Rohit Shetty gets Rs 25 crore for his next directorial venture!

We’ve heard of superstars†getting paid exorbitant as acting fee for their films, but it’s director Rohit Shetty who has been signed by producer Sangeeta Ahir for an amount of Rs 25 crore,† to remake a Tamil film ‘Soodhu Kavvum’ in Hindi.

The producer confirmed that the fee is the highest sum†paid†to any director in Bollywood

“Yes, we have paid Rohit an exorbitant price. Itís the highest fee given to any director, but then it works as Rohit Shetty is a huge brand in himself. Itís a comedy film and his forte, so people want to see it. Right now, it is still in the scripting stage. We havenít approached any actor as yet. I am waiting for Rohit to return from Hyderabad where heís shooting for Dilwale and then we will finalise everything.”

In the past, Rohit Shetty has directed blockbusters like ‘Golmaal 3’†and†’Chennai Express’. He was also the director behind the super-successful Golmaal and Singham series of films.



  • Some people says his movie are crap and content less..but i love his style..the way hi present loved..truth is he is one of the most succesfull director in the industry..

  • Highly undeserving amount received by Rohit Shetty. Poor director with cheap comedy and blowing away of cars here and there. Producer is bound to loose all his investment.
    Also Dilwale should be another crap. SLB’s Bajirao Mastani should kick the ass of Dilwale Rohit.

  • Soodhu kavvum is a masterpiece, a superb movie well written and directed low budget super Tamil movie
    I don’t think Rohit will be the correct director for the movie

  • Thats good. Waiting for these film . It will be cult classic blockbuster of next yr in 2016..

    Also waiting for

    Azhar Biopic
    Raaz4 Reloaded

  • He never hides the secret superstar behind his present apex career. Very ambitious director.
    Worked with 2 superstars already and all super hit -blockbuster-Atbb!!! Remain one more and Mark my words the movie he will do with Salman just pre-verdict that movie to an additional ATBB for bhaijan. Classy and always give the audience what they want. Congrats Sir

  • Some people here bashing robot saying his movies are non sense crap etc are regularly seen praising on pages of Salman’s all time biggest craps like ready bodyguard dabang2 etc.. lol.. god bless.
    If majority likes rohit she try style movies than better these guys shut their mouth.. people saying Chennai express carp should remember that even after record breaking run in theaters – it went out to break trp record of 3 idiots on tv also.. need I say more? Minority sucks.

  • I don’t know why people are going bonkers over the news.He isn’t that bad as people make him out to be.He has given 3 good movies in the form of Golmaal,Singham and All the Best(though it deserved more) and 2 decent movies CE BB.None of his masala movie has been completely rejected by the audience.He doesn’t make classics but his movies are entertaining.And also unlike many of contemporaries he doesn’t have any ego and knows where he exactly stands

  • today rajkumar hirani , rohit shetty , Karan johar and aditya chopra to some extend have a brand of themselves. people come out to see a product made by these most successful directors of Bollywood irrespective of starcast. they themselves are a big brand and enjoy a huge fan following.
    in terms of stardom of a directors they can be ranked as following :
    1. raju hirani
    2. rohit Shetty
    3. karan johar
    4. aditya chopra
    5. imtiaz Ali
    6. Sanjay leela bhansali
    7. anurag kashyap
    Rest all of them are completely star dependent or content dependent directors with not much name of their own.
    still in terms of fan following , the popularity of rajkumar hirani and rohit Shetty is unparalleled today compared to any of their counterparts.

  • 25 cr for director will significantly increase bufget of movie
    Casting any khan or hrithik will take its budget to all together a different level , sumthing lyk dat of d3 bang bang or hny which will not be feasible for a comedy.

    Consedering budget problem ans comedt genre akki seems lyk d best choice.
    Lets see ehat happens

  • I think Kabir Khan is much better than Rohit Shetty in Actions.

    Kabir Khan
    Rohit Shetty
    AR Murgados
    Siddarth Anand Bang Bang fame

    Best action directors in Indian Cinema

  • I can name many directors who deserv this amount of money more than Rohit,who are better than Rohit.
    1. Rajkumar Hirani
    2.Imtiaz Ali
    3.Kabir Khan

  • Good. Producer should take Salman khan for BLOCKBUSTER film. One and only Salman will do justice to the role. I ve seen this tamil film. The role much suits to salman khan.

  • Rohit shetty is the most underated director despite giving successful films nevertless who care this people enjoy rohit shetty films than others n Dilwale will prove again why he is the no1

  • As Soodhu kavum is a comedy film.. It suits rohit….want to c ajay in this remake

    hope rohit dnt cast that artificial srKAY..he wil ruin all fun by overacting

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