Salman doesn’t need to promote his films: Ranbir Kapoor

Actor Ranbir Kapoor, who was recently seen in the disastrous ‘Bombay Velvet’, has said that superstars like Salman Khan don’t need to promote their films.

Talking about the importance of film marketing, Ranbir said “It is very important because you want a large audience to know that your film is releasing. The only way to express that is through the media. But I don’t think you should over express yourself. There has to be a limit. You should know the kind of communication that should be put out there.”


Ranbir also said that the amount of time that is spent over marketing, has reduced over the years.

“There was a time when I used to promote a film for 25 days. But now, promotions last for only 12 days. It also depends on your stardom. I don’t think Salman Khan needs to promote his films. Just the fact that a movie stars him makes people want to watch it” he said.

When asked about an actor who he looks upto when it comes to marketing films, Ranbir picked Aamir Khan and said ”He understands film marketing really well. I sit with him for all my films. I ask him, Aamir sir, they’re asking me to go on this reality show, should I go?’ At times, he flatly says no. He’s very good with that. He knows how much a film needs to be promoted. Each film comes with a different plan. I have not understood that yet; so, I’m still learning from him”



  • Promotion is part of films so big films need big promotion
    when Salman promoted jai ho very well but floped bcoz It was avg film with avg promo and avg music it was need only avg promotion. That’s why promotion doesn’t matter

  • Your film is biggest disaster Kapoor lad. Do not try this cheap publicity stunt by bringing Salman and Aamir’s name to promote your film. Apart from marketing better you ask from Aamir about which films to sign as well, as you don’t even have knowledge of that as well. Besharam, Roy and now BV which disaster are you bringing next????

  • Washout actor (the boss of all crapy youngistan actor) are trying to gain some sympathics from the fans of top actors.

  • And then There is Global King who needs to Spend 50 crs. for Promotion :D Who starts promotion of his movies 8 month in Advance.. Who Begs people on whatsapp to watch his movies :D.. Who provide 1 on 1 offer on tickets for people to watch his movies.. Who is Such Big Star that he dint have Single Non Holiday Release from last 8 years and Ironically not a single Highest Grosser of the year from last 8 years… Hail KING .. Hail KING..
    3.7 Billion fans and only 13 M followers :D bwaaha Feku media created King ..

  • Marketing has become a key in today’s times.Even Salman needs to promote his movie to a certain extent but Aamir’s promotional strategies have been the most impressive.

  • Watched Bombay Velvet.

    It starts beautifully giving short description about the Mumbai of 60s. The first 30 mins have introductory scenes of all actors. Time proceeds and the movie gets clumsy. The screenplay is too complicated which offers less thrills and more confusions. You won’t even care much about the different sequenes in the story. The Climax is a let down that makes the film forgettable. The emotions mayn’t get a contact with your heart. Background score is too loud in parts.

    But it’s not all bad! The performances are fairly impressive. Ranbir Kapoor shines in his role while Karan Johar is fairly impressive. Anushka impresses particularly when she doesn’t sing. She is not certainly that great as the Jazz Singer! Kay Kay Menon is brilliant as always even though he doesn’t get enough screen time. The chemistry between Ranbir and Anushka works very well, but that of Kjo-Ranbir could have been better. Ranveena Tandon looks stunning in her part.

    The cinematography is beautiful and so is the production design. The music by Amit Trivedi is Superb which reminds of the 60s Jazz era.

    Over all, Bombay Velvet is visually beautiful, but technically problematic. When the fairly good performances, Cinematography, production design and Music are Praise-worthy, The complicated and poorly-written screenplay makes the film clumsy. It’s a watchable film,but is not upto the expectations.

    RATING: 2.5/5

  • Right say Ranbir
    SALMAN is a real superstar in Hindi film industry. A true superstar never promotes his film in grand level.

    But flop star like SRK always promotes his film in grand level And give average collection for his film.

  • Fight between Salman and Ranbir — Result ???
    Ranbir gives Superhits like Barfi , Rockstar , YJHD .
    Ranbir starts licking Salman’s feet — Result ???
    Ranbir gives Disasters like Besharam , Roy , BV !!!
    so Ranbir should stop licking Bhai’s feet, and start his fight with Bhai , in order to save his career !

  • But he does promote his films. N people know all his films are the same kind. Before 2010 his films his films were mostly flops.

  • Salman and aamir khan is the best
    “i dnt think you shud over express urself” ranbir is talking abot sarook

  • And there is a queen whose movies is depended only in 1 thing i.e., promotion along with other big starcast .

  • he recently said he is feeling insecure n dnt knw wht happning with his carrier….all things r shock to him….- RANBIR

  • Very bad review by shri nipun even for a bad film..the film collapsed despite his its not all that bad comment

  • Of course, Salman Bhai’s is enough to make people watch is movies. But he also needs to do some promotions so that people know that his films are coming!!

  • No matter what Ranbir is media created star. He has a long way to reach Akki and Ajay forget 3 Khans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • well said mate.
    Ranbir seems these days very careful when it comes giving interviews to the media…the way he puts his words are impeccable..its sign of maturity :-D

  • And there is a queen khan whose movies is depended only in 1 thing i.e., promotion along with other big starcast .

  • I don’t know why people are bringing Srk in this article.Every actor promotes his movies to create awareness.Srk didn’t promote Don2 and JTHJ on a huge scale.It’s only in the case of masala movies where he goes a bit over the top.

  • PK releases in China tomorrow and there are stories n images of Aamir with Jackie Chan but you persist on posting news about RK who just gave Bollywood its Biggest Disaster EVER rivalling BILLU….

    Wheres the need for this as it just brings more heat on Ranbir where fans are bashing him and I for one like him but news on him right now is not needed…!

  • @ challa- u know why porple bring srk most on this artical…..
    n glad u accept he goes over the top…
    he gets heatred among audience wen he repreate his dilogs 1000 times even wen no 1 request him…hav u seen salman saying muz par ek ehsan karna the most famous dilog ever …
    films n life is diffrent srk is taking life too serioisly…

  • Marketing is not much important.. If the film’s content ,songs,are strong . then people came to cinema without any promoting. Like Dum laga k haisha is a big examle. hope you understand

  • Ranbir is frustrated after giving three disaster movies back to back. So he is saying about salman ( flop star before 2010) He forget most consistent superstar SRK who’ name is enough for giving hit movie.He dominated overseas market with every movies since 1995 .SRK proved many times to give hit movies of all genre . If Salmaam has power then he must make a movie without masala genre like Jab tak hai jaan , mnik, cdi, kank etc.

  • @Gyan Bimari : Still with so called flop phase Salman holds maximum number of Highest grossers and Blockbusters compare to your consistently HIT giving star !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tewar deserved to be biggest disaster. That good for nothing mawaali kapoor only deserve AIB roast on himself.

  • @hrithik u have nothing to speak other than highest grosser of the year. Consistency is what matters and his appreciated. Our lallu bhai career after 2000 was almost dead.South remakes saved our bhai ‘s career . By the way Srk has more blockbusters than ur decade flop bhai.

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