Sach Ka Samna Review

In a conservative country like India which loves family entertainers, comes a very intense and different reality show hosted by the charismatic Rajeev Khandelwal, widely believed to be one of the most talented newcomers in Bollywood today.

Its hard for a concept like Sach Ka Saamna to receive universal acceptance in a country like India as its certainly not something that you’d be comfortable watching with your grandparents or even parents. It also isn’t a show to be watched with kids, hence its aired late night from 10:30 to 11 PM, which is just about perfect for an “Adults” show.

The format of Sach Ka Samna

Following are the 6 levels, numbers of questions and prize money.

  • Level 1 – 6 questions – Rs 1,00,000
  • Level 2 – 5 questions – Rs 5,00,000
  • Level 3 – 4 questions – Rs 10,00,000
  • Level 4 – 3 questions – Rs 25,00,000
  • Level 5 – 2 questions – Rs 50,00,000
  • Level 6 – 1 question – Rs 1,00,00,000

Before the show, contestants will be hooked onto a polygraph machine and will be asked about 50 questions, the results of which will not be disclosed. During the actual show, from 50 already answered questions, 21 are selected and asked again. With each level the questions get tougher and more personal. If answered honestly and according to the polygraph results, next question will be asked. After passing each level the contestant has the option to take the money and go home. He / she cannot quit once the question is asked and will end up loosing all money, irrespective of the level i.e if the answer turns out to be False!

If he or she manages to answer all questions correctly, they win Rs 1,00,00,000 (1 crore)!!

Sach Ka Samna Review

The show opened very well, with Rajeev Khandelwal brilliant as the host, he’s simple and straight foward. Friendlier interactions with the contestant and a bit more warmth would be ideal but the ‘Aamir’ star is only gonna get better and more comfortable. The sets are good while the background music just doesn’t go with the overall feel and intensity of the show.

My gut feeling after watching two episodes is, Sach Ka Samna will be moderately successful. It will work with the younger generation, but the “shock value” of some questions asked, could be too hard to digest for the slightly older generation. It might just end up as a show, ahead of its time.

Personally though I loved it for several reasons. Firstly, every human being has secrets, dark secrets which always remain in their own closets. It certainly takes a lot of courage to reveal those in public. As mentioned above the questions have a “shock value” and even though I have watched and loved “Moment of Truth” the US original show with the exact same format, its a different experience watching an ‘Indian’ on the hot seat.

Some feel the questions are too offensive and could break relationships. Indeed it could, but from a contestant point-of-view, IF they decide to forgive, forget and move on from the past, the show could help them build stronger and better relationships.

For the viewers, its hard not to get involved with a show like Sach Ka Samna, as it completely revolves around the contestant and their undisclosed secrets. The suspense, emotions, joy, fear.. can be felt. Not to forget, you could easily relate to some of the questions on the show.

Having said that, Sach Ka Samna isn’t flawless

1) With a false answer, all money is lost, irrespective of the level the contestant is in. The first season of Moment of Truth had a similar rule, but was withdrawn in the following seasons. Wonder why Star decided to stick to the original format. Its hurts to see a contestant go all the way to level 3, answer one question wrong (atleast according to the polygraph test) and go back home empty-handed.

2) Is the Polygraph test fool-proof? Say an answer to a question is neither yes or a no, somewhere in between, what then? I guess, somewhere in between or even an iota of doubt is considered as a LIE, which is unfortunate as the contestant could be 99.9% confident of the answer and yet loose.

Not just loose money but could severly affect relationships permanently. Like yesterday, a contestant on the show, Smitha, was asked “Would you sleep with another man if your husband would never find out” She said NO. The answer turned out to be false and Smitha immediate reaction was “rubbish”. It was quite embarassing for her, her husband and her family. To add salt to her wounds, she lost all money won too. Maybe she wasn’t entirely confident, when asked “Did you cheat your husband in the past” she did say, YES.

Overall, a great show which certainly deserves a must-watch rating. Barring a few flaws in the format and the background music, everything is just perfect. I go with 4 on 5 stars for Rajeev Khandelwal’s Sach Ka Samna..

Rating: ★★★★☆ Drop in your views on the show below in the comments section

Watch Sach Ka Saamna, Monday to Friday at 10:30 PM on Star Plus.

