Krishna Shroff was not ‘topless’ says Jackie Shroff

When asked if Krishna was interested in acting, Jackie said “She has never spoken to me about her interest in acting ever. Rather, Tiger too had never told me that he wanted to act. This industry has given me everything and it has welcomed my son with open arms.”



  • @azhar don’t be an idiot just because your actor is doing sami porn that is why you are backing krishna’s topless pic. No one is involve in it, she posted it herself on instagram. Daddy is just trying to cover his shameless stupid daughter that “she is not topless she has a towel wrapped on her” jackie saab we are not blind. I wonder what she will become in her future. May be she wants to be the next Sunny Leone. Shameless Stupid Girl

  • Depends how topless is defined? If it’s states that from the waist to the uppermost shoulder exposed visible torso of a woman is what we called toplesness than fine she was. Mind you the breast and nipples being visible. If the viral pictures of krishna conforms with the definition then even 75% then yes she was and that’s embarrassing. I have my verdict for it because I saw the pics. Rather I would just point this out that for a lady and again as the daughter of a top celebrity it is immoral of krishna. Yes other countries ain’t gonna find it an issue but let’s be honest our great India still has a decent tradition,trademark and brand worldwide so whatever that will bring a stain to that irrespective of the magnitude of the offence it’s just natural that we blame Krishna for her negligence and public embarrassment if really it’s not fake and she actually posted that.

  • Salman Khan’s Hero with Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty 4th Day – 1st Monday Collection is 3.25-3.5 cr taking 4 Days Total Collections Business to 24.5 cr
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  • Whether she goes topless or bottomless is her own issue. Why such a hullaboo???

    My concern is whether this topic would turn out to be yet another war between salman vs srk and akshay vs ajay fans on Indicine………it sounds absured, but you see, WE just need any reason to go to war of words against each other…….lol.

  • Tiger is one of the best newcomers we have today.
    1 Varun Dhawan
    2 Tiger Shroff
    3 Sooraj Pancholi

    These 3 gusy will rule the boxoffice in future.

  • karan johar :”it wasn’t srk who was
    completely nude in bed with deepa shahi
    in mayamemsaab (MMS) , it was his
    body double!”
    Reporter : “How do you know?” with a cheeky blush on his face:
    “srk ko utni kareeb se mere alawa aur
    kaun jaan sakta….. during the shooting
    of that scene he was with me in my
    room ” and blushes more :D :D

  • @Aaeez Khan and shivaay you both fools she was wearing a towel.Aaeez people like you are so shameless.I have seen the pic she was wearing a towel.Learn to respect you fools

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