Salman Khan has a double role in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo: Sonam

Actress Sonam Kapoor, who has just signed Sooraj Barjatya’s next with Salman Khan, says the superstar will be playing a double role in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

Sonam also says Salman is hot.

“He is hot. It’s double ‘dhamaal’ with Salman since he is in double role. I am super excited to work with him. I am not allowed to talk about it. You will see. He is looking good in the film.”

Meanwhile, the actress is trying something different with her next film “Dolly Ki Doli” as well.

She said: “It’s interesting…I hope people can digest it because we are trying to do something different. Doing things different is always scary.”

Sonam KapoorSonam Kapoor



  • Haters and STML patients are gonna cry out….This film will be another HAHK no matter what they say. IT has a perfect release time.
    @buddha ki lungi, Aamir has copied Judwa.. Stop being a fox and trying to make fights between Aamir fans and Salman fans.
    @nipun, it seems like finally, nipun has something good to say about Salman. SRK fans are too proud of acting of SRK. When you compare Salman and SRK in the two films they worked together, Salman has totally overshadowed SRK…

  • @sss : keep phuttoing by SALMAN’S name. Are you a judge or you are a trade analyst to give pre verdict? better worry about Cash + Players remake + Tees Maar Khan = HNY n keep thinking how it is gonna cross the magic figure 275 crores (Dhoom 3 record) !!!!!!!!!!

  • My word this Sonam girl is relly clueless, cant keep a secret from the audience, now we will be subjected to double buffonary from the bhojpuri!!!!!!

  • @dxt namm,I’m mocking at sallu not bhajan.isn’t your family ashamed of you when you’re going to watch a criminal’s 3rd class remake who took human’s life and named him being human?aray bhai asli bakra to tum log ho jisko bakra banaya hai tumhara so 3rd class peoples having no objection about porn when watching hollywood movies so when it comes to SRK you suddenly changes opinion,whatever SRK did that in films not in real life,while your bhai did murder of someone in real life,so why are you behaving like anti-socialist.THIS IS THE REALITY,you cheapest 3rd class peoples.btw I only like VIVAH of sooraj barjatya and rest of his 90’s family movies are overrated and reality missing and boring and these type film now a days will not work especially in multiplex as your star lacks fans in city and have more fans in small bhojpuri villages.

    @hrithik,magical numbers?????hu hu hu…seems to be puny numbers,our range is 300+ to 440cr,thoda jyaada target bol because SRK is not puny star like amir who instead of getting big brand,production,holiday,larger week,larger screen,big heroine,multiactor couldn’t cross 300cr,limited in 255cr(hindi) only,it couldn’t be compared with CE,at that time also people said OSO couldn’t break dhoom2’s record,but what happened it smashed dhoom2,now it’s dhoom3’s time to be smashed.same director,same HERO,same heroine but the name changed HAPPY NEW YEAR seems like HAPPY NEW RECORDS,so wait until 23RD OCTOBER,so don’t waste your tear that will be useful after 23RD OCTOBER.

    @Anand,don’t worry @nipun is the biggest hypocrite,he appreciates each superstar at their respective pages sometimes criticized also,so salman in KA overshadowed very much similar like jai ho overshadowed CDI,lol.

  • After a long time Salman is doing double role. Prem ratan will have lot of Dhan while Salman haters will sung Bhajan with our complan boy @sss for their Mann ki shanti after Big Dhamaka of Diwali 2015. @true fan very funny tri-in-one. Lol

  • @false fan and @navin, I have no secrets to hide, funny tri in one, but very wrong, not even close, but my name is representative of something!

  • @sss : Keep flying in the air n inagining. You think its a jackpot machine where a button is pressed n you get whatever figures. Indian people are not fools to pay for a Cash Remake. Just make sure you stick to Indicine even after HNY verdict or total collections. It will be like Ra.One n srk n his fans (like you) will fall flat on face !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @sky,loL…Big Dhamaka is on this deewali forgot about next deewali,who knows may SRK will come and will release with loser ratan ki a days your puny superstar’s situations stands in such a way,that every superstar wants to clash with them.this time kick will hardly will get hit status,salman’s stardom ruined after flop jai ho,now only sooraj is a hope,but today’s young people will not watch this boring movies.but surely it’ll get the verdict status of film judwaa-double role of you tingu fan aka complan boy,lol.

    @true fan change your id to @tingu/bhojpuri fan,it’ll suit you more.

  • @sss : Keep flying in the air n inagining. You
    think its a jackpot machine where a button is
    pressed n you get whatever figures. Indian
    people are not fools to pay for a Cash Remake.
    Just make sure you stick to Indicine even after
    HNY verdict or total collections. It will be like
    Ra.One n srk n his fans (like you) will fall flat on
    face !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Q.How much difference does hit music make to an opening of an film?
    Ans.It depends on the film. It makes a huge difference to small films but as the films get bigger the effect of hit music is also less. Basically for a small film like Yaariyan it can add 30-40% on an opening but for a film like Dhoom 3 or Chennai Express it makes little difference as films are driven by the stars and here music may make a difference of 5 or 10% to opening.
    C. Laitana
    Q.In which circuits are Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan most popular?
    Ans.They are popular all over but the best circuit for Shahrukh Khan is West Bengal where he is like no 1-10 and for Salman Khan it is Rajasthan and CI.
    A. Hameed
    Q. Which film is a bigger grosser worldwide Queen or English Vinglish?
    Ans.Queen is bigger due to more business in India but overseas English Vinglish was much bigger with twice the business of Queen.
    M. Irani
    Q. Is is possible DDLJ has beaten the business of HAHK now as it is still running?
    Ans.No. A 20 crore plus shortfall can’t be made up. HAHK is ahead in all the circuits even Mumbai where DDLJ has had longer run.

  • @hrithik,you know this is what the problem with you couldn’t be able to use your mind a bit.1st of all Ra One directed by disaster cash’s director anubhav sinha and HNY directed by blockbuster director farah khan.but surely you have to remain in this site after HNY release,please don’t disappear.after jai ho,it seems Indians becomes quite intelligent and they will prove them the smartest when kick will again recieve below average/hit verdict.

    another interesting fact is that you mistaken SRK,he is not salman who will believe in south remakes although he did some valuable legendary hindi remake that couldn’t suit to any other puny stars even salman unable to accept seems kick couldn’t cross 160cr and in overseas people will just kick and spit upon it.I’m worrying about you what will happen your situation at that time,but after kick got again same verdicvt of jai ho bhai will again switch over to some marathi,kannada remake,as switch over is his passion and legendary job for their fans,1st confess your flops then talk about hits,SRK is highest successful actor among all and biggest superstar in India as well as worldwide,put it into your mind.

  • @sss : Time will show the results. Were you even born when srk was continuosly doing romantic and Salman did a movie like ‘Phir Milenge’ when u cant appreciate his good work then you dont have any rights to criticize him. About punny fans, oh yeah srk struggled 4 years to go beyond Hit n you know how punny he n his fans are !!!!!!!!!

  • @sss cant wait this diwali when hny will come and bombed 8 box office. srk never cross 130 on diwali. lol. dobara mat poochhna.

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