Sach Ka Samna Episodes

Episode 1 (15th July) – Great first episode, the contestant Smitha Mathai has a beautiful smile. Such a pity that she left without winning anything. Since it was the very first show of Sach Ka Samna, the runtime was extended to 50 mins (including ads) instead of the usual 30 min deadline.

Episode 2 (16th July) – Yusuf Hussain has balls of steel (no pun intended). He seriously is one brave man.. Answered the toughest of questions and literally made his very personal life, public! Some of the question asked “Do u believe your third wife Kanchan married you only for your wealth?”. He said YES and the answer was TRUE. The show ended with a very controversial, but interesting question “Do you have a child outside wedlock?”

Episode 3 (17th July) – Extremely shocking questions here. Keep your kids far away from this show, but make sure you watch it! Yusuf Hussain is a great man, sadly the second contestant to walk away with nothing. Questions like “Have you had sex with someone younger than your daughter”, “Have you had sex with a prostitute”, “Have you had sex with a relative” were asked, all were YES, and the actor answered them with loads of guts and confidence. After all this when asked “Do you believe you can be faithful to one woman” He answered YES and it turned out to be TRUE. Amazing!

Next episode will be aired on Monday, lots to look forward to.. Vinod Kambli, Salil Ankola, Boney Kapoor, Urvashi Dholakia and many more.. check back for the updates. L



  • if she was tellling truth about her thoughts on “sleeping” thing, she must have been confident… but she wasn’t confident about it.. may be she was trying to lie O_o

    this show really… makes the contestant “naked” literally.

  • I is a terrific show, but the format is not original. This show makes a great viewing, its fun and quiet thrilling to see someone’s secrets coming up in open like this & the reactions of their families.

  • Yes, it aint a original format. As mentioned in the review, its the indianized version of “Moment of Truth”.

  • I really hate sach ka samna as there are certain things that shouldn’t come out in public. Only then cn we hav a good family.. We mght think of killing our loved ones once and then forget about it but the polygraph machine will detect it as a lie..

    I dont like the show andits my personal opinion. Want to know more opinions.

    Can someone give me full details on the 17th July episode?

  • I got here through India forum, the review was posted tere. Vineet first you say you dont like the show and then you want us to give full details of the episode?

    I agree with Indicine. It is a great show and India’s need to shed their narrow-mindedness.

    Here is the full update courtesy Surya from India forum

    Sach Ka Saamna 17th July Episode Written Update… First the Recap of yesterdays episode is shown..& the background voice says Yusuf is facing the sach…Then Rajeev is shown he tells kii we had asked Yusuf & then the

    9th Questions (9Q) is repeated

    9Q Do you have a chlid outside the wedlock…
    Reply: Yes…and the Test says it is True..

    Then Rajeev asks Safeena if she knows about it she says yes.. then Yusuf says that the lady with whom he had a physical relationship had told him that they have kid and usne maan liya yeh baat…
    then Rajeev tells him if he wants he can quit.. but Yusuf says that he likes the game of truth very much and wants to play…

    10Q Would you will a part of your wealth to your illegitamite child..
    Reply: No… & the Test says it is True..
    Rajeev says the questions are getting personal. and says he is one sach away from 5 lakhs…

    11Q If Jezebel threatned u to get married will you get married to her..
    Reply: No… & the Test says it is True..
    then Rajeev talks to Jezebel (Yusuf’s girl friend) she says that dhamki dene se marriage does not happy it just happens & she won’t do it either..then Yusuf says something in the same context..

    The 2nd stage of the game is crossed Yusuf has won 5 lakhs… Rajeev says Yusuf is playing well and also that he is 10 questions away from 1 crore.. then Rajeev talks about the 3rd stage.. which will have questions from 12 to 15 and the amount is 10 lakhs… Rajeev also says kii sawaal aur bhii personal hothe jaayenge..

    Rajeev then talks about Yusuf’s family, how big is the family and all..

    12Q Have you ever had a physical relationship with a relative..
    Reply: Yes… and the Test says it is True..
    Rajeev asks Yusuf if it was a difficult question..Yusuf says very difficult.. Then Rajeev asks Yusuf kii uski zindagi mein their have been many girl friend..they talk on that..

