Salman Khan in A R Murugadoss film?

Filmmaker A R Murugadoss is one of the most successful directors in the South Indian film industry and probably the only South director to make it big in Bollywood too.

There are reports doing the rounds that producer Atul Agnihotri has signed Murugadoss to direct a film starring Salman Khan in the lead.

Salman already has an interesting lineup of upcoming films including this year’s release Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and the 2016 Eid release Sultan.

Murugadoss has previously directed films like Ghajini starring Aamir Khan and Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty featuring Akshay Kumar. Both films were successful at the box office.

Do note, the film is yet to be officially announced by the makers. Any news before an announcement should be considered nothing more than a strong rumour.

Do you want to see Salman Khan in an A R Murugadoss film?

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  • @Bajrangi I was waiting for this list to be put out by any Bhai fan so that I can have a good laugh
    Nice to see a fan accepting he is a remake king who can just imitate other actors and copy scripts

  • Buddhi ki ullu:
    If you 60cr club owned jokerboy fans can expect 250cr grossers from him then what’s wrong if I want megastar Bhai to work with Shankar or Rajamouli?????

  • Superman salman and Murugadas a gud director it wil b a record breaking Blockbstr
    remake/fresh script i dnt care..liked ghajini
    skippd gobar kumar’s holiday becoz i dnt want to ruin my holidays

  • @Challa, a case of sour grapes, no?
    Dabangg, ETT, Dabangg 2, BB were original and were all big blockbusters and all much ahead of your king’s films of those years.

  • Haha@Khiladi

    U can say this thing only for @Thullu .
    Akkians don’t need support from SRK fan ..mind it !!
    & y r u confused ? Or confusing us ??
    Akki Iz bigger or SRK ???
    First u bashed akki & then SRK .
    Lol on u
    Idiot spotted …!

    @Tiger the chutzpah king
    Holiday was not a mindless masala film like kick dbng neither it was a festival release like lallu’s films .
    Lallu can NVR work in a movie like holiday because he know his limits .
    Nd when he crossed his limits 2 make a content rich movie like jai ho ,then we all know wht happened . Lolx

  • @Babaji : Akki is already swung hard by Salman. Akki ruins good movies with strictly Average whereas Bhai takes good script beyond your imagination and Akki’s reach !!!!!!!!!!

    Too much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @xzone : Stop your $hitty rants. How many times you copy and post the same stuff !!!!!!!!! Insecure retard !!!!!!!!

    Chal beta burnol ley ley rey ……… ey eye ey !!!!!!!!! :-p

  • @javed : Another lame prediction. You keep waiting and keep watching how Salman will prove you wrong every time you hope and predict for his failure. We need people like you on Indicine to set examples how foolish srk fans are and how their dreams, hopes and predictions gets shattered every time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Indicine has clearly mentioned it may be a rumor until official confirmation but Salman haters are on double shift writing multiple comments against it. Haters knew this combo will bring @hit out of them hence feeling unsecured just by a mere rumor !!!!!!!!

  • @indicine

    Is there any point in me responding to Darth kSHITij or Empty Brain Zone as you seem very determined in not publishing my comments…?

    Seriously let me know as I have just about had enough of your double standards as you dont mind empty brain zone writing about me on those previous articles but always you were there protecting him from me since his return from Tihar..!

  • Singh is Bandar hasnt even been declared a FLOP yet but the thullu carrier is already in mourning waiting for 2015 to come to an abrupt close…!

  • @Syed Ahemd khan aka Hrithik aka Naveena’s cousin sis 04:27 pm : gone mad?? What rubbish you have written? Go and check, you only will repent seeing your own comment. These extra :p :p and :d is not going to save your, your bhabhijan or Naveena aunt’s ass. Be ready to get more bashing and humiliation. You double standard intellectual !!!

  • @Naveena aunt 05:30 pm : hehehe i was waiting for this epic moment: D
    I knew, when you will end up with your gossip (which you do every Saturday in kitty parties organised at lalluland) , you will start blaming indicine that they are not allowing you to post your comments etc etc. Grow up now you loser. Two years back also, whenever you lost the grip, you would simply blame indicine and now also you continued your rant. Shameless creature.

  • @Marshall dont make up your own verdicts. Dabangg 2 is forgettable underperformer. It was only superhit not blockbuster. So shut your pseudo analysis.

  • @Sunny Chechi, i like both srk & akki, i firstly bashed akki on behalves of salman fans coz of u & ur thullu. n then i bashed srk coz of all srk fans (salman haters) on behalves of sallu, hrithik, aamir, ajay & akki

  • Sorry but these r for those akkians who think that salman remaking movies more than akki..
    look at the following south remakes in recent time
    Entertainment 2014
    Gabbar 2015
    Brother 2015 (Hollywood Remake)
    Sing Is Bling 2015
    Rowdy Rathore 2012
    Boss 2013
    Holiday 2014
    The Shaukeens 2014 (Bolly Remake)
    8 movies just in 3 years.

  • @Arhaan waah
    Watta hard work u r doing just like Salman khan (not talking about sitting at home & eating biryani)

    Entertainment & Singh Iz bling r remakes ?? Day-night u lallu fans search reasons to bash Akki bt all false statements ,grow ur knowledge first .

    2 much gum 4 lallus fans
    SRK & Akki fan disrespect Salman all D tyme …because of ur types fans .

  • @ 5
    Moron. Dabangg 2 is Overperformed thats true but it is a BLOCKBUSTER go and check on BOI or Wikipedia
    if u don’t have knowledge about any topic then it is better to shut your mouth…got it

  • Housefull 1, 2 & 3, Airlift, Brothers, SIB, GIB, Baby, The Shaukeens, Entertainment, Holiday, Boss, OUATIMD, Special 26, Khiladi 786, OMG, Joker, Rowdy Rathore, Desi Boyz, Thank You, Patiala House, TMK, Action Replay, Khatta Meetha & many more all are Remakes @Sunny Leone.

  • Housefull 1, 2 & 3, Airlift, Brothers, SIB, GIB, Baby, The Shaukeens, Entertainment, Holiday, Boss, OUATIMD, Special 26, Khiladi 786, OMG, Joker, Rowdy Rathore, Desi Boyz, Thank You, Patiala House, TMK, Action Replay, Khatta Meetha & many more all are Remakes @Sunny Leone. Illiterates to maine aaj tak sirf srk fans ko bolta tha ab tum logo ka bhi wahi naam rakhna parega.

  • & Don’t Worry @Sunny Leone SRK k fans SIB ka poster tak nahi dekhenge….. Earlier i was Salmaamirukh Khan. so m also going to press the button of Skip on SIB page !!!

  • from 2010 salman did 4 copy/remake
    ready,bodyguard,jai ho,kick

    from 2010 akshay kumar did 12 copy/remake

    housefull,khatta metha,action replay,tees mar khan,housefull2,rowdy rathor,OMG,
    Boss,Holiday,the shaukeens,Gabbar is back,Brothers


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