Kareena vs Priyanka

Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, two of the most successful leading ladies in Bollywood today, commanding a great fan-following all over and have worked with the biggest actors in the country..

To help you decide, we have listed all the films they have appeared in. Go through them, vote and comments below.

Kareena Kapoor Films : Refugee, Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai, Yaadein, Ajnabee, Asoka, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Jeena Sirf Mere Liye, Talaash, Khushi, Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, LOC Kargil, Chameli, Yuva, Dev, Fida, Aitraaz, Hulchul, Bewafaa, Kyon Ki, Dosti, 36 China Town, Chup Chup Ke, Omkara, Don, Kya Love Story Hai, Jab We Met, Halla Bol, Tashan, Golmaal Returns, Luck by Chance, Billu, Kambakkht Ishq

Priyanka Chopra Films : The Hero, Andaaz, Plan, Kismat, Asambhav, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Aitraaz, Blackmail, Karam, Waqt, Yakeen, Barsaat, Bluffmaster, Alag, Krrish, Aap Ki Khatir, Don, Salaam-e-Ishq, Big Brother, Love Story 2050, God Tussi Great Ho, Chamku, Drona, Fashion, Dostana, Billu

Both actresses have promising upcoming films like Kaminey, What’s Your Raashee?, Pyaar Impossible for Priyanka and Main Aur Mrs Khanna, Three Idiots, Qurbaan for Kareena..

Both have won, infact swept, the Best Actress awards once each. Priyanka this year for Fashion, Kareena last year for Jab We Met..

Kareena vs Priyanka – Vote below

Kareena Kapoor vs Priyanka Chopra - Whose better?

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So, who is the better actress of the two? Who is better looking? Who has better screen presence? Drop in your comments below..



  • Priyanka is more beautiful than Kareena.
    And I’m sure that Priyanka will get the best actress award again.
    Priyanka is the best.

  • PRIYANKA CHOPRA is the best, she is more beautiful than KAREENA KAPOOR.I think that PRIYANKA should and will get the BEST ACTRESS AWARD.

  • KAREENA is the better actress of the two and she has better screen presence.
    PRIYANKA is only better looking …

  • piggy chops rocks man.. kareena doesn’t stand newhere in front of her..priyanka outwits bebo on all departments.. luv ya pri..

  • Well.. it’s difficult to say which one of them is the best.. both are good.. both did good and bad or average movies.. Karina could express and perform better in sad roles and she perfomed in more movies than Priyanka did.. Priyanka did a great job only last year in both Dostana and Fashion as well as Aiteraz.. Priyanka could be a good girl and a bad girl too in movies but Karina can’t be bad.. Karina’s best acting in the following movies: Refugee.. as a debutant she did well, then in Aiteraz, Chameli, MDK, Omkara, Dev, Jab we Met, Asoka & Khushi as a comedy role she played

    Which one is more beautiful.. both are, I see Karina more beautiful.. but what I don’t like about her is that she agrees to show nudity for the sake of fame and she’s after the box office succress so she signs for some crap e.g. Golmaal just because part 1 was a box office hit!

  • Priyanka is the best. Kareena is ugly, dull and she has worst figure(size 0). Kareena is really unsexy. My dream girl priyanka really rocks.

  • U guys have no fukin taste kareena is
    Definitiy the better out of two more films
    More experience better screen presence
    And BETTER LOOKING priyanka can’t even
    Talk right at award shows she’s like shy

  • Priyanka Chopra is theeeee best!!! she has the looks and better acting!!! doing more movies does not mean that they r better!!!! hey rony i am a size 0!!! so u better take that back……ha ha ha! jk!!! ur opinion so i have no problem with that!! but i do agree with u cause kareena has a big head and size 0 so that does not suit her!!!

  • Priyanka I m agree with u. I think size 0 figure is good. But kareena has a worst size 0 figure. She has a large head, big face and a small body. She is just irritating, dull and unsexy.

  • i agree with u 2!!! Rony!!! kareena is just sooo irritating!! and watching the kissing scene from jab we met gets me even more angry cause i just love shaahid!! and they kept smoochen and wouldn’t let go of eachother! i was so mad!! but if priyanka ends up doin that its ok cause i just luv her!!! and she has not officially yet dated anyone!!! so thats another reason i luv her…..she is a “one man women”!!! well thats it! bye guys!!!

  • Better actress: Kareena Kapoor
    Better looking: Kareena Kapoor
    Better screen presence: of course kareena kapoor. No competition there.

  • well..i believe kareena kapoor is undoubtedly more beautiful than priyanka chopra…..even a retarded can say that in just one look…so i don’t need to give further explanation!!

  • best actress: Priyanka Chopra
    best looking: Priyanka Chopra
    best screen presence: definately Priyanka Chopra & no doubt about it.

  • i dont agree withh dose guys who rote priyanka is good
    kareena deserves each n everything
    she is just best wen comapre 2 others like pryinka………..

  • 100% priyanka, kareena is in industry only because of Kapoor Khandan, she is khandany crajy, see how she dump shaid for khandany Bhuda, now she must realizing seeing the sucess of shaid, who reached on top list. poor kareena

  • talent – priyanka, shes a fine actress whereas kareena overacts and irritates you most of the time. she makes stupid expressions and has not got the rhythm of acting yet. her only good performance is the geet from jab we met and that too is overrated by the media. priyanka was brilliant in kaminey recently .

    figure- priyanka is hotter kareena was better earlier now sucks with her size zero. i have never heard of any men like size zero.these galsare living in some false paradise really.

    face – both are beautiful but kareena looks more hot , her eyes and lips are out of the world, hot !

  • Errrr…………neither. both are crap.

    ‘bebo main bebo’ ..??? please give me a break !

    and priyanka chopra, with a manly throat, fake surgical nose, and lesbian type figure…….??? please give me a break !!!

    for those who think priyanka is sooooo beautiful and hot…………..Err………….sorry to burst your bubble……but its all aesthtics, heavey make up, and razzle dazzle. without all of this, she is really ugly, more ugly than a below average middle aged asian woman you see walking down the trust. i mean really ugly. you wont look at her twice. trust me, you will be shocked and surprised. i know, cos i have seen her in real life so many times.

    there are only a handful of actresses who look a bit decent without make up on, such as karishma kapoor, preity zinta, katrina kaif, sushmita sen.

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