Rustom Trailer

It’s here finally! The much-awaited trailer of Akshay Kumar’s Rustom, written by Vipul K Rawal and directed by Tinu Suresh Desai. The film also stars Ileana D’Cruz, Arjan Bajwa and Esha Gupta.

Rustom is based on real-life incident of Naval Officer K.M. Nanavati.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think. Stay tuned for the trade and audience response to the trailer, will be published tomorrow evening.



  • Pack your bags makkhi….Hrithik will send you back to thailand where you were a waiter…ha ha


  • Dear Akshay fans, you are constantly bashing hrithik and his film Mohenjo Daro. But you will see after rustom trailer release Hrithik will praise it on twitter. He is very humble person in nature. He loves Akshay, he once said to Akshay on his bday this he is one man industry.
    So as Akshay Respects Hrithik, he once said in interview his son should take dance lessons from Hrithik.
    So peace out both actors Fans.. Please stop creating negative environment, it will hamper both movies. Please support both movies, lot of hardwork involved in creating movies don’t ruin it with hate.
    Best of luck To Akshay and His fans for Rustom, I hv feeling that Rustom willl be a classic movie.
    Waiting for Hrithik movie after almost 2 yrs. #MohenjoDaro… #Rustom

  • How did they manage such movie in merely 35-40 crores.
    Although I’m fan of none of the actors except Heath Ledger,I just love our Indian Cinema But I think MD BoxOffice = Rustum Budget
    Rustum BoxOffice = MD Budget

  • Airlift and Rustom 2 super good films in a year.

    Next year 3 are on the way, Namastey England, Jolly LLB 2 and Ikka.

  • After the disappointing trailer of Mohenjodaro.l, this is something we needed. Get ready folks, the biggest clash of the year ahead.

  • Very promising!! Gives a special 26 kinda feel!! N thats very interesting.. m srry but baby was a stupid movie.. this 1 luks like real deal!!
    Not a mass film but shd do very well at box office if its on par with special 26!!

  • One thing is clear, Both movies are very different, so both can become choice of movie goers… So chill out fans both can earn to their potential at box office
    Mohenjo Daro 180-230 cr
    Rustom 80-130 cr.
    All the best for both Movies. Bollywood has very good line up for next six months.
    Don’t spread negativity for boty, it will hamper both movies. So Enjoy different cinema on 12 th aug

  • same type(airlift) by the same team.i never like the tune of ankit(sleeping died)..waiting 4 the songs of atif aslam..nothing special in its..though i loved it..every department of rustom music(jeet,arko),story(v k rawal),and baby team are fantastic but only doubt on direction..and this is the main 4 rustom..if everything goes well then another airlift coming on 12th aug..

  • A Neeraj Pandey film all the way. Can see his mark in the writing. And I’m glad that he’s not directing this one as he lacks in providing commercial elements.

  • This is Awesome stuff,sets up the clash beautifully.

    Easily one of the best trailers of the year.

    It was intense,gripping…Goosebumps all the way.

  • Matlab sirf bazi jeetne se hai fir chahe piyada kurban ho ya fir rani………………..Airlift wale din wapis aa gaye……This is not just a murder mystery…….its more then murder mystery………..Outstanding.

  • MJD is a difficult to talk
    (Mohanjodaro dekne gaye hai)
    But in Rustom
    (Rustom naam ek dum chadta hai)

  • Much like Baby trailer, this is yet another poorly made trailer which just shows random scenes, instead of building a narrative. And we have now seen pretty much every twist from the movie. Dissappointing. 2.5/5.

  • I think the clash will not harm any of the movies.Rather it will help in giving the hype to both movies which would in turn enable independence day to come closer to EDX in terms of footfalls.

  • trailer is not that impressive. …had to be mind blowing trailer when it comes to clash. last year trailer of bajirao masatani. .suddenly made the clash with dilwale intersting. ..
    ….so if MD trailer was not upto the mark….then it’s also not impressive. .like a routine thriller movie. ..and Rustom has very limited appeal….even if the content is liked by the audience it will do hardly 90 cr
    …last year baby was released solo bot only earned 86 cr…With same patriotic theme. ….

    I will go for MD…#Mohenja daro 12th august

  • now seeing the trailer of RUSTOM everybodys first option would be definiatly MOHENJODARO. wo want to spent his money over this same shit Patriot- Love- Dhoka Court Logo ki emotion-happy ending.

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