Salman Khan at the screening of Manjrekar’s Marati movie (Pics)

Salman Khan was in Ketnav for the screening of Mahesh Manjrekar’s Marati movie. The actor watched the film with Sangeeta Bijlani, Govinda and his sister Alvira Agnihotri.

Govinda, Salman Khan watch Mahesh Manjrekar filmSalman Khan outside Ketnav for the screening of Mahesh Manjrekar’s Marathi movie

Salman KhanSalman Khan spotted in Khar

Govinda with Salman KhanGovinda with Salman Khan

Govinda watches Mahesh Manjrekar filmGovinda watches Mahesh Manjrekar’s Marathi movie

Alvira Agnihotri watches Mahesh Manjrekar filmAlvira Agnihotri

Sangeeta Bijlani watches Mahesh Manjrekar filmSangeeta Bijlani

Mahesh ManjrekarMahesh Manjrekar



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