Salman gifts his painting to ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ director Kabir Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has gifted his painting to his good-friend and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ director Kabir Khan.

The director, whose film ‘Phantom’ released in theatres yesterday, took to Twitter to post a picture of the painting.

He said “Just got the best gift… From my producer, my actor, my friend”

Kabir’s wife Mini Mathur tweeted “Kabir & I just received the best gift ever! A piece of Salman’s passionate art that immortalises our journey together!”

Salman Khan painting

Salman Khan painting



  • A beautiful painting of 2 honest peaceful looking couple…!

    In stark contrast to the pics from Iceland of 2 old age pensioners overacting on top of a plane crash dancing on ppls graves…!

  • Jadoo Boy tried drawing a pic once 2 yrs ago as his anniversary gift to Susanne…!

    However sadly for Susanne it wasnt of her with jadoo boy or jadoo boy with his 2 boys or even with his papa or jadoo boy with Wolverine but in infact it was Jadoo Boy stood shivering next to a big fat blue blob (supposedly Jadoo)…! So the next day she divorced him…!

  • See how @thullu old s is burning!!! It’s a far dream for bhojpuri joker boy chakki peez flopakki to do something like this. A hopless actor’s fan, hopless buddha!

  • One more title goes to @Bhaijaan! He is an excellent swimmer once touted to compete in the Olympics representing India before his entry into Bollywood!!

  • Yes, the painting are well written, but the style of writing is not like me. It seems that the author is in a deep depression. And these paintings evoke yearning … It is purely my opinion.

  • @Babaji : We don’t lick firangis for publicity unlike Srk or Hrithik. Salman is good enough painter (artist) n his works get sold for crores even sime Akki movies failed to collect such movies in present. Now don’t bark about past n stop mourning of Brothers debacle on every page !!!!!!!!!

  • @Babaji : We don’t lick firangis for publicity unlike Srk or Hrithik. Salman is good enough painter (artist) n his works get sold for crores even some Akki movies failed to collect such amount in present. Now don’t bark about past n stop mourning of Brothers debacle on every page !!!!!!!!!

  • This shows love,effectn,respect from salman to kabir.
    This is the simplest way tn express gratitude unlike giving some costly gift which are just shows ur money power.
    This directly from heart.

  • Very good gesture, Salman is a good painter. Kabir khan very well deserved this gift as well. Most importantly its looks great that during ETT time, there were rumors that Kabir and Salman don’t share healthy relation, but they prove it wrong by coming back again with BB, and after BB they share very good bond.

  • Bollywood famous nicknames of khans
    1.Salman- Tiger of bollywood,Blockbusters king,Dabangg khan,bhaijaan of bollywood
    2.Aamir-Mr Perfectionist,ATBB king
    3.SRK-King Khan,Badshah of bollywood
    I think salman should be given another name the” Multitalented KHAN”

  • Yeah why not wannabe multitalented khan aka salman only can’t understand what is acting,lollol.if you don’t know acting much to karna padega na,ROFL.

  • Yeah why not wannabe multitalented khan aka salman only can’t understand what is acting,lollol.if you don’t know acting kuch to karna padega na,after all who knows it’s another way to lick kabir’s feet and even KJO knew whether the so called anil kapoor’s welcome wala art drawn by our bhai or his bodyguard shera which shows their beautiful together poster,wow I like it!!!!!,ROFL.

