Salman Khan case hearing deferred to April 8

A sessions court here Monday deferred to April 8 the hearing of the 2002 hit-and-run case against Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

A magistrate court, trying the case, had invoked the charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder (Section 304 part II of the Indian Penal Code) and shifted the trial to the sessions court last month. The charge, if proved, can attract a maximum punishment of 10 years in jail.

The actor had filed a review petition to quash the charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder, which will be heard April 8 by Sessions Judge U.B. Hejib.

Earlier, Salman Khan was tried by a magistrate under lesser charge of causing death by negligence (Section 304 A IPC) that provides for a maximum punishment of two years in prison.

Salman Khan had rammed his car into a bakery in suburban Bandra on September 28, 2002, killing one person and injuring four others who were sleeping on the pavement.




  • All the best Salman!!! I hope all the prayers of the poor people whom you have helped will help you n Almighty decides whats best for you.

  • rumi jaffery cleared said tht on salman b’day his rival digging old becoz salman career at high level….salman goes to jail biggest benefiters akki and srk….

  • @Indicine Team, there are many people in this site who badly insult Srk, Akshay or other actors. Then why you publish these abusive comments? This is not good at all as it makes negative impact on’s visitors.Please do something for it.

  • @ selfish
    your name says it all you are self centered selfish think about yourself only we said it before earlier to navin nvs tejas but you guys dont understand
    because you areliving in dabang world wake up this real world dont mix stardom with reality

    salman killed and injured four others, he also killed endangered species, he should be ashamed of himself because he is muslim and in islam to kill just one it’s as if you killed the whole creation and if you heal one you heal the whole creation

  • well imam you got your answer from indicine so no need of my answer.
    and about open weeks and promotion,don’t you think that and don2 got biggest benifit of that???i mean,holiday weekends,open weeks,never seen before promotion and every thing.then why didn’t they worked(i am waiting for your silly excuses).
    i would like to clear one thing that i am not salman fan,but when it comes to comparision of srk and salman,,,salman is miles ahead of srk in terms of bo,personality,nature and everything.
    ok,will you please tell me the name of one srk friend who is always in support of srk????just one friend.its challenge.

  • Remote creatures like u dnt talk abt thousands of life saved by salman by his foundation but u people sticks to 1 accidental act done by salman. .

  • @Biki : You see abusive comments only against Srk n Akki? What about a moron named ‘IMAM’ calling foothpath hero? Cant u see n read it or r u blind?

  • First they did JTHJ booked in the name of ETT and Chennai Express booked all screens in the name of Himmatwala what a shame for SRK and his fans.

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  • @remotecontrol You poor poor sour loser, everytime you make a farcical irrationally thought out comment here it only makes me wonder at what happens to you and to all your fellow ‘remotecontrol’ brothers. Dude worry less about Bhai and concentrate more on trying to preserve as many of your plastic brothers as possible. Start a campaign on recycling remotecontrols and not just me but all bhai fans /every fan will be willing to support you. But as things stand today, I know I shouldnt but my remote is getting old and the ‘mute’ button is no longer functioning so just like your lame comments Im gonna toss the useless remote in the rubbish bin…! :-P

  • @ Romance,

    Salman killed endangered species – But he did not make them endangered, did he? There was nothing mentioned anywhere that those were endangered species. It is clearly a case of not knowing the law

    Salman lost control of car and ran in to footpath – As @ selfish said, if there were no people, it would have been only a case of losing control and minor accident. Yes, It would have been a crime if he had intentionally done with a cold heart. But, no it is not intentional. So, there is no CRIME as such. It is the DUTY OF THE GOVT

  • @ Romance,

    I am not supporting Salman. Let the law take its own course.

    If it had ben srk, i would have said the same things which am saying right now.

    Salman killed endangered species – But he did not make them endangered, did he? There was nothing mentioned anywhere that those were endangered species. It is clearly a case of ignorance on part him and whoever were involved.

    It is the fault of the government that they allowed them to enter the area of endangered species to be killed. The government and the government workers involved in that forest has to be held responsible first.

    Next, Salman lost control of car and ran in to footpath – As @ selfish said, if there were no people, it would have been only a case of losing control and minor accident.

    Yes, It would have been a crime if he had intentionally done with a cold heart. But, no it is not intentional. So, there is no CRIME as such. It is the DUTY OF THE GOVT to see that footpaths are not littered with pavements and hutments.

    First the government wants tax and tolls on the cars you purchase and the roads and bridges they make, but they fail to provide a decent litter free footpath.

    Now consider this – People beg on the street with little children in their hands. Is it not inhuman? They are basically using these little babies to get money in sweltering heat, pouring rains, severe cold climates? Is the government blind on this. Why can’t they stop it. Where are the human rights organisations?

    Now, for instance, God forbit, a little child from these group is hit by a vehicle, who is responsible for this, the driver or the government who is allowing this to happen?

