Rohit Shetty takes AbRam on a ride

Shah Rukh Khan’s youngest son AbRam enjoyed a ride to the sets of his father’s upcoming film ‘Dilwale’ with the director of the film Rohit Shetty.

Rohit is known to include behind-the-scene footage during the closing credits of his films and ‘Dilwale’ will be no different. Cars, bikes and behind-the-scene pranks will be included in the closing credits of ‘Dilwale’.

We have the video and pictures.. Check it out!

AbRam enjoys the ride with Rohit Shetty on the sets of Dilwale

AbRam enjoys the ride with Rohit Shetty on the sets of Dilwale



  • AbRam is damn cute. Good to see , SRK and Team are enjoying their space during the shoot of mega blockbuster “Dilwale”. This is what I like in SRK. He makes his co-stars so comfortable on the sets. I remember Abhisek and Sonu saying, we don’t want the schedule of HNY to end, as we are having and had a lots of fun on sets.
    Whatever was the script of HNY and whatever was the WOM, that is different scenario altogether, but SRK made all of them feel very comfortable, unlike some unknown khan who involves himself in some nasty things on sets and his co-stars like Sonali/Tabbu/saif also suffer because of him. :P
    Well , no prize for guessing. I am talking about the infamous “Chinkara” case :D

  • The excitement for Dilwale is too high just because of the presence of Srk.The buzz would reach its peak once the trailer is released.Just wait and watch
    @XZone Well said!!There’s no doubt that working with king is an unforgettable experience for everybody involved with the movie.I had once heard Mani saying Srk used to sit on floors and have food with the crew during Dil se shoot.BTW our Bhai has a habit of not only creating troubles for his own co-stars but also make life difficult for co-stars of other actors by disrupting sets after getting drunk

  • Useless article…

    Now please post an article abt Emraan Hashmi holidaying in Goa rather than promoting crapfests dilwale…

  • Indicine

    Kindly update the status about Singh Is Bling’s 2nd weekend collections and its lifetime box office prediction plzzzzzzz

  • Movie is slated to release in Dec Mid and they haven’t completed the shooting till now. 😂 😂
    When will they go into post-production?
    When will start promoting and go on slam tours? 😂😂
    When will they go on each and every tv show there is in India? 😂

    They made the script in 2015, started shooting in April and are releasing in 2015 only. This tells us how pathetic the movie will be bcoz everything is so rushed. 😂

  • @Komal It’s better to make an entertaining film in a span of 7-8 months rather than taking more than a year to make a so called classic like Mangal Pandey and get ridiculed

  • @Komal nahi nahata, ha ha ha. Well said. It’s damn hilarious comment. Srk’s movies suck now a days. He was good only in last decades but now he is just pathetic actor who only does pathetic movies I am sure dilwale will be below average mindless movie. That’s all. Nothing expected. Only raees and fan i am looking forward to because it will have good story and performance from him.

  • @ Komal Nanga :
    This is Dilwale … , and not Nangal which will be releasing in 2016 Dec … but guess what , Aamoor has already released the first look before 15 months , lol !



    poor prdp seems like a big flop.neither that has good song/nor story and that with double gorilla salman fans will feel the absence of Harshali/Kabir bhaijaan,sooraj’ this movie seems like worse than even mapkdh,it will struggle to cross HNY ,forget IT’S RECORD.

  • Dilwale trailer is reaching soon
    And bhai fans started trembling with fear .
    I don’t know why there is an obstacle on the way I mean bajirao mastani.
    I hope makers of bm think twice before clashing their mega budget movie with dilwale….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hahaha interesting , Abram with one of his father’s Godfather Rohit shetty!

    Agar Rohit na hotha tho srk ki 2nd innings banthi he nahi , thank u Rohit for giving the ‘overacting ki dukaan’ a new lease of life with ur ‘chimoora express ‘ , agar tum na hothe tho akki & hrithik would have been in top 4 & either ranbir or varun rounding off the top 5 .

