Salman Khan with children on the sets of Tiger Zinda Hai

A few pictures of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan with his young fans have made its way onto the internet from the sets of his upcoming film ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’. The actor who famously said he wants kids without getting married, is known to spend a lot of time with children.

While his co-star Katrina Kaif has returned to India from the shoot, Salman continues to shoot for the Ali Abbas Zafar director sequel of the 2012 blockbuster ‘Ek Tha Tiger’.

Check out the photos:

Salman Khan with his bodyguard Peter Kumar's Daughter

Salman Khan with his bodyguard Peter Kumar’s Daughter

Salman Khan with his little fan

Salman Khan with his little fan



  • I could not understand why these unnecessary things Indicine promote about. Instead of providing other proper or specific news and information about movies and stars, please you should not suppose to market these unrelevant stories. Thanks

  • Waiting for some to be appeared and make Raju Hirani their BAAP and begg him to release his Sanju biopic on Christmas…😂😂

  • Ocean like heart.
    The Megastar Salman Khan
    This year back to back two ATBB first Tubelight then TZH.
    2.0 waiting………

  • From last couple of years srkians talk too much over Salman’s Eid releases. Even they do not hesitate to say that Salman is nothing without Eid. Let’s remove Eid from Salman’s career & Diwali from SRK’s career and make a brief comparison……..

    Salman- 1
    Srk- 0

    Salman – 2
    Srk – 0

    BHOTD :
    Salman – 2
    Srk – 0

    Salman – 5
    SRK – only 1

    Salman – 2
    Srk – 0

    Blockbusters :
    Salman – 8
    Srk – only 5

    Clean Hit :
    Salman – 22
    Srk – only 16

    Everything has become DOODH KA DOODH AND PAANI KA PAANI. Hopefully srkians who chant whole the day over Salman’s Eid releases have gotten the must needed medicine.

  • One Big Misunderstanding in SRK fans (indicine too)… that, SRK is the biggest in Overseas, actually he is mainly famous in UK and Not in USA (coz even Ranveer’s film BM beat Dilwale at US BO,) Actually SRK is famous in UK coz of his London (NRI) based films like KKKG, DDLJ, Fan etc (uncountable) Karan Johar and Yash Chopra used to make films in UK hence they (YashC, KaranJ & SRK) are famous there…. One more thing he is famous in some EU countries due to his grand promotion and world tours during OSO, CE, HNY (again uncountable) etc….

  • Tiger in his most Deadly look yet 😍😍😍
    This look alone is enough to ensure minimum 200 crore.. Tiger brand and action will do the rest..

  • This proofs that his fan following has no age boundaries, from kids to the eldest member of family everyone loves him…..

    The Biggest & Most Loved Megastar Ever….♥♥♥

  • @Tiger the real king
    If deewali was such a big date why andaaz apna apna/Kyun ki/Jaaneman/Mamk were all flops???

  • @Tiger the real king
    If deewali was such a big date why andaaz apna apna/Kyun ki/Jaaneman/Mamk were all flops???
    @Indicine pls publish

  • I don’t understand people who say they’re not interested but still comment… Don’t care Indicine, we care everything about the Megastar and he is so adorable with kids!

  • @ tiger, WTH his ATHG CE was released on eid . So how his ATHG is 0 ?
    ATHG – 1
    ATBB – 3
    I know u deliberately did this.

  • I think sanjay dutt biopic is going to be a big hit though it’s not an interesting matter. It will be a hit because of the magic of rajkumar hirani and awesome performance of ranbir

  • @ tiger, How Salman had 8 blockbusters without eid ? I counted and find only 4 after removing Eid.please name the 8 blockbusters.are you also counting ATBB in blockbusters count ?

  • TZH eagerly waiting for this movie. This movie will be highest grosser movie ever in India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • @TIGER-The real King
    For your kind info your idol has 4 Deewali disasters(AndaazApnaApna, MAMK, JaneMman, KyunKi in 2005)
    And SRK faced clashes in all Deewali releases except HNY
    Baazigar-Bedardi, DDLJ-Yaarana, DTPH-Bhai-GM etc

    When Salman came in SRK’s festival we saw the result!!!!
    When SRK came in Salman’s festival we saw the result
    ATHG in Eid
    Srk-1 out of 1
    Salman-0 out of 6
    P.S. Nothing against Salman. He looks charming and dashing up there!!!! Had love ETT, will watch TZH. But look at this Salman fan

  • Bhai looks adorable abit like Santa when hes taking a pic with kids but when our Dadaji takes a pic with kids it looks like a scene from HALLOWEEN…!

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