Salman Khan hired India’s most expensive lawyer!

A reader of our website, Aashish Thapar, posted an interesting article about the lawyer who ensured that Salman Khan got bail in the 2002 hit-and-run case.


54 year old Harish Salve, former Solicitor General of India, is, arguably, today’s most expensive lawyer in India. He has represented high-profile cases like Mulayam Singh Yadav, Prakash Singh Badal and Lalit Modi but his reputation (and legal fees!) started sky-rocketing after he won Mukesh Ambani’s gas dispute against brother Anil who was represented by Ram Jethmalani. His latest on-going-case is representing Ratan Tata who has gone to the Supreme Court claiming that his privacy has been violated in the Nira Radia tapes scandal. (article continued after the image)

Harish Salve

Harish Salve

Hiring Harish Salve as lawyer does not come cheap. He charges a massive fee of Rs 30 lakhs per day. His fees alone is supposed to have cost Mukesh Ambani a whopping Rs 15 crore. Even this pales into insignificance when you compare it with the Rs 60 crore which he is supposed to have collected in the Forest Case of TN Godavarman Thirumulpad. In addition, he has to be provided overnight five-star suites and first class air-tickets. A dinner for him and his team at a five star hotel can cost over Rs 2 lakh. Clients have been known to present him a hot Vertu phone or a Jaeger-LeCoutre watch to keep him in good mood. Further, Salve will only accept the first brief. In other words, he will never be the second counsel to anyone else in any case. Salve drives a Bentley and has a holiday home in Goa. Fashion-conscious Salve visits London frequently to shop for his clothes. That is when his clients do not get them for him as in the case of Mukesh Ambani who is supposed to have bought an entire wardrobe of clothes for him when fighting his brother!



  • n he rocked in his first hearing itself…thats called skills… DARK KNIGT.

  • just think if this money was given to those poor people. there 7 generations would have easily eaten 3 times a day. what a waste of money. they should support there families, whats the benefit of wasting such amount on staying out of jail? he spent 42 crores on children. now he will spend another 5-10 crore on this guy. instead he should have built a colony for poor people. or the court should order him to do such thing.

  • i read a comment by gj007 that he will never watch amir khan movie in theater because he supported salman for drunken drive. bro i respect u but mind this they both are close freinds and there is no proof of salman was on wheel. what are you doing cuz government giving license to liqure factory that to in near villages or city streets so u will never appear in any government run proggrame.

  • I think Mr.salve beats top stars lifestyle..Per day 30 lakh..strange..Even a rickshawala can’t earn 300 rupee per day..

  • dekh tamasha dekh…..everyone knows Salman is guilty……money can buy any thing, its proved… sad…..Harish Salve once Solicitor General of India also fighting for a guilty man…..

  • Its impossible to make every1 happy in this world there wil b always some1 who wil b sad but its majority that counts i think people like gj007 comments(not watching movies) must hav been ignored instead of replying

  • @ abhi- there is a difference between guilty and crime. you said its salman’s guilty then its forgivable cuz he didnt any intention behind accident. dont say everybody knows cuz nothing is proved now so dont made haterd comments over salman.

  • Indian Govt says: v are going to give free food n home for poor
    comments from users
    govt is making people lazy
    govt is biased
    govt is doing it to win the next elections

  • @don
    do u know that govt is building a huge statue of sardar valabhai patel . Do u know how much it cost what abt that money it shud have given to poor and then what abt bringing black money from swiss accounts

  • now salman khan completely opened the way for his imprisonment.the case becomes more stronger publicly.whatever harish salvey may be,but he is a human too ,how many ways may he try to close the case as soon a possible.but GOD IS SEEING EVERYTHING.may harish didn’t lost any case but this time he’ll lost the case badly because PEOPLE’S LIFE worths more than his talkent/taken fees or even salman’s importance to the society and his fake charitable work.salman’s public image degraded with in a day,now no one can save him to being imprisoned.

  • Why is he still working? Would be quite a stressful job. He’s earned a lot of money over the years through high profile cases so should go and retire.

  • These lawyers, instead of honoring the law and delivering justice, go against it and get rich people who are guilty out of being convicted.

    @yuvraj, the judge said it was proven beyond any doubt he was driving the car…i don’t know about you but I would say the judge knows more than you ;)

  • You cannot buy Truth!!!! Go Home(JAIL) Criminal Salman!!! I bet your fraud money be spent like this only!!!

