Salman Khan in Son of Sardar (Photo)

Salman Khan makes a special appearance in the Diwali release Son Of Sardar. The superstar will be seen sharing screen space with Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha and Sanjay Dutt.

Picture below!

Salman Khan Son of Sardar

Salman Khan Son of Sardar



  • Sos all song are good and last two of rahat fateh ali khan songs,raja rani and tu kamaal di kudi are awesom
    Best album of this year
    Himesh rockxxx

  • Sos all songs are good and last two of rahat fateh ali khan songs,raja rani and tu kamaal di kudi are awesom
    Best album of this year so far
    Himesh rockxxx

  • Ha ha srk fans come in every topic and start commenting about srk without any sense
    What type of insecurity is this

  • Fag. Salman Khan looks like a proper fag in the photos. Wow. That’s awesome! He’s the biggest fag ever. It’s so impressive! And he’s also promoting Bieng Humen!

  • QUES—Why Salman Khan is so jealous of Shahrukh Khan?

    ANS—Tera har award show mein best actor award jeetne se, tere 20 saal se bollywood par rule karne se, nafrat karunga main, Jab Tak Hai Jaan…

  • Sallu Bhai is supporting Ajay’s SOS to affect SRK & his film. I thought only Bhai fans are insecure,but looks like Bhai is also insecure..

  • Ajay is claiming hard that he isn’t afraid of clash with SRK.Then why he isn’t putting the release date on promos/songs?

  • All Salman/Aamir fans should support SOS so that JTHJ will fail to cross 3 idiots & ETT.
    *Height Of Insecurity* of a Bhai fan.

  • SRK Haters planning to combine all Sallu Aamir Ajay’s Fans to spread hatred but they are fool enough not to understand that HATE can’t beat LOVE.


  • but he should not have done this!! very bad….if he’s already successful, why he’s greedy behind money???there’s a limit to commit for friendships..and he’s never been bonded good to the loser called ajay devgn. very very bad…actors should not stoop down to this level.and ajay…just b’cos he’s afraid that movie will flop, he’s bringing every possible actors in!!!thank god..he’s not trying for BIG B!!

  • Khub jamega rang jab mil baithenge 3 yaar…
    Tiger,Singham & Kancha…

    Sorry yaar Diwali bekar bina Son of Sardaar…

  • SALMAN BHAI is in PO PO is rocking song.Those who r saying that he is insecured of so called king i.e he is doing , then i want tell that he also lend voice in akshay kumar’s OMG film and he also did a song in priety zinta ISHQ IN PARIS film this year….that called true friendship , an bhai is fullfilling his friendship by helping them …so some haters JUST SHUT UP .

  • Director Yash Chopra seems to have conquered the hearts of movie lovers – his romantic musical trounces Ajay Devgn’s massy entertainer with a huge margin conducted an online poll asking readers what they would watch this Diwali. We got an overwhelming response. Perhaps the competition was not really tough – we asked you to choose your favourite movie to watch, Shahrukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Ajay Devgn’s Son Of Sardaar. From the results we found that come November 13, King Khan will reclaim his position in the hearts of film lovers. This time he has Yash Chopra, AR Rahman and Gulzar on his side, with Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif as added tadka, and the team already seems to be winning.

    While Jab Tak Hai Jaan received a huge 76.42 percent (3,996 votes), Son Of Sardaar had to make do with just 19.87 percent (1,039 votes). A meager 3.71 percent (194 votes) said they would watch both films this Diwali. There have been talks about how Devgn might reconsider the release date of his film, that he is waiting for the music launch of JTHJ to take the final call.

    Our exhibitor friend insists that because of an extended festive weekend, both JTHJ and SOS might find takers. Another insider says that releasing a film alongside a Yash Raj Films production is as suicidal as having a release during an Indo-Pakistan cricket match. Over-the-top funny as it seems to be, the fate of Ajay Devgn’s home production looks bleak, because it will be clashing swords with Chopra’s behemoth.

  • i wish srk,yash chopra buddha aur unke fans chullu bhar paani mein dub mare , i dnt care if jthj collects hw mch of money , let it mek 500 cr , still i say srk suckssss frevr

  • go salman and ajey you guys look outstanding. and movie SOS look blockbuster. wow i dont think srk gonna make it….sorry he is a litter flop actor….

  • @king. The poll is limited to only small number of urban audiences, tell bollywood to go to each and every indian in all the parts of the entire country and then take the poll, sos will literally thrash jthj by a huge margin. SOS will easily get more than 63% votes & Srk who is now only an urban multiplexes “fag” actor will not get more than 35%. Srk fans wait till ajay,sanjay&salman ur srk on nov13 and after that you will be given chance to bark as much as u can.

  • london dekh, paris dekha
    london dekha, paris dekha aur dekha japan
    michael dekha, elvis dekha, sab dekha meri jaan
    saari jag mein kahi nehi ik dusra Shahrukh Khan, ik dusra Shahrukh Khaaaaaaaaaannnnnn.

  • @king. Yes mere jaise niich k@mine ku#te ko kisi ne kahi nahi deka hoga na dekh payega, i luv my fans they r d best g#ys in the world. Luv u all.

  • @king yes you are right,there is only one srk in the world.people can’t be like him.he is so cheap,arrogant,foolish,egoistic,oldy,ugly,weak that no one in the world can be like him.

  • The biggest mistake Ajay Devgn, Viacom 18, Eros & Ajay’s fans are making is that they are thinking that if the film is great, it would do great business no matter what. That doesn’t happen like that. Jaan-e-mann was a perfectly decent film with a happy ending, but it failed. Knowing SRK’s competitive nature, he would ensure that he will do everything that can be done to thrash Son of Sardaar out of the park. He thrives under competition. And, in all probability, he will be successful too. So please don’t be under the illusion that Son of Sardaar will come out on top with it’s quality. Even if it is a masterpiece, it will fail if it releases with JTHJ.

    Ajay’s biggest hits have barely touched the 100Cr mark, while SRK’s under-appreciated movies Don 2 & Ra.One touched the 100Cr mark in a jiffy (even with negativity). SRK is a way bigger star than Ajay Devgn. So, it would be in the best interest of the producers of Son of Sardaar, if they prepone or postpone the movie. Everybody should get a fair crack at making money!

    P.S. I have seen the southern version of Son of Sardaar, & it IS an enjoyable fare. But as it is with a lot of things in life, things don’t work accordingly.

    P.S II – According to Industry insiders, Viacom would eventually change the release date. But before that they will try every possible way to not do so.

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