Roy Hit or Flop: How much does the film need to collect?

Q. Is ROY a Hit or Flop? How much does it need to collect to be the first HIT of 2015? – Rohit

A. ROY has to collect somewhere around Rs 50-55 crore to emerge a clean HIT at the box office. The film lost Rs 4-5 crore of business because of the India vs Pakistan cricket match on Sunday and has to sustain well on Monday to make up for the list business. It will be difficult because the word-of-mouth is mixed to negative. We don’t see it collecting much after Week 1.

Q. Can ROY beat the lifetime collections of BABY? – Shirnil Naidu

A. No chance. ROY could struggle to cross the 50 crore mark if business on Monday falls below the 4 crore mark. While BABY was carrying incredible reports and excellent reviews, ROY has been thrashed by the critics (Read critic review) and the trend over the weekend is much worse. Having said that, T-Series lost money on BABY, but they might just about break-even or make some money with ROY.

Q. ROY opened well because of Ranbir Kapoor or good music? – Sahil

A. It was a combination of Ranbir Kapoor’s first film in 16 months, smart marketing by T-Series and good music that worked well for the film. Jacqueline Fernandez is also a star after the success of ‘Kick’ and her presence must have helped too. A 10 crore opening wasn’t possible without Ranbir, so a major share of the credit should go to him. Amongst actors under the age of 40, Ranbir is easily the most popular Bollywood star in the country and probably the only bankable star too. Even in the worst case scenario, his films will guarantee a good initial.

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  • @kshitiz I m honest enough to straight away accept my mistake unlike u who had given 4/5 to bb on day1,bashed every one for criticising the film and after 3months revised ur rating to 2.5/5!!!

    nice change of colour

  • I heard Roy’s Monday occupancy was poor and drop 65% compare to Friday and Saturday, I think Monday collections will be 3-3.5 crore.
    lifetime 45 crore
    verdict average

  • @Vyom… Y ask that question?? Don’t u read wat they(INDICINE) Posted?? That Rhanbir is d biggest or most popular actor under d age of 40!!!
    They know y they had to put “UNDER 40″….6 HUGE ACTORS are still where they started some 15-27years ago and still KICKING!!
    Simple …no his not!!… on d run still…..yes he can give more opening day or lifetime but d fact remains that he is no where near AKKI achievements!! Akki is and will remain a BIG BOY till he retires…call him floppy or whatever u just can’t ignore AKKI as an ENTITY except those born around 2000s era…and started watching movies from sawwarya era(2007)

  • @Vyom KUMAR Mankad

    Akshay is and will always be a bigger star than Ranbir !!…… He had given 4 super hits in a row when Ranbir was a kid ..!!….

    Just with 2 films (Barfi, YJHD) you can’t compete with a superstar. Let BV, Jagga Jasoos and Tamasha release, phir doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani ho jayega!!!

  • I went to watch roy…..coz i m a great fan of ranbir……after watching roy i feel that the was full coz of only ranbir…..

  • In my honest opinion, Roy was a movie which was an attempt by its directors to have a different approach to it; which to some extent was very amusing. Now, although I don’t watch many Indian movies, especially due to their long screen time. I clearly liked this movie however, it could have been made better by shortening it and with slightly better direction. In terms of actors who starred in this film, Arjun Rampal was my favorite actor, always has been. I don’t know why people don’t recognize his sheer potential. I’m not saying that I don’t like Ranbir Kapoor; but i don’t think he’s the best actor in Bollywood either. He is always over hyped by fans. he is clearly a versatile actor and I recognize his efforts in this movie (and others). But, I would also like to mention how a considerable amount of effort in this movie can be credited to Arjun Rampal…noticed that no one had mentioned it yet so I did…..that’s it….Thanks!

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