Roadies 9 Winner

Vikas Khoker from Hyderabad, won the 9th season of popular MTV reality show Roadies. Vikas, who was earlier eliminated, defeated 13 contestants including seven girls, six boys and took home a cheque of Rs 61,700.

The other Hero Roadies 9 Contestants were Himani Sharma, Vinay, Abhishek Shetty, Anirudha Sharma, Arsh, Taranjeet, Manali, Pratima Dagar, Kanak Raju, Diyali Chauhan, Khusbhu and Dimpy.

Vikas - Winner of Roadies 9

Vikas - Winner of Roadies 9

The final episode of Roadies 9 began with all the eliminated Roadies entering the location where they clashed with the final four (Himani, Kanak, Vinay Abhishek and Taranjeet).

Like always Raghu Ram, his twin brother Rajiv Laxman and Rannvijay were the judges. How did you like the 9th season of Roadies? Tell us in the comments section below.

Roadies 9 Winner : Vikas



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