I am waiting for Firoz Nadiadwala to pay my dues: Welcome Back director

Director Anees Bazmee, the director of the popular ’Welcome’ franchise, has said that he is yet to receive his full fee for directing ‘Welcome Back’ which released in theatres a couple of weeks ago.

The director accused producer Firoz Nadiadwala for not paying his dues, even though he gave three years of his life to the film and ensured a successful release.

“I am waiting for the producer to pay my dues. I gave three years of my life for this film.. I worked hard for this project, but I still haven’t got my remaining payment” Anees said.

“I was to get over Rs 4.5 crore but he asked me to do some settlement, so I asked him to pay me Rs 2 crore, I let go the remaining amount.”

Anees was supposed to receive the entire amount before the release of the film, but even after the theatrical release of ‘Welcome Back’, the director is yet to receive his remuneration.

“I was supposed to get the money before the release of the film. But I still went and made the film for the relationship we share (Firoz and I). I kept patience.. Even though the film has released and is doing well, I am yet to get my money. I am not greedy. I am not angry, I am hurt.

“I will not take any harsh step. I am not that kind of a person. I called up (Firoz Nadiadwala), but no response from him” he said.

The director has also clearly stated that he would like his previous dues to be clearly, if the producer wants him to direct the third film in the ‘Welcome’ franchise.

Industry insiders say, actors Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor too are yet to receive the entire amount that they were promised. Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, one of the highest paid actors in the industry, had a fallout with Firoz Nadiadwala which resulted in John Abraham replacing him in ‘Welcome Back’ and ‘Hera Pheri 3’.




  • hahahahaha…

    Director Sahaab firstly let this movie to recover its cost then talk about ur money.

    I think 100 crore is impossible this week The Super Queen Kangana is arriving with rom-com.

    So now my precition for Welcome Back is 95 crore.

  • For Akshay the fall out is not surprising. Definitely the reason he backed out of the movie is simple. = it’s all about the benjamins$$

  • Film is a Hit so every one will get payment for their great effort….SUPER ENTERTAINMENT from NADIA WALA + ANEES BAZMI+CAST

  • Atimes these producers and related crew members are very funny and behave so childish. Business is business no mAtter the closeness. Don’t they have an agreement duplicate? They don’t keep it or what? It’s simple, with agreement signTure even the least experienced lawyer like jolly llb can win the case with such vital undertaken documents. Honestly I don’t like hearing these kind of minor mistakes because at the end of the day the minor transforms to major. What message does it pass? Especially with household bollywood names dragged into mud. Pls have a systematic schedules of requirements in explicit form every day that passes by during the shooting. Just to avoid such kind of embarrassment.

  • whats happening
    dont firoz have money??
    last year they have had major hits like kick but still this kind of attitude foh paying the associates in the film…not done

  • After reading this article i can say just one thing hats off to Anees Bazmee for not creating a nuisance even after not getting a single penny from Firoz Nadiadwala . Welcome Back is doing strong business so now definitely he deserves the money . This might be a big reason why Akshay was not interested in doing Welcome Back . Even Anil and Nana compromised because they have friendship with FN . If Firoz wants AB to direct movies for him then he should clear all the dues of Anees Bazmee, Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar . I hope this situation is sorted out as soon as possible . God Bless Anees Bazmee !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Now i know y akshay was not part of welcome back
    i thought akki is greedy but now i know its producets fault
    Shame on feroz to not respect a superstar of tgus stature .
    Wlcome back would hav been a real opener with akki and kat in picture

    Also anees should get what he was promised

  • So feroz nadiadwala is the sole reason why akki removed from his successful franchise.such a shameless is this feroz,how pity on Anees and others!!!!!

  • firoj looks like bankrupt person…
    akki gud decision of nt doing film.. anees n akki can wrk togethr in future bo big deal…
    bt this nt nt gud..
    gud producers yrf, sajid, karan ,srk ,salman look how they treat people …

  • Keep waiting because The producer already wasted a lot of money on the making ,now he was waiting 4 some profit but he will not be able 2 make profits because of 120 plus budget & 95-105 collection only .

    He paid total 15 crs to D most Weak kadi of WB john abrahim .

    2 much gum 4 Nana, anil & annes .

  • Even srk and salman are actors but they dont care for the budget while filming.Farah Khan once said that Srk is a generous director.And she was right Srk spent a huge money on a crap HNY.The only good thing in the movie was its grand scale.Now salman put all his efforts and money generously in making and promotion of films.Yaar producers kuch tou seekho actors se

  • @Damn… !! : Firoz is not Sajid Nadiadwala !!!!!! It was Sajid N who produced and made Kick not Feroze !!!!!!!!!!!! :-p

  • Anil Kapoor had requested audience to go and watch WB to save the producer. It seems Firoz N is in deep debt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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