  • @sss : Agar talent or acting nahi toh 26 saal kaise industry mein experience kiya ?? Why Abhishek Bachchan is struggling for a solo hit ? Wheres Fardeen, Zayed, Harman ?? What happened to Vivek Oberoi ? they also came due to their papas and families ? One Hrithik we have but how many movies outside Kraft productions (Rakesh Roshan production) are as huge successful as KHNP, KMG, Krissh and Krissh 3 ? How many movies Salman did which was written by his father ? Pagal panti band kar !!!!!! You need to recover soon before Dilwali ek aur Jhatkaa lagne wala hai and iss baar tere king ki bacchhi kucchi izzat (opening and weekend) bhi jaane wali hai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @sss but your 2 RS YRF dharma made star doesnt have any single talent. What about that. You are too jealous because your 2 RS YRF dharma, rohit, heroines dependent star needs manipulations to cross 200 Cr unlike aamir and Salman who can easily cross 250 Cr and now they are the only megastars in 300 Cr club. Dont even dare to compare your small hits giving king to ATBB king aamir khan and blockbuster king Salman khan. Get lost you 2 RS complainholic mechanic from hyderabad. :-P

  • @sss why are you so jealous of salman?? Srk can only act in films If i am given opportunity to act,then i can act much better than varunwaale

  • @hrithik,then how saif Ali khan existed over 20+ years.but only difference is he didn’t launched by rajshri productions, that’s all.otherwise no body gave a damn to salman’s side appearance movie biwi ho to aisa which his debut (as according to bhai fans salaman’s presence is enough to make film hit).and also saif couldn’t act in miltistarrers like saajan,jeet,KA,partner etc etc to however adjust all flop decades,ROFL.that’s all many papa’s boy like hrithik,Ranbir ,amir becomes successfull being papa’s boy,what’s big deal with salman,only difference is be launched by BIGGEST family movie that’s why some illiterate fanbase still supporting that non actor even though do can’t know what’s acting and only doing these helping,charity,launching,saving,destroying,killing,hunting,beating,drawing like extra not at all required nautankis,ROFL.

    @eric,8 hit south remake+raju+brand dhoom made star hardly prolonged his overacting career career to 11 hit with no great own talented performance,where peoples only praise his scripts rather than his overacting unlike OUR KING ,WHOSE ACTING spoke louder always than HIS SCRIPTS.about just like our 60cr club star, our 11 hit star tinymir too known as 90cr club star/100cr struggled with out raju papa/dhoom/south remake,forget about 250cr,ROFL.with out YRF/DP,KING KHAN has 15 HITS which is more thanntinymir’s lifetime hits,with out YRF/DP,HE made another such biggest productions house RCE unlike whose productions becomes ghanta,ROFL.anyways till 2008/2010,both tinymir and sallu were far behind of KING KHAN in terms of ATBB/BBS.similarly till the end of career,KING KHAN can easily overtake these talentless papa’s made decade strugglers,any doubt?????,rofl.

    @james/ultron,are you trying to provoke me?????,ROFL.liking at your logicless comments you need need need o attend fact why should I jealous of a non actor who has given 34 flops and 3 disasters and struggled over a decade to get a hit.have you lost your mind completely,ROFL.

  • @sss : You have completely gone mad after BB success. Comparing Saif Ali Khan with Salman Khan. Please refer Indicine rankings before you even think of comparing it. How many Blockbusters and HGOTY Saif has ??? Lol … What was Main Khiladi Tu Anari, Yeh Dillagi (story even similar to Saajan), Keemat, Tu Chor Main Siphai, Ek Tha Raja, Dil Chahta Hai, Race, Omkara, Kal Ho Naa Ho and many more? Majority of Saif’s movies are multi starrer the only Solo hits of him are Hum Tum, Love Aaj Kal and Cocktail. You are trolling yourself with your own comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop it here itself else you will be humiliated more !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,I never afraid to do say TRUTH.say facts with out warned someone if you have patience and again what I wrote,I talked about !I wrote if saif would have launched in mpk/hahk then with out any doubt may be he is now in salman’s position if would have did masala films like salman now.because salman never did hard work in his acting and he is often known as a hero rather than an actor.and salman wouldn’t have launches by rajshri,then definitely he would have been in the place of akshay kumar.

    And definitely salman is a bigger star than saif with out any doubt and no doubt to check anyone’s filmography.but definitely saif is a better actor than salman with out an doubt.and I’m not comparing both those 2 ,rather saying the possibility.

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