Salman Khan craze continues in Poland: Press meet photos

The craze for Salman Khan in Poland is something that has to be seen to be believed. When Khan arrived in the country to shoot for a few action sequences for his upcoming film Kick, not many in the country were aware of his presence.

But soon as word spread that Khan will be shooting in the streets, hundreds of people have gathered and mobbed him every single day of the shoot.

Sources say, the buzz around the shoot has been so huge that the Polish media requested a press conference with the cast and crew of the film.

Here are some exclusive pictures from the press meet.

Salman Khan's smiling pose

Salman Khan’s smiling pose

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez smiling at the press meet

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez smiling at the press meet

Salman Khan with Kick team at the press meet in Poland

Salman Khan with Kick team at the press meet in Poland

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez

Randeep Hooda talks to Poland media

Randeep Hooda talks to Poland media

Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandes and Randeep Hooda

Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandes and Randeep Hooda



  • Nobody stops Salman in overseas airports but our kings craze is so big that even airport staff members stops him for autograph and our king spends 3-4 hours with them

  • Some people said there is only one ‘Global star’ LOL
    Let Salman keep visiting other countries regularly and see the response. All his films will be Blockbusters in overseas.
    The main reason that so called ‘Global star’ gave 19-20 Bbs in overseas is that he and his PRs are actively trying to promote him outside India.
    If Aamir , Hrithik and Salman start doing such selfpromotion then we will see what rank so called ‘Global star’ will have in overseas.
    3?4? 5 is the best possibilty.
    Aamir has the top 2 Overseas grossers with ZERO overseas promotions, just due to his name, so imagine what will happen if he starts overseas promotion.

  • KICK to be 2nd biggest film of 2014 at this rate by a mile.

    Sure Salman wont mind coming second to best friend Aamirs PK.

    Both films to be huge ATBBs

  • He is definitely a Megastar for Sure……….And I know people have their own Fan Group but you guyz have to agree the fact that SALMAN…..SRK….AKSHAY….AAMIR……AMITHABH…HRITHIK are the one whom people love across borders……No matter what language you speak….Or what place you live in……Keep us Entertained Guys…….You all are the Best……Vaise I am an Akshay Kumar fan….Still have no shame to admit that all These actors are the Best Bollywood can ever Get….:)

  • highest gossers of 2014 1) kick 300 crores 2) pk 280 crores 3)singham2 200 crores 4) holiday 180 crores 5) bang bang 150 crores.hny will wrap its total lifetime collection below 150 crores.

  • On location pictures of ‘Kick’ till now shows that it will surely do better in overseas than previous movies of Salman khan as it is not looking for just indian audience like Dabangg,bodyguard etc so Salman may give tough competition to Aamir khan who is at top position in overseas with Dhoom 3 but in domestic Salman will continue at the top position after its release.

  • If KING SRK was in Poland he wud have been mobbed by huge THOUSANDS not little hundreds like this ‘small kitty’ khan!

  • WOW! Salman Khan is looking awesome with that french beard! Loved Salman & Jacqueline’s pairing! much better than Salman’s previous pairings! Randeep, Nawazudding in supporting cast, what else do you need! Another Blockbuster for the Dabangg Khan on this EID! Can’t wait for the movie! already feeling sorry for the haters LOL!

  • kick is going to be a blockbuster in Poland.
    now Salman is famous than srk in overseas also.
    sallu rocks.

  • Wow!!! Is this a man of age 48? Looking so young and fresh!! Happy that the buzz around KICK is huge! Can’t wait for this movie!

    @Trinimal, yes, if SRK was in Poland, he would have been mobbed by polish goats that are also parts of his 3.7 billion goatfans worldwide!! Salman was welcomed at the airport by polish authority. So did the Irish authority in 2011-12 during the shooting of ETT!!! First, the goatface khan would have been detained at Polish airport for his bleating like May Ay Ay…Mee Eee Eee….LOL!

  • @Legend khan Hats off to u for posting that hilarious link here.True article with nice picture at the

  • @Anand Dont worry, just now ur bhaijann will be warmly welcomed next to his friend Sanju baba in u know where for all his misdemenors!!!! SRK had unfortunate accident becuz of muslim surname in US in which there was high lookout at that time for terrorists which they claim as muslims, not SRK fault, so yeh go on cawing u crow, at least goats eat healthy grass, crows are scavengers which eat filth!!! No wonder all ur comments are filthy lol

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