Amir looking for second leading lady for ‘Kajri’

Amir Khan has started shooting for Kajri, the hindi remake of tamil movie Ghajini. Asin retains her role in the remake too but the place of the second leading lady is still not filled. Priyanka Chopra and Konkona Sen Sharma are on the list meanwhile auditions are also held for a new cast.

In circles where it really matters, the buzz is that Aamir Khan?s too stressed, courtesy the second leading lady of his latest production, Kajri.

Asin, a Tamil actress who played a pivotal role in the Tamil original (Ghajini) and is playing the same role in the remake is one of the two leading ladies. Aamir is still looking for an actress to play the second leading lady. The cast and the crew has been filming for two weeks now, however, he is yet to finalise an actress for the role. Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut (who have been in the news for dilly-dallying over Kajri) may not be exactly on his wish-list.

The big news is that Khan is now considering Konkona Sen Sharma.

Sources from the sets say, ?We have been shooting pretty well. The only obstacle has been that we are yet to zero in our second leading lady. Kangana is definitely, not going to be a part of the film. Priyanka has been on the list for some time now. The latest addition is Konkona Sen Sharma. We require the second lead actress in many scenes.?

It?s a lesser-known fact that Konkona has been extremely keen on working with Aamir Khan. She has made it apparent during interviews in the past. However, she is yet to sign the dotted line.

A source close to the actress says, ?They have been talking for a while. Nothing has been finalised as of now.?

When quizzed about it, Aamir?s spokesperson says, ?There is no stress as such but he is yet to finalise the other heroine. He is holding auditions too.?

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