Salman gifts 2 of his painting to SRK

Salman Khan has gifted Shah Rukh Khan two huge paintings. SRK can take a look at them only after he moves into his new six-storey apartment just behind Mannat. SRK to get a taste of Salman’s creation.

The story goes that Salman has wanted to shower gifts on Shah Rukh before he moves to his new apartment. That’s when he decided to purchase two life-size canvasses from London. Says a source close to the actor, “Salmanbhai has just gifted two huge paintings to Shah Rukh. These are made by him especially for his new place, which is coming up behind Mannat.”

Obviously, Shah Rukh is pleasantly surprised at this gesture and has been telling his friends about it. A close friend of SRK says, “Yes, I knew that Salman had been working on a painting for Shah Rukh. He has gifted Shah Rukh two big paintings. Of course, Shah Rukh is extremely happy with the gift. In fact, Shah Rukh Khan is glad that Salman is pursuing his hobby with such passion. He has expressed this on several occasions.”

Salim Khan further adds, “Which father wouldn’t be happy to see that his own child possesses this kind of talent? As far as the painting is concerned, he has been doing it for a while. It is almost close to Salman’s hit film.”

Source: mumbaimirror


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