innova in the afternoon to Bhilarwadi, around 20kms from Panchgani town. After several hours of sightseeing, Salman decided to turn back to Sangam Mahuli village around 6.30 pm. On the way, the mists rolled in and Salman apparently wanted to ride a bike.

    Keeping with his wishes, his motorbike was brought to him on the highway from the film shoot location. A delighted Salman took off, leaving Rodrigues and the driver to get the Innova back to Sangam Mahuli village. It was on the way back that the duo ran into trouble.
    Sources said the driver was going slow as the mists had got worse, but a jeep with locals that was travelling behind them wanted to overtake. Salman’s driver reportedly did not speed up nor give the jeep a chance to move ahead, which incensed the jeep’s occupants.

    After a short distance, the jeep overtook the Innova and forced it to stop. A heated exchange took place between both sides, in which Salman’s driver was thrashed by the jeep’s occupants. Both parties then rushed to Panchgani police station to lodge their respective complaints against each other.

    Assistant Police Inspector Rajendra Bokade of Panchgani PS told Mirror that both parties had approached him, but no case had been registered till late night.

    Ali Daruwalla, spokesperson, Pune Petrol Dealers’ Association and a close friend of the crew members including producer Monty Sharma and Salman Khan, said, “The matter is with the police. Local residents beat up Salman’s driver and bodyguard. However, the shooting of Dabangg 2 will continue. However, the crew will be taking more precautions and some restrictions on movement would be imposed to avoid similar instances. Salman is safe and fine.”

    Addl SP (Satara) Amol Tambe-Patil said, “The case is yet to be registered. We can comment only after that happens.”

  • for all those srk fans shouting here salman khan has at every opportunity obliged his friends and family with special appearances that too for free.. this shows his big heart.. remember he also made a special appearance in om shanti om

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