  • @ULTRON-thanx alot bro..
    @don… ur mr negative… if salman give money to those victims u will say he is influencing case… ADAALAT KE BAHAR GAVAH KHARIDE JATE HE…KAANUN KA DHANDA….BLA BLA… his close people says after finishing case he will help them…
    jst imagin hw much u earned n how much u danated…

  • excellent.keep it up.v r proud of our bhai.keep on delaying the case bhai using every possible path.
    bhai rockzzzz

  • If salman goes to jail.. Its a shame for humanity… Its mother teresa goin jail for a mistake…
    1mistake<lakh of good things

  • @ raj- that judge isnt god who knows everything. and i am sure any political angle is also behind this who is against salman. if victims dont want salman in jail who are those people?
    if salman goes behind bars nobody benefitted niether victims nor salman. we need some change in law and order to make it useful for peoples insteaf of lawyers.

  • T S Sudhir: Strange country. Thousands of undertrials spend time behind bars, waiting for judgement, without getting bail. A convicted actor gets bail.

    A Muskeeter: Poor Cant sleep on roads. Rich Cant sleep in Jail. #LessonLearnt #SalmanBailOrJail

    Seemantini: So, what does Aamir Khan, the holiest man on earth, has to say now? No tears for common man now? #SalmanBailOrJail

    Kitney Aadmi They: Sessions Court : Salman Khan found Guilty. Isse jail bhej do 5 saal. High Court : Bitch Please.#SalmanBailOrJail #SalmanVerdict

    Navjot Singh Sidhu: Just keep an NGO receipt handy the next time you feel like killing someone.#SalmanBailOrJail

    Shabbir Hussain: Indian judiciary system should be on the Flipkart’s product list so anyone who could afford can buy it like others do! #SalmanBailOrJail

    Knight Rider: Poor can’t sleep on road Rich can’t sleep in jail. STORY ENDS! #SalmanBailOrJail

    Prasanna Karthik R: Indian judiciary is our best hope for Olympic Gymnastics Gold medal; it can bend, crawl, swirl & stoop like no one can. #SalmanBailOrJail

    A K: Would really like to know hypocrite Aamir Khan’s views on this. Would he run the story of Ravindra Patil on his show ? #SalmanBailOrJail

    Rajeysh Singh: Two minutes silence for all of us who actually believed in the Indian judiciary for 48 hours! #SalmanBailOrJail

    Madd Dogg: When an arrested celebrity says “I have faith in the courts” he knows exactly what he’s saying. #SalmanBailOrJail

  • Good News for only Bollywood/Movie Lovers. But Sorry to Common Man.

    I was sad when i heard that Salman will send to Jail for 5 years. But now happy. Coz i want full competition. I dont want to read ifs n buts. I mean people gave excuses that “Agar Salman hota to yeh hota woh hota. etc

    Now good. He is back. and competition is on.

  • @7:28pm

    Worry less about bhai n more about your arjuna as it seems producers are shunning him n his only immediate prospect of attaining work well be as an extra in the next Planet of the Arjunas sorry Apes movie….!

  • 30 lakhs per day, its huge. Its bad that top advocates are taking cases of a guilty person. But from my heart I want Salman won’t go to jail.People says that it against law or blah blah. We all know how our juridical system works.Ministers,rich people commiting crime and set free. Salman case not alone able to bring back the trust. Its too late. I am thinking about the people who will get benefitted from being human rather than the person who died as he won’t come back.
    Hope Salman won’t leave his good deed.

  • i really don’t understand why people totally divert from logics..
    1) people are saying salman got benefit of being a star.. i mean are you serious?? if he was not a star may be he would just run out of city as nobody was there at the crime scene and nobody saw it happening except for people who were in car..
    2) he has used his money and power to get fast judgement.. i mean why the heck not he should not use his money?? its not his black money that he is using unlike our politicians who have compiled heck lot of money in swiss bank.. its his hard earned money which he is using to get out of trouble?? i mean if you were in his position would you not want to spend all the money and get to stay with your family??
    3) nobody shows grief towards the victims family.. what do you want salman to do?? you want him to pay them money?? this would again turn against salman saying he bribed them for saying good about him on tv..
    above all it was a god damn accident.. just that he was drunk.. why people are using terms like murderer?? he did not take a gun and kill that person.. he lost control of car and it happened.. it can happen with anyone.. so why all this hatred against him??

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