    13Q are you proud of the way you have treated the woman in ur life..
    Reply: No… & the Test says it is True..
    Then Rajeev talks to Safeena, Jezebel & Kanchan all says Yusuf is a very nice person..
    then Rajeev tells he is 2 questions away from winning the 10 lakhs amount…

    14Q Do u regret leaving ur daughter safeena in the care of your 2nd wife Saleema…
    1st Break…
    After the break Rajeev welcomes everyone & says they have with them Mr.Yusuf Hussein.. the 14Q is repeated… & Yusuf gives the answer..
    Reply: Yes… & the Test says it is True..
    then Rajeev asks Yusuf that Safeena was ur daughter from ur 1st wife, Yusuf says yes & then talks about in what circumstances what happend.. Yusuf and Safeena get emotional..

    Rajeev walks to Yusuf & keeps a hand on his shoulder.. & then he says that Yusuf is one sach away from winning 10 lakhs & 7 questions away from winning 1 crore..

    15Q Have you ever had a physical relationship with a girl who is younger to your daughter Safeena…
    Reply: Yes… & the Test says it is True..

    Rajeev asks him if the question was difficult and it will get more difficult and Yusuf says it was very difficult..
    then Rajeev says Yusuf has crossed the 3rd Stage and has won 10 lakhs.. and he also says that Yusuf is 6 questions away from 1 crore..

    2nd Break…
    After the break Rajeev welcomes one & all..then he talks about the 4th stage…4th stage-16-18 questions-25 lakhs..
    Rajeev talks about marriage..

    16Q Do u believe that you can ever be loyal to 1 woman..
    Reply: Yes… and the Test says it is True..
    Rajeev then talks to Jezebel.. then asks the next question..

    17Q Have you ever had a physical relation with a prostitute..
    Reply: Yes… & the Test says it is True..

    18Q Do you believe u have u have been a good father..
    Reply: Yes… & the Test says it is False..

    Rajeev says the game is finished.. Yusuf says he has always believed that he is one of the best father a child could ever have.. then Rajeev tells a poem “Jhoot Kala Baar Baar Sach Bala Ek Baar”… then he went on to explain it meaning which is like if we keep assuming the lies then we won’t accept the truth.. Then Rajeev tells Yusuf he has set a example… and it was wonderful playing with him..Yusuf and his beti hug..

    Rajeev says Sach ke manthan mein amrit aur vish hoga we hope Yusuf ko bas Amrit hii mile..Good night..Subh Raatri.. Then Rajeev walks to Yusuf and his family..

  • This show should be siopped immediately. A public interest litigation should be filed or Government should interfere immeidately to stop this show. What is displayed on the show is not truth but the pesonal prception of the person which may not be the truth. First thing is why would any participant reveal the personal issues in front of the whole country. The answer is anybodys’ guess. Its just for the money. So it is just like giving money to some killer for murdering sonmeone. The killer kills a living person for the sake of money and in this show the person may kill the relationship for the sake of money. It is well known universal truth that there is a large gap between what a personal thinks and what he will actually do when he confronts the situation actually. There is a quote that “Rahiman Dhaga Prem Ka Mat Todo Chitkay, Toote se Phit Na Jude, Jude Gaanth Reh Jaye.” The show unnecessarily is creating Galatfahmi among the family members by posing questions on which the person may not take a well thought out decision. Furthe the answer given by the person is his personal opinion and may not be a truth. The opinions that are formed by us are a summation of the instances that we consider at the time of decision making. For example in Mahabharata Arjun gave solid reasoning for not fighting with his kins. But actually that was not the truth. The truth was what Lord Krishna told him later through Gita Updesh. So if the answers given by contestents are not the truth than how can the channel publicise the programe as “Sach Ka Samna”. Further it is said that a spoken word cannot be taken back. The answers given in the show will be having implications not only on the immediate person but it could ruin the life of their children and their successors.Suppose a lady answers that her mother loves more the childred of her sister. Now the mother may not actually be having such feelings but once she will know that her daughter thinks so that she may actually start discrimination between the children of both the sisters wich may continue throughout the life of te children as well. Even the two sisters may not remain on good speaking terms after this. One question asked to the contestent was whether she will kill her husband. Now in a fit of anger some stray thought may come to the mind of person about this but if she is actally given the chance to kill her husband she may never do the same. Than how can the answer of the contestent that she had feeling that she will kill her husband can be considered the truth. In a TV show in Aaj Tak Mr Mahesh Bhatt said in the defense of this prgram that Mahatma Gandhi revealed many truths of his life in his book ” My Experiements with Truth.” Now Let Mr Mahesh Bhatt be informed that not only Mahatma Gandhi but many more renowned personalities have at diffeent times revealed truths of their lives. But they did for setting example for the coming generations so that they does not make the similar mistakes in life. They never gave comments on stupid questions like (a) Whether your mother was present a=when you were giving birth to yur child (b) Do you think that your parens love more the children of brother (c) Do you think that yur mother in law did not proved to be a better mother than your real mother (d) Do you live a fear that your husband will become alcoholic (e) Are you continuing with your marriage only for the sake of your children (Ridiculous) (f) Have you ever wanted to kill your husband.

