After Bombay Velvet, Ranbir Kapoor resumes shooting for Jagga Jasoos

A couple of years ago, Ranbir Kapoor could do no wrong when it came to choosing a film. With ‘Rockstar’ and ’Barfi’ he bagged two consecutive best actor awards and with ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’, he cemented his spot as a commercial star as well.
But, ever since the blockbuster performance of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, things haven’t worked out for the multi-talented star. Ranbir has had two box office disasters in a row, three if you count Roy with his latest release, Bombay Velvet, being the biggest of them all.

Ranbir Kapoor's look in Jagga Jasoos

Ranbir Kapoor’s look in Jagga Jasoos

Putting his two debacles behind him, the actor has resumed shooting for ’Jagga Jasoos’ which also features his real-life girlfriend Katrina Kaif. The film is being directed by Anurag Basu, who created the beautiful ‘Barfi’ with Ranbir, a couple of years ago. The actor-director pair is also producing the film.

‘Jagga Jasoos’ releases in theatres on June 3 2016.



  • He would make a grand comeback with Tamasha and JJ.Every star goes through their share of lows but he has the talent in him to make it big

  • It will be flop but not as biggest dsaster but not as big as BV as BV’sbudget was too high. But surely in years to come this Kapoor lad will set high standards for biggest disasterby beating his own record. Goodluck for that Run-Beer.

  • Ranbir was born to rule indian cinema

    2-3 disasters can’t change his destiny.

    He will definitely make a grand comeback with tamasha and jj followed by ae dil hai mushkil,ayan film and sanju biopic by raju

  • Watched Bombay Velvet.

    It starts beautifully giving short description about the Mumbai of 60s. The first 30 mins have introductory scenes of all actors. Time proceeds and the movie gets clumsy. The screenplay is too complicated which offers less thrills and more confusions. You won’t even care much about the different sequenes in the story. The Climax is a let down that makes the film forgettable. The emotions mayn’t get a contact with your heart. Background score is too loud in parts.

    But it’s not all bad! The performances are fairly impressive. Ranbir Kapoor shines in his role while Karan Johar is fairly impressive. Anushka impresses particularly when she doesn’t sing. She is not certainly that great as the Jazz Singer! Kay Kay Menon is brilliant as always even though he doesn’t get enough screen time. The chemistry between Ranbir and Anushka works very well, but that of Kjo-Ranbir could have been better. Ranveena Tandon looks stunning in her part.

    The cinematography is beautiful and so is the production design. The music by Amit Trivedi is Superb which reminds of the 60s Jazz era.

    Over all, Bombay Velvet is visually beautiful, but technically problematic. When the fairly good performances, Cinematography, production design and Music are Praise-worthy, The complicated and poorly-written screenplay makes the film clumsy. It’s a watchable film,but is not upto the expectations.

    RATING: 2.5/5

  • HaHaHaHa… RANBIR, kindly break TEVAR’s collection first, then talk. So called Baap-Of-Khans, maybe they were referring to Fardeen Khan, Imran Khan, Zayed Khan.

  • @indicine back to back 2 articles on flop ranbir kapoor….???…
    R u paid to reduce the damage done to ranbir by 3 back-to – back disasters…..???? …..

    Thatz what Kapoor-paid media is….!!… U r paid @indicine….

  • cumulative collection of last 5 RK films is 442cr approx while akki’s last 5 film is 426cr approx


    rk despite giving 2back to back disasters hs managed to retain his 5th spot in the elite rankings

    this is called TRUE SUPERSTARDOM

    Even if v compare success rate then rk success rate is 53% while akkis success rate in the same period is 28%

    akki has given 4 big hits and rk has also given 4big hits

    rk has given 4 18cr+ days at the bk while akki has nvr achieved that

    rk has won 2best actor awards and akki still drmz about that

    so rk deserv b of superstar akki

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  • @indicine plz write article about our beloved superstar salman khan’s bajrangi bhaijaan’s trailer release date plz plz indicine

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  • Kismat badi kutti cheez hai, saali kabhi bhi badal jaati hai.
    Anushka Sharma now has the biggest ATBB in PK and biggest ATDisaster to her credit in Bombay Velvet. ?
    It took 5 months for Karma to be a bitch for her. ??

  • it fair that u has given no articles on bajrangi bhaijaan.It trailer realeaae date was today.But u are not posting on bajranfi bhaijaan.


  • I’m sure that Ranbir will bounce back soon coz he ave a strong line up of films n he s really talanted actor.

    @Ajinkya7:08 lolz Rofl


    salman khan has walked from karan shuddhi.but indicine is not giving any articles related to salman.Is this fair guys that indicine not given an articles on most loved superstar and the biggest news of all time that why salman walked of shuddhi.


  • Salute to Indicine, when will Besharam and Roy became disasters, rofl this is the only site according to which srk has not a single disaster in his career while he has 3-4 but Ranbir’s flop besharam and Roy is disaster.Shame on you guys.
    Regarding Ranbir he had given all time disaster with Bombay welvet,it was a wrong budgeted much delayed movie and it deserves to fail due to wrong planning since day 1.
    Ranbir will be back for sure but I want a solid hit from him with Jagga jasoos and tamasha.

  • as a bollywood fan… mark my words this film will be blockbuster due to ranbir-kat jodi and legend govinda..

  • So at last Sallu lallu kan is kicked out from Shuddhi. Not surprized, it was bound to happen. KJO just realised that they need an actor…..

  • @arjun kapoor! But akki is still baap of RK. Baap baap hota hey or beta beta. RK is even not in the range of shahid and said

  • BV the biggest disaster in the history of billywood. This record will be unbeatable for almost 100 years

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