    Another interesting thing to take notes of : If Raju hirani or yrf wants an ATBB then they need aamir in their movie, if any director or producer wants to have a BB or an ATBB then he will need a salman khan but on the contrary if sarookia wants to have a BB or Super hit he needs Rohit or aditya or deepika or yrf or dharma or rajnikanth and what not , so see the difference who needs whom the most . (srk fans now don’t go into past and give past examples , srk in the past could have given BBs even with mediocre directors or scripts but in the present scenario it is very very difficult for him , now don’t say srk has also given successful movies with crap directors like Rohit or Farah , yes they are crap directors but they still are commercially successful ones with a proven track record , Rohit has BBs even without srk and though Akki’s TMK was a mega failure she worked with akki only once and rest of all her movies were with srk , if farah can give a BB with srk then she can easily give an ATBB with salman because the kind of masala movies that farah dishes out they are better suited for salman than srk and salman is much more popular in India than sarookia ) :D :D

  • @challa

    Yeah, Aamir got ridiculed when he made TZP(1 year), Ghajini(1 year), 3 Idiots(1year)
    PK(1 Year).
    I like your definition of entertainment. 🙌

  • @the phenomenal idiot

    Aamir ne toh sirf 1 poster release kia h, SRK ne toh 4773733 teasers and 8837 posters of Raees and Fan release kr diye. 😂 😂 😂

  • Now SRK trying his luck with Aamir’s release date in hope of getting at least one ATBB since 1997.😂
    Too much fun!!

  • @Komal Nahi Nahata

    How dare you talk like this against Shetty Uncle..?

    Its our production film & we will complete it whenever we want.

    And what the hell is this post production work. ?

    All scorpios are already flyd & some catchy songs like 5,6,7,8 & dhoti naach are completed.

    So just wait & watch kamal of Lal Mirch Calculator.

  • @Bakwas fan 09:15 am/ps 10:00 am : Be thankful to their generosity as they are still kind enough to publish your filth despite you calling them chamcha.

    @Komal 10:20 am : OMG, why are you bothered? Have you invested your money in Dilwale? I don’t think so as you have become bankrupt by giving fake and bogus reviews all the time and thus no media house is ready to play their bet on you. BTW kindly let me know which actor you follow as that is a mandatory field for me in order to reply you back :DD

    @http 11:06 am : I understand at times you ruled the entire world wide web, but with the invention of secure protocols, you are no longer relevant. So better keep quiet. And how do you say Dilwale is crap whereas Fan and Raees will be good? Have you even watched the trailer of any of these three??

    @Javed 11:58 am : Hey bro, I have seen you mourning about Dilwale and Bajirao clash on various pages. Why are you thinking about that? You would have seen how king khan trolled Sawariya in 2007. So just relax, if Bhansali has left with 1% of brain also, he will step back.
    And anyway, a clash is finest opportunity for we SRKians to show the real star power of SRK to these haters. Haven’t you seen the fate of Jaan-E-mann, Sawariya, Son of Sardar and many more ? :-)
    Every time SRK has proven himself and this time he might end the filmy career of Bhansali and that monkey called Ranvir Singh.

    SRK as VEER.

  • @11:01am

    Yes so making a crap film in 7-8 months is good for you lungiwales but then why do you bash the directors after that film (crappy new year) turns out being utter crap…? Shouldnt you blame your Queen for rushing through the film just to grab afew dollars n not paying more attention on the details like script…!


  • @komal

    Excellent point.

    Films script was still being worked on whilst shoot had already commenced n they say Queen is a great actor… Lol he does a film which hasnt got a locked script- proof he just knows how to overact n improvise with hamming where there are loopholes in the script..!

  • @11:32am brocks b****

    Dangal just like PK will be an ATBB n the biggest grosser EVER bcoz the film will have a great script (locked before shooting) and great performances because the actors will know their characters, dialogues etc etc way before first day of shoot unlike Baghban 2…! Here our Queen thought he would be reprising Salmans role but script changes meant Varun will be essaying bhais role n Queen will replace Big B. this is what happens when greedy actors start shooting before a script has been finalised…!

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