Saif Ali Khan unhappy with ‘unfunny’ Humshakals?

In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, actor Saif Ali Khan has said that his upcoming film with Homi Adajania (of Cocktail fame) is not an ‘unfunny’ film like his last release ‘Humshakals’ which was directed by Sajid Khan.

When we tried to dig deeper to find out the reason, a source close to the actor revealed that it wasn’t the box office performance of the film that Saif wasn’t happy with, but he wasn’t too pleased with how ‘Humshakals’ as a film had shaped up.

The film was trashed by the critics, but went on to open well at the box office in India.†After a good first week of Rs 55 crore, Humshakals crashed on its second Friday and collected just Rs 61 crore net at the domestic box office.

We had mentioned in our review that Saif’s performance actually made it “worse because throughout the length of the film you canít help but feel the uneasiness of the otherwise classy star. He feels miscast in a role that only Akshay Kumar would have done justice to.”

Saif Ali Khan in Humshakals



  • Saif knows that back to back failure of bullet raja and humshakals hv pushed him out of the top 10 and soon my entire youngistaan team will overtake him.he also hasn’t helped his cause by producing a film for arjun kapoor that will dfntly b a critical and commercial success-finding fanny.

  • If saifu did’nt liked the script,why did he acted in that film?????

    @arjun kapoor
    Yes finding fanny will definitely be a big blockbuster…arjun will be ahead of ranbir after that…

  • Saif , where u out of ur mind when u signed a Sajid khan film ?
    Well Nawab sahab “I am afraid I have got some Bad News for ya” humshakals has damaged ur career to an extent that ur fan base is going to decrease markedly (If at all there was any in the first place .. Hahaha)

  • Then why did he act in such film? Also, 55 crore in first week and only 61 crore lifetime business? That must be a record crash.

  • bullet raja had gone the same way.. 34 crs in first week n 37cr lifetime.
    saif shd opt foh scripts wisely.. anywaezz hoping phantom n happy ending to b huge hits in sha Allah
    btw I want to see saif wid akshay in a sequel of mai khiladi tu anadi… their bromance n comic timing was superb in dat movie

  • arjun kapoor get a life u fool..
    ur comments are getting worse day by day
    u think just by having few hits ur youngisran wil sustain… lol
    ur arjun kapoor lacks dat xfactor of being a superstar. 2 states was a hit bcoz of its novel factor.
    only ranbir kapoor stands out followed by ranveer singh… howeva varun dhawan too has a long way to go

  • Even Akshay was not happy with how Joker turned out in the end. He too backed away from promotions etc.,

    So, it is not Saif’s mistake here.

    It seems there was a change in what was shown as script and what was actually shot.

    No wonder Saif was missing in all those fake success party.

    A movie which was made on a budget of 55 cr + promotions, is surely a big flop if it has collected just 60cr.

    Indicine and many website who intitally went ga ga over the first weekend collections went suddenly mum on the final collections of this film.

    verdict: flop.

  • Saif should start watching hindi movies. A bollywood actor who never watch hindi movies, certainly would go to the drain. Personally i think, humsakals and few other dibacles won’t affect much. He is surviving in bollywood for last 23 yrs, so he will survive. May never become a super star, but as a big star he is alrite. His next few releases are romcom, those will do good in BO.

    But the main looser is Sajid khan. His career is almost doomed. I dont think any top actor is going to act in his film.

  • @arjun kapur, humshakal is a average grosser not flop.
    @babaji, finding fanny won’t b a blockbuster. If it will still ranbir will remain way ahead of arjun kapur.

  • Now nobody will invest money in a Sajid Khan’s film. His sister, Tees Maar Khan director, will face the same fate after a certain alien film called Painful New Year.

  • Bullet Raja first week – 31cr
    Lifetime – 33cr

    Humshakals first week – 51cr
    lifetime – 55cr

    Highest domestic grosser Race 2 – 95cr.
    Saif needs aamir, salman, hrithik, ranbir or shahrukh as villain in Race 3 to achieve blockbuster status.

  • @babaji v youngistaan consider ranbir as our guru.he is the creator of youngistaan club and is currently the fifth biggest star of Bollywood.v r just walking on d path created by their comes no question of competing with our guru-SUPERSTAR RANBIR KAPOOR.

  • Saif also said that he will not work again with Sajid Khan as he already signed another movie with Sajid but it looks like now Sajid must find another actor on his crap new film.
    btw even ajey sir decided not to work again with Sajid after Himatwala as he feels that Sajid shot the film like 80s action film.

  • Humshakals was to disgrace to comedy critic had rightfully written ”It is a sin to review this movie as even 0 has some value” :D :D
    Hopefully Saif bounces back with Phantom and Happy Ending..

  • Truly Saif is a classy actor. Not to forget Omkara, Love Aaj Kal, Cocktail, Agent Vinod(didn’t deserve to fail, better than ETT) etc.

  • saif is a flop actor now. he should better retire now. he can’t compete with aamir, salman, shahrukh, ajay, akshay, hrithik and ranbir. saif should pack his bag and go somewhere with his daughter aged wife. I can’t believe why katrina (the biggest star at the movement) agreed to work with such a flop actor in phantom.????????

  • I trashed Humshakls from it’s trailer.. yakhee.. a stupid comedy, and why would a good actor like Saif Ali Khan would sign for this stupid film?!! I didn’t need to see it as I saw the whole thing through the trailer and I could say that it’s a crap. Saif please.. don’t do these low grade comedy films.. u were good in Cocktail, Kal Ho Na Ho, Di Chata Hai.. these type of comedy films suits yr character.

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