    I would like to ask a question to the producers about what good they are doing to the society by airing this kind of serial. Further would they be interested to run this programe on a no profit no loss basis. And how many people will come and reveal their personal lives if the producers decide that no body will be paid anything and each person has to participate on honourary terms without gettinbg paid a single penny. The answer to these few questions will itself make the intention clear.

    Lastly even if anyone wants to really confess anything or any wrong done by him its more than enough if he does so in front of the affected party and in front of God. There is no point in confessing in front of whole country who are least affected by his/her deed.

    There are many more angles that I would be bringing at different forums to try to stop such nuisance on Indian TV.

  • Its such a useless show just to increase buzz of a crap channel.

    But the questions are very sexually oriented. Either the organizers are perverts or am i find it that way .

  • Well, i have read all the comments and i can understand why the people think so.The review says it right that the show is ahead of its time….because i really think that in a country like India…………people will find it very hard to accept truth-what they wish or have done secretly in front of their relatives or the public…..We still not have reached at that level in society like the western countries have done where we can easily share our sexual life or personal life even with our parents………

    Well the breaking of relationships can be solved if the contestant then explains his/her answer why he/she did that or thought like will ease out the situation and moreover if a question is enough to break ur relationships then you are the one who is responsible for it…

    The concept is good and I hope it brings some change in our society..

  • Just wanna say that internet is flooded with reports showing Polygraph test is not fool proof. In fact people are trained to lie even when hooked to a lie detector! It is appropriate to call it “anxiety test” rather than “lie detector”. Also, I agree with the review that the test cannot be trusted where both “yes” and “no” are possible answers. May be the families of the contestants need to think about that.

  • I wuld like to say only one thing over here that every coin has two sides so its upon you which side u wuld like to see or u expect………They are not the one who makes to say all this thing they are one who helps you to confess your faults you made….might be ye ek jariya hai…..i know after the show this creates a big family problem but leaving with ur family half heartdly doesnt make sense……

  • I don’t know to which extend this show will help us to raise our moral values but I appreciate this serial for prompting the people to confront with the truth

  • I really appreciate and thank star plus for this wonderful show,
    this show shows that —
    99 % of people (male or females ) are not true in their relations,
    every human on earth is a genius liar —

  • Logical Reasons Why No One can Win 1 Crore on this Show ! ! ! !


    FACT 1. The accuracy of the polygraph test is 93% at the max. And this fact is known worldwide.
    FACT 2. The contestant has only three chances to change an answer.

    Now the Reasoning.

    Contestants are asked 51 questions during a pre show polygraph test. Going by the maximum accuracy percentage of the polygraph tests, THE ERROR PERCENTAGE OF THE POLYGRAPH is 7%, or 3.57 ANSWERS (out of 51 answers) which were TRUE but incorrectly shown WRONG by the polygraph tests or the answers were FALSE but incorrectly shown TRUE by the polygraph tests.

    Next step.

    Now the trick for the Starplus team is to find out which of the answers were wrong accessed by the polygraph machine. To do this the psychologist will ask questions on 21 topics and note the answers. These will be question number 1 to 21.

    Next step.

    Now the psychologist will rephrase the question 1 to 21 and ask same rephrased questions. These will be question number 22 to 42.

    For example.

    The 1st question is ” Do you love your wife/Husband”. The candidate answers “Yes.”
    Suppose the polygraph assesses that the candidate is telling the truth.

    Now the 22nd question will be rephrased version of the 1st question, ie, “Do you love “Name of your wife/husband”. The candidate answers “Yes”.
    In this case, Suppose the polygraph assesses that the candidate is telling Lie. (ie, this question falls in the error percentage (7%) of the polygraph test.).

