Rustom Trailer

It’s here finally! The much-awaited trailer of Akshay Kumar’s Rustom, written by Vipul K Rawal and directed by Tinu Suresh Desai. The film also stars Ileana D’Cruz, Arjan Bajwa and Esha Gupta.

Rustom is based on real-life incident of Naval Officer K.M. Nanavati.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think. Stay tuned for the trade and audience response to the trailer, will be published tomorrow evening.



  • one thing for sure same person is commenting more than one time… from diff name and id.. as for the movie it lokk like mixture of baby and airlift.. i liked baby and airlift.. but nothing new in this movie.. predictable plot..

  • This trailer looks really gud, no doubt about that…but does it guarantee that rustom will do gud business? Trailer of fan and bang bang was exceptional as well well but the movie was badly made…moreover it is a triller movie, which lacks attention, normally family audiencees dont like i stil believe that mohenjodaro will be the ultimate winner…i know the trailer is bad but the film may surprise us…like jodha akber….so lets see…12th August…rustom vs mohenjodaro

  • Okay Very Genuine comparison between MohenjoDaro & Rustom Trailer
    Starting with MohenjoDaro ~

    Supporting casts – 5/5 [loves it]
    BGM – 5/5 [ AR RAHMAN has nailed it ]
    Dialogues – 3.5/5 [ Yes I know it’s just a trailer]
    Acting – 5/5 [ Found no glitches on this section]
    Editing – 2/5 [ This could have been done way better ]
    TOTAL – 20.5

    Now RUSTOM

    Supporting Casts – 4/5 [ Esha Gupta was a disappointment]
    BGM – 3.5 [ It was Good but no excellent]
    Dialogues – 4.5/5 [ I really liked it ]
    Acting – 4/5 [ AK was fab but as I said Esha Gupta :/ ]
    Editing – 3.5/5 [ Way better than MohenjoDaro ]

    TOTAL – 19.5

    MohenjoDaro vs Rustom Game on!

  • A salman fan commenting grow up akshay kumar wahi purani ghisi pitti story…irony at its best i mean seriously did u just said that…lallutards rock

  • A – All
    K – Khans
    S – Salute
    H – Him
    A – All
    Y – Years
    K – Khans
    U – Underestimate
    M – Me
    A – And
    R – Regret…

  • ROUND 1
    Interms of the trailer Rustom is a better trailer than Mahenjo Daro by far not even close.
    ROUND 2
    Waiting for the first songs of both films A.R Rahman and Ankit Tiwari,this gonna be epic.

  • I still beleive mjd shud release on christmas as rustom deserves independence day release….n aamir must not b given that lucrative period alone…i mean d3 was the worst movie ever but christmas made it a huge grosser…i beleive mjd has a lot of space during christmas…n will do better during that period..

  • those akki fans who r praising trailer blindly will give excuse after the movie that trailer was not received well thats why it fails to give good opening like they did in h3 .

  • All Anti Akki – ” Tumhari Hat Trick Possible Nahi Hai, Akshay… ”

    Akshay – ” Trust Me Darling, I Will Prove You Wrong… ”

    3rd 100 in a row 10000000000000% true…

  • Average Trailer, I was expecting it to be more of patriot movie but its more like Rom-thriller! Gives out the plot in the trailer!

  • Films is clashing, so comparison with MOHENJO DARO will be obvious

    Entertaining points will be big point for comparison

    MOHENJO DARO trailer is more entertaining than RUSTOM trailer

    if there is no clash then #Rustom trailers is average trailer like Airlift trailer

    So in comparison Rustom is biggest crap trailer of 2016

    A biggest win for MOHENJO DARO like half war won

    and for Rustom, get ready to get flop status from BO and less than 100 Cr on card or may fall below 80 Cr

  • honestly ,trailer was just average nothing in front of airlift
    now all depends on court cases they should be better or like aitrazz otherwise it has no chance

  • They are saying it will be a blockbuster.
    Stop Dreaming Guys.
    Your Superstar is struggling to give clean HIts . How can he give blockbuster with clash ???
    My open challenge to all Chakki Fans
    Cant collect more then 68 crore.

  • @ EDX Made Stars Fans…

    Akki releases 4 films a year and all different genes…

    Whereas Your actors do 1 film…

    The reason is simple, The EDX actors take 45-50 retakes to complete a single shot and that consumed lot of time even a year to complete a film…

    Whereas Akki completes a complete film without any retake…

    This is the difference between Akki = EDX Actors…

  • @nikhil I don’t care about Fan wars, I hate people who bash Hrithik without any reason, bash him if movie fails, but putting him constantly down way before movie release, what kind of example we are setting… Its like bahar wale aakar hamse accha kare to chalega, par apne wale ko aage nahi jqne denge…
    Mohenjo Daro is a experimental love story with use of Indus valley Civilization as a Backdrop. I really don’t know why everyone pulling down movie.

  • I think more than love drama,there might be the case of navy security papers,which will get completely open in movie only

  • And My dear Hrithik Fans, Hrithik Roshan himself never indulged in any Wars, so follow his path, don’t insult/pull down other’s work just because they did the same at you, I really like what HR says, Spread Love, Respect others work as well.
    So be True Hrithikians and Support good cinema… Watch both Movies this Independence Day

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