Ritesh Sidhwani confirms Eid 2016 for SRK’s Raees

Producer Ritesh Sidhwani has confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Raees’ will release during Eid 2016, even though Yash Raj Films’ has announced the same date for Salman Khan’s Sultan directed by Ali Abbas Zafar.

“Speculation on #Raees release date! It all ends this Eid.. Chalo time for me to take a dip in the warm waters of #tenerife” Sidhwani tweeted.

The battle gets interesting because Shah Rukh Khan has NEVER lost a clash at the box office. The last time a SRK and Salman (with Akshay) film released together, Don vs Jaan-e-Mann, Don was the clear winner at the box office.

However, Salman wasn’t quite as big a megastar back in 2006 as he is now and was clearly going through a low phase for the most part of the 2000s. After the huge success of ‘Dabangg’, Salman has gone on to create history with each of his film releases. Apart from ‘Jai Ho’ all other films have been blockbusters i.e 6 blockbusters in 7 releases