    Next step.

    How does the psychologist know which question falls in the error percentage of the polygraph test, ie, where did the candidate lie and the polygraph incorrectly showed truth and vice versa.

    To counter this anomaly, 9 more questions are asked so that the “polygraph error” questions can be zeroed in,

    For example.

    Question number Polygraph Result Question number Polygraph Result
    1 Correct 22 INCORRECT
    2 Correct 23 Correct
    3 Correct 24 Correct
    .. ….
    .. ….
    .. ….
    21 Correct 42 Correct

    Question 1 is ” Do you love your wife” . You answer Yes. The polygraph correctly assesses.
    Question number 21 is “Do you love “name of your wife”. You answer “Yes” The polygraph INCORRECLTY assesses and says that you are telling Lie, whereas you are not.

    So this is anomaly.

    Now you catch these anomalies from question 1 to 42.

    Now you are left with 9 more questions to zeroin on the “polygraph error” questions, ie, questions where the polygraph made error assessing correct as incorrect, and incorrect as correct.

    Now the host asks one of these anomaly questions when he wants a player out. There would always be 3,57 questions where, inspite of the candiate saying the truth, he would be incorrectly labeled liar (thanks to wrong assessment by polygraph tests)..

    A simple maths calculation will tell you that inspite of three chances of the candidate to change their answers, he/she will still be stuck with .57 question where he/she will be telling the truth but polygraph would label him/her a liar and will have to leave the game.

    In short, the candidate will ALWAYS leave on saying the “truth ” on these “error percentage pool of questions”ie, a questions from the incorrect 7% lot. And the beauty of the show is that the answers of these questions cannnot be verified by third party. It wont be a question like ” are you married” which can be verified by “others” but this question will always be something which cannot be verified by anyone other than the candidate himself.

    Mail me for any additional clarifications.

    The author is Phd. Maths from MIT.

  • My wife is obsessed with the show and have had to watch a few episodes with her. I think it’s fake! some of the questions are too specific like one guy was asked something like “have you ever had s3x with another woman while sleeping next to your wife on a train?”!!! its impossible for a question like that to come up by only asking 50 yes/no questions behind the scenes.
    american shows like jerry springer used to hire actors and I think this show is doing the same. The truth will be revealed eventually!

  • Actually it is a test of polygraphy tests, whether it is getting closer to truths people believe. People could be telling truth which the machine may wrongly see it. This show offers scope on testing validity of polygraph tests.
    Questions are too personal and could break hearts and relationships. It is not an obligation for one to continue, so they can quit anytime they feel limits are being crossed.

    It is very shocking to know that Bharata-the land of Rama is so polluted that so many people who have engaged in illicit affairs. If this in in 2009, what will be the fate a decade later?

  • first of all i thank’s to star plus team&member. to running this progrram. and i hope this progrram will guide some bad people from india. and i really than’ks to rajeev excellent actor i salute him . good luck keep it up.

  • I really appreciate and thank star plus for this wonderful show,
    this show shows that —
    99 % of people (male or females ) are not true in their relations,
    every human on earth is a genius liar —

  • First of all thanks!!!!!!!!!! for this type of show i like it
    this can catch persons lier

    this makes the peron to tell truth

    i request that to show this programme again on tv
    i will be thankful
    Rajiv has done a great job

  • agar 1 moka daen tu is show k director nay maray say bara jhota nha dhoka ho ga i challenge u… mister tara pese b lay jawon ga uar thujay pata b nhi chalay ga i promise…

  • Sir jab se mai such ka saamna 2 main mera 1st interview ho gaya hai tab se mai aapna mobile ko apne se alag nahi kar pata hu pata nahi kab such ka saamna 2 se kab phone aajaye pata nahi mera life story aap logo pasand aaya bhi nahi agar pasand nahi aaya to please mujhe phone kar dijiyega kiuki mujhe bahut tensan ho rahi hai kiuki mai aab suchai ka saat chal raha hu aur suchai ka rasta itna muskil hai aab mujhe malum huwa pata kaise gandhi je anna je kaise such ke raste par chalte hai. Liken mai aab se shrif such ka sath hi chalunga ye mera bada raha pure india se. Such ke saamna 2 ke particapte karne wala ek aam insan.BIKASH KUMAR DAS.

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