  • I believe it was on Aap Ki Adalat that Salman said it was his driver who was driving the car that night, not him. I hope that is the truth. But if he is the culprit, the appropriate punishment should be served. No sentiments there.

  • look how salman fans seek trivial justifications and helpless execuses
    i feel for you guys
    some one said
    its the homeless people who were sleeping in the footpath responsibility
    homeless people has no shelter you cant blame them
    salman to be blame because he drinks whisky
    he is muslim isnt he?
    muslim mustnt drink alcohol
    its his fault100 percent
    and what about the bakery
    is the bakery on the footpath too?
    HE said tha its the government responsibility
    to tell people to not kill endangered species
    well go to any forest in the wrld you will see plate on which iswritten endangered species
    fine prices and law enforcement on it
    your exceuses are so lame

    @ navin your replies are so abominable like you
    and your arguments dont hold water
    you tried your best to make wankde equal to salman crimes in vain
    come to me i have for you overdepressant pills which will make get out of the dabang
    phase you ve become so dellusional
    that you cant distinguish right from wrong
    i promise you the treatment is free

  • @remotecontrol What, what and what are you harking on about?
    Jeez you need to think about the nonsense you are writing about before spouting it out like a water hose.
    Yes take your antidepressant pills and give them to all your friends who are stuck in a nightmare called JTHJ…! :-P

  • #JC
    your argument is invalid
    it’s like if i shoot u with a gun the murderer is gun nt i, don’t try to be over smart

  • @remotecontrol : The black buck was killed in 1998 during shooting of Hum Saath Saath Hain. Were you there or are you sure there was a board about endangered species. I will ask you, were you aware that Black Buck is an endangered species, forget endangered species were you aware there is a such species of deer before Salman killed it ? Baat karta hai !!!!

  • @remotecontrol : Yes alcohol is prohibited in Islam. Drinking is Salman’s choice not killing. If he drinks so what srk (still drinks at parties) n Aamir (used to drink) also did. Is Religion only applicable to Salman or others as well ? Do you known SRK was in influence of alcohol while slapping Shirish kunder and arguing with Wankhede stadium watchman in front of his kids. Salman may have unintentionally/accidentally killed a man but he will never drink and make a ruckus in front of any kids forget about his family kids. That is the difference between Salman and SRK !!!!! Thats the reason we love him, he is human and had made mistake. We do not claim that he is perfect like you claimed for your ‘king’. I am very proud to be his fan despite his past mistakes. I dont keep singing about his past records like srkians (you n your mates) sing about srk’s pre-2008 era and all salman’s mistakes.

  • Oh ma god i was thinking salman killed a man and buck Bcoz of these stupid media when i saw aap ki adalat of salman then i came to knw the true reason. . Salman is innocent yes he is. some people here saying killer or criminal to salman let me to u guys the case had not been confirmed salman as guilty . still its running so calling salman as killer its wrong. .

  • @hrithik
    i know already when the killing of black buck and the chinkara reindeer as well
    so no need to tell that
    and dont try to shun salmans and his league responsibility
    in this endangered is endangered
    you guys need some education
    some of you understood endangered species
    as animals exhibit to danger
    this is not true endangered species means exhibit to extinction
    so when salman and his group enjoys themselves by ending prone to extincted species
    this will make the coming generations regret not seeing it
    take for example
    lwe know that the panda and koala are the most endangered species to extinct
    if someone killled them you
    and me and the other

    your grandchildren willl talk about them and see them like we talk nowadays of dinosaurs
    you see now th fault of salman saif ali khan tabu ..

  • @hrithik
    Drinking is Salman’s choice not killing.
    this is an excuse worse than a sin
    let me explain one matter
    drinking alcohol in islam is prohibited
    driniking and driving prohibited both in islam and state
    regulations and fines are explicit in this concern
    and stop liying on srk
    the record voice of srk in wankde shows he is fully sober
    even in his movies we see that srk feigns drinking but he doesnt
    he smokes yes but he drinks not
    we srk fans pray everday for him to give up smoking that the difference between you and us
    if we see he do wrong we pray to allah to change him
    but on the contrary you think salman an angel although you see him commit crimes you still support him may allah guide you and him

  • @remotecontrol : If you bring religion then it does not mean you are right. Do you also know that Allah is merciful and if he wants he can forgive a murderer, alcoholi, insane or any sinful person. We never know even a single good deed is enough to save a sinner from Allah’s azaab. Then who are we to judge who is a killer or murderer? If you talk about religion then let me ask, are you going with salman in his grave? I am neither going too with srk then why bring religion ? If you talk something about my idol I will retaliate so you will do the same to defend SRk. Lets keep it that way dont bring religion here. One more thing you are NOT the only educated person here who knows difference between endangered and dangerous. Is it fair if you call all salman fans uneducated without knowing reality, is back biting (qeebat) allowed in Islam ? Do you know what is the punishment of back biting ? so brother please do not bring religion, I am also a Muslim and knows Islam.

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