Hrithik Roshan at Aamir Khan’s house: Photos

Hrithik Roshan and one of his good friends in the industry Kunal Kapoor were seen at Aamir Khan’s house last night in Bandra, Mumbai.

A source says, Aamir invited Hrithik, Kunal and lyricist Prasoon Joshi to his residence for dinner on Sunday evening, soon after their football match. 

After dinner, Hrithik and Kunal left together, while Aamir came down to see everyone off.

Check out the photos!

Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Kunal Kapoor

Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Kunal Kapoor

Hrithik Roshan snapped at Aamir Khan's house

Hrithik Roshan snapped at Aamir Khan’s house

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan and Prasoon Joshi

Aamir Khan and Prasoon Joshi



  • did aamir call hrithik to learn some worth.watching dance steps ( tap dance anyone ? He looked funny in it) or to give hrithik tips on how to score a highest grosser without manipulation .. Hahaha

  • Both are bestest actors two Dhoom villains!
    Miss the 1st one john.

  • Amir will predict Hrithik’s Bang Bang collections, I know Amir has a fantastic reputation about others movie future.

  • @Indicine, post about the football match. Salman, Aamir, Hrithik, Sohail, Dino Morea, Abhishek, Kiran, Jaqueline, Elli, Hazel and many other actors were present at the event. They are said to have interactred among them very well. Salman handed over gifts to every player.

  • @suniel Yes Aamir is short but still he is a legend just like Sachin Tendulkar, Robert DJ, Johhny Depp, etc who all are short as well.
    But he looks extremely youthful (eg 3 Idiots in which he looked like a 22 year old!) which many stars lack.

  • Hrithik at Aamir’s home and also they played football match together.Hope Aamir will release atleast poster of PK soon but for now 4 days to go for Kick.

  • Aamirs dress sense whilst being at home is being scrutinused by haters- how trivial and tragically sad- one should wear what makes them feel comfortable and especially when thet are at home with loved ones and friends….! Lungi King is comfortable with wearing his lungi at home, Salman is comfortable being shirtless at home and here Aamir is wearing three quarters and a non matching top- big deal but to haters its enough to make a mountain out of a hole..!

  • Happy to see two brilliant actors under a single roof . I have always loved the way Hrithik has maintained his equation with all his contemporaries . He is a very close friend of Salman and even Srk i think so . He and Akshay share mutual respect for each other . Hrithik has also said that Ranbir is like his younger brother he has even taken care of Ranbir in childhood . This man does not has any ego with anybody . I hope Hrithik continues to maintain his friendship with all his contemporaries in future . I honestly don’t know the equation between Ajay and Hrithik but according to me they are neither Friends nor enemies . Both of them have not spoken about each other even once . Dying to watch the trailer of Bang Bang . This 2nd October gonna be a real bonanza . Just wait and watch .

  • @everyone Please let me preempt “deep in denial Deepus” comment before she actually turns up and leaves her two cents behind…

    Goes something like this:-
    “Oh look its the divorced hubbies VVIP club” or “hrithik is asking Aamir about good divorce lawyers” etc etc etc

    Dislike me but we all know that is what DEEPU would have said if the loser was here so pribably best I beat her to the punchline and turn her day upside down as she cant have her moment in the sunshine now…!

  • @suniel True his legs may be small but oh boy does he still tower over all his contemporaries as only he can lay claim to the title of obtaining not one or two but three Highest Grossing Movies Off All Time during his career- now thats an exclusive and very small select club…! Aamir kicks haterz with his record book of record/ achievements…!

  • To all the moron haters of aamir, who r u calling short. Lungiwala srk n banianwala Salman both r short. And by the way none of the so called tall actors have given 3 ATBBs in the history of Indian cinema. So better get a life except for keep getting frustrated on others’s supper success n achievement.

  • @ak just look at aamir’s shoes.. Nd tell me why aamir is wearing those shoes with lifts if he was being so casusal at home!?!The fact is if ever u have observed he always wears high healed shoes and big boots to get dat extra height..nd i repeat he has no dress sense.Hes just insecure nd it clearly shows!!!

  • all retarded haters, stop talking about height. talent is much taller than height. aamir is the tallest megastar in terms of talent. BLOOGY FRUSTRATED HATERS. even BIG B is a big 0 in front of aamir’s talent and perfection, forget, salman, hrithik, shahrukh, akshay,etc.

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