Rohit Shetty takes AbRam on a ride

Shah Rukh Khan’s youngest son AbRam enjoyed a ride to the sets of his father’s upcoming film ‘Dilwale’ with the director of the film Rohit Shetty.

Rohit is known to include behind-the-scene footage during the closing credits of his films and ‘Dilwale’ will be no different. Cars, bikes and behind-the-scene pranks will be included in the closing credits of ‘Dilwale’.

We have the video and pictures.. Check it out!

AbRam enjoys the ride with Rohit Shetty on the sets of Dilwale

AbRam enjoys the ride with Rohit Shetty on the sets of Dilwale



  • @pakistani javed iqbal

    Baghban 2 trailer is also being highly anticipated by us bhai fans…! We want to see how Varun shapes up reprising bhais role but the real trembling is coming from paglapur bcoz lungiwales fear just like Don remake 2006 that their Queen wont be able to fit into Big Bs big shoes…! Lol

  • @xzone & @Challa : I personally will never write anything abusive or bash SRK on family related articles but you are unnecessarily posting about Salman on this. I dont even see a single comment from any Salman fans before your comments. What is this ? Isn’t the insecurity you are experiencing from the name of Salman, Why cant you just enjoy the antics of little kid or praise your king without naming any other actor ? This will force even people who dont want to write bad on family articles to bash you and your queen. And both of you call others are illiterates and uneducated when you yourselves doesn’t have the little sense !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Watching a wildlife documentary n they say that gorillas are on the whole a peaceful animal but they do occasionally get agitated…!

    The song Apun Bola gets them worked up into a right state n they become violent…!

  • Dear Abram,

    You are very cute and lovely but sadly some fans of your father wants to spoil your joy in name of Fan wars. Your father gives lectures in Yale but his fans shows their illiteracy on sites like Indicine, Your father apologizes to Salman uncle (on CWK with Kjo about Katrina B’day fight) but his fans spoils all the good work he tries to do. Your father achieved success coming from non filmy background (though YRF/Dharma played a major part in his career) but his fans calls Papa’s boys to Aamir and Salman uncles however if you or your brother Aryaan will make debut you will not be called as Papa’s boy, this is the hypocrisy your father’s fans shows. When your father gives successful or big grosser(which has been distant dream now) movies it is called as his star power but when some other actor does the same then his fans credits banner, director, supporting actors, music, remake, Eid, genre and even heroine’s dialogues, this is the double standard they displays. Last, your father wants to achieve more in PRESENT and FUTURE but his fans keep singing DDLJ, KKHH glories from past and along keep cribbing about Salman uncle’s past !!!!!!!!!! They have nothing left for PRESENT and FUTURE will also turns bleak if they continue like this. If you happen to be star remember to put a patta around your fans’ necks and keep them in check unlike your father who let them open bark non sense even on family articles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a good day little Angel.
    Blessings :-))

  • SRK would have still been a Star if he hadnt worked with YRF and Dharma, coz he became a star with his 1st movie Deewana and then Baazigar took him to another level


    can you imagine Salman and aamir without their parents help ?

    they wouldnt have been in the industry at all

    it would have been something like

    SRK vs Ramesh vs Suresh (some other actors instead of SalMir) instead of SRK vs Salman vs Aamir

    then SRK haters would be saying, Ramesh is better than SRK, Suresh is better than SRK hahahaha

  • Even Bajirao mastani is slated to release on Christmas and the shooting is still going on yet but some expressionless wooden-faced behen’s fan are so blind that they cant see that or they may have taken somebody’s something in their eyes at that time..A behentard says that it is a dream for Srk to give a big grosser but he time and again forgets that just 2 movies back king khan gave not only a big grosser but the biggest grosser of all time which has been a distant dream for his non actor from the past 20 years…he praises the success achieved by srk from a non filmy background and still credits yrf/dharma for the same but quickly points out and opposes the excuses given by a particular fanbase for the success of his star and then calls other people a hypocrite…

  • @Challa ki labh da phire, mangal pandey was ridiculed? More jokes please. It’s always expected from each and every haklu fan to show their brainless retarded iq-less comment. You have forgotten that MP took the biggest opening of all time then and was still third highest grosser of 2005 unlike your bakri’s epic disaster paheli. Get some sense moron. And what about Ratoon. One getting ridiculed like a hell as it became a biggest butt of jokes on twitter, facebook and everywhere srk was ridiculed after so called classic my name is Get this in your head. Srk has no class, talent, perfection like aamir so better his jobless and IQ less fans should avoid talking about class actor+ megastar aamir khan who is light years ahead of him in every department.

  • @Komal Nahale Quality of any movie doesn’t depend on how many days you spend on shooting.RGV had said he made Satya without a proper script in a hurry and made Department doing lot of research.But the results were for for everybody to see
    A movie like CE or Dilwale doesn’t need too much effort in post productions since they are meant for providing entertainment.

  • @hrithik

    You nailed it bro. Excellently written and brilliantly said! These SRKians are the biggest hypocrites ever.

    Your best point was when you said that Abram or Aryaan becomes superstars, but SRK fans won’t call them Papa’s boys, but in case of Aamir-Salman, they are papa boys. Best point ever made, man! Hats off.

  • @Rew1 Take a chill pill kid don’t get so hyperventilated.By calling retard moron and other expletives won’t substantiate your argument.Yes ra.1 was ridiculed there’s no doubt about that but if I imply your logic then HNY too took the biggest opening of all time and emerged the 3rd highest grosser of the year.It means HNY too was a great movie
    @Hrithik Wonderful piece of writing but don’t you think all the points you mentioned should also apply for Bhai fans.Doesn’t the past holds any significance.If an actor has been successful and consistent for 2 decades and another one who got a rebirth in 2010 then obviously we have the right to brag about the past.You can’t compare Kohli with Sachin.And well the rivalry between Srk and Salman isn’t one-sided.It is evident in twitter where Salman fans too deride Srk.And yes Srk has proved that he doesn’t need banners since he has given hits on his own but Salman has yet to give a blockbuster in a performance oriented intense movie which might change if Prdp and Sultan works till then Srk has an upper hand over him

  • Rohit shetty saved the career of srk by giving him first blockbuster in 7 years and thats the reason @indicine is posting about rohit shetty instead of posting about legendary directors like Sooraj barjatya

  • Wow. He is looking so cute 😊. As cute as his romantic papa who is still good for romantic movies even at the age of 50. Really king is very special personality in Bollywood. I am most excited for fan in April. I may skip dilwale, but I will not skip fan for sure. It will be epic classic of king after a very long time since CDI. King will prove what he can do on non holiday period as well. I wish fam crosses 400 Cr even on no holiday as king will be back in a class movie.
    King khan RoXxXxX…

  • @Challa : What are you smoking dude? Srk does not need big banners, it may or may not be correct. But Salman has give BB with unknown names if SRK had given Hits with small banners. If you are an engineering student or a CEO of a company you will not keep crying over lesser marks you got in your per-university or lesser grade (executive) job profile you had in past. Every one believes in PRESENT and look for FUTURE. SRK was also nothing if we keep bragging past. He even did a movie like Maya Memsaab to survive which Salman never did despite having his career on the line. So look at the both sides and dont do a chutpazh !!!!!!!! Last thing, I am talking about this article (AbRam) on which you & your @shockzone mate displaying your insecurities (phattogiri) before Salman fans even visited this page !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Aunt 2:56 pm : Stop blabbering. No body blamed that director . Its you idiots, who keep on adding the names of SRK’s directors behind his success. Before it was Adi, KJo , later was the turn of Farah and now you are busy adding Rohit’s name with him. But we have seen what happened to these directors when they came without SRK. I hope you know the fate of TMK/SOTY/Golamal/Singham and many more. Though few of them were successful, but none matched the scale of DDLJ/Kuch Kuch Hota hai/CE etc.

    @3:03 pm : Hehehe , I guess you are reiterating the story of “Niel Nitin Prem Ko bachao” :P
    Moreover , nothing can be more ironical than a criminal fan talking about greediness.
    -It was criminal’s greediness for beauty that he tried and tasted multiple girls- from Sangita to Aish to Somi Ali- That is other story that they kicked on his ass when they came to know about his reality.
    -It was his greediness for success that he did back-to-back masala craps just to re-establish himself into industry (and those masala craps created such a negative impact on few kids , that they lost their mental balance thereafter. Few of them are known as ‘Syed Ahmed Khan’,’eNViouS’,’chuha’,’Ultron the lunatic’,’Jhand-the fake’ etc).
    -It was his greediness for freedom that he used almost all his resources just to save his ass in court.
    -It was his greediness for money that he booked both Diwali and Eid in same year just with the fear that his movies will collect few crores less if he releases them on a normal day.

    So just stop talking about greediness . It never suits a criminal fan.

    @3:20 pm : Hahaha again same mistake. I have told you multiple times that you had mistakenly put the DVD of “Main hoon zero tera” instead of Apun bola. That’s why the sound of gorilla is still echoing into your ears ;-)

    @Syed Ahmed khan 3:13 pm : Ohh big lectures on ethics from a chameleon like you !!! Its hard to digest. A person , who keeps on using someone’s name into his comments despite of knowing that he is no more active on that page, is talking about ethics and values. God should save this earth.
    And yeah, who said that we are not enjoying the cuteness of our little prince. We are well enjoying and we commented about the same . But this article was not only about AbRam , but it was also intended to show , how SRK takes care of his co-stars/crew members and in that context I told , how Teesra khan takes care of his co-stars with dozens of police cases an charges :P

    @3:38 pm : Long lecture , but sadly it won’t make any difference. Don’t try to get the sympathy of SRK fans saying it was a family article. Rohit is a part of the crew and he took AbRam on a ride. And no body commented taking AbRam into consideration , nor any SRK fan took AbRam’s name to bash Salman or others. They were talking about the positive atmosphere on the sets of Dilwale and when talks are about atmosphere on the sets, how one can forget those set incidents, where a guy purposefully pushed the car of a super heroine , when he decided to kill some animals instead of continuing the shoot. So stop sulking. Your criminal’s deeds have a long list and thus wontedly/unwontedly his name automatically comes in every article.

    Last but not the least, I still remember when surrogacy news of AbRam was aired just 2-2.5 years back. That was also a family related article and I was active on indicine at that time. I don’t have much time to search and fetch that link, but you should go and see the comments of criminal fans on that article. That was also a family article but people mocked the parenthood of a person in every possible way.

    @Indicine : Please publish this.

  • @Chokezone : Dont choke too much after reading my comments. You are being strangulated day by day. Only people like you can come and filth even family related articles and extend your hatred towards family members. Looks like no one in childhood did not teach you this or I can understand you were busy watching movies like Raam Jaane, Anjaam, Maya Memsaab (all these movies with zero morality) in your half pants days and did not pay heed to these morals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every sl@p on your face will feel like lecture for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Some people cant get rid of PAST. They live in PAST, brag PAST and ultimately will end up in PAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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