Salman Khan has a double role in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo: Sonam

Actress Sonam Kapoor, who has just signed Sooraj Barjatya’s next with Salman Khan, says the superstar will be playing a double role in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

Sonam also says Salman is hot.

“He is hot. It’s double ‘dhamaal’ with Salman since he is in double role. I am super excited to work with him. I am not allowed to talk about it. You will see. He is looking good in the film.”

Meanwhile, the actress is trying something different with her next film “Dolly Ki Doli” as well.

She said: “It’s interesting…I hope people can digest it because we are trying to do something different. Doing things different is always scary.”

Sonam KapoorSonam Kapoor



  • Single salman =55 crore bo….double salman =atleast century at bo.
    Lol. Salman is no longer in bo race. The competition is between SRK, aamir ,hr,and ranbir.
    Lolll salman.

  • Sonam Kapoor is right that superstar Salman Khan still has boyish charm over his face, and looks younger than his stated age. While now SRK looks very old, cranky and he shouldn’t be cast along with actresses who are half his age like Katrina, Deepika and Anushka. Looks like smoking has taken a toll over him.

  • After a long tym salman will play a double role in any film……so I am very much exited for the film……..I hope that film would shatteted all d box office records………and can set a new benchmark in d history of d Indian cinema……

  • I think Sonam Kapoor is an idiot who has revealed that Salman will play a double role in PRDP . The makers and Sonam Kapoor could have maintained the suspense for the audiences . A very important reason why Dhoom 3 worked because YRF and Aamir himself refused that Aamir does not have a double role and when people watched Dhoom 3 they were shocked to see Aamir in a double role . Anyway i hope PRDP will bring back the genre of Family Drama back in a grand manner .

  • I’ve never seen that much of negative comments about a person, on youtube, in any other KWK episodes of this season. Only instance I read negative comments were about Anushka’s lip job in that particular episode. But in Sonam-Anil Kapoor episodes comment section was full of hatred towards Sonam & her attitude. Sure she’s gonna lose a lot of fans after this episode. If someone who is reading my comment don’t agree with me, read youtube comments of that particular video and you all will realise how many people love her and how many of them hate her, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!! Ha ha.. ;-)

  • Salman also played double role in judwa. .i feel salman’s acting is somewhat underrated. .he mayn’t be a technically superior actor,but he isn’t that bad either.he did well in Garv,tere naam,karan arjun,veer etc. .even i think he overshadowed srk in karan arjun because salman’s acting was very normal in that film while SRK was trying to be over expressive.

  • desperately waiting for will change the trend of indian cinema once again by salman like hahk and after that every one will start to make family movies hatsoff to u bhai.

  • @king i think you are out of world so pls stay there because in this world salman is no 1 in bollywood and no one can baet him.

  • no one is interested in this type of family kinda boring movies,it’ll hardly get super hit status and name should be like loser ratan ki bajao.

    @nipun,as expected might you this time so upset with karan arjun,SRK took higher screen than salman if you clearly watch then you’ll understand.just look statue salman in that movie in acting,in song and his dialogue delivery he didn’t know how to cry.your hr’s papa rakesh once said SRK is the best actor even than his son once might he also haven’t remembered that and hr in JD said SRK as his hate SRK as much as you can at least say truth about him what he deserves.

  • @sss- yes u moron i know morons like u are not interested in these kind of family movies becoz u dont know the meaning of a family n its value.. ur parents must be so ashamed of you.. u go n watch ur bakra in action in porn movies like maya memsaab.. leave the cultured families n people to watch movies like MPK, HAHK, HSSH n PRDP.. PRDP does not need audience like u.. it will be a disgrace for PRDP if people like u watch the movie.. so one advice for u stay away! n one more thing u mentally retarded soul, the title PRDP is derived from the holy bhajan ram ratan dhan payo.. so think before u degrade the title u idiot.. dont u dare to hurt the religious sentiments

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