Rockstar vs Desi Boyz

We recently had a poll on Facebook for the most awaited film of November 2011 and below are the results 

  • Rockstar – 408 votes
  • Desi Boyz – 156 votes
  • Shakal Pe Mat Ja – 8 votes
  • Love You Soniyo – 1 vote
  • Tension Doooor – 1 vote
  • Staying Alive – 0 votes

As you can see, Rockstar was by far the first choice with Desi Boyz coming a distant second. Shakal Pe Mat Ja got 8 votes. The rest – not much.

There are only two major releases this month and it’ll be interesting to see which film opens bigger at the box-office. We’d put our money on Rockstar, since Imtiaz Ali films have a huge following in India and Ranbir’s fan-following is no less either.

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  • desi boyz main dipika hai jis ko acting ki a nahi ati hai flop ke baad flops de ti hai,johon bhi hai jo ki pather wala expresion ke saath acting to nahi kya karta hai malum nahi,akshay kumar ka sadahua hasi ha ha ha bhi hai ek ke baad ek badi flops de raha hai to desiboyz ko god hi hit kara sakti hai lekin god bhi kah rahe hai bakwas filme banana bandaa karo.i predicted that if raone has not a good story to ye 3idiots ko piche nahi chod sakti wasa hi hua raone was a boring.i predicted that znmd will be a hit that has happned i have told mrere bro ki dulhan,force will not work that has happned main ye bhi kaha tha rockstar will rock that has happned

  • Nov 25 all india waiting for desi boys.akshay prooves he is still young.if sharukh and salman are heros of this filim then the name is desi uncles.

  • agree with vineeth
    salman,SRK even aamir look old nowadys
    akki look younger then john
    jab ke john is 38 akki is 44
    even he look much younger then booby(38) in thankyou

  • desi boyz is a real movie in hit and rockstar not real movie but awara movie fflllllllllllooooooooopppppppp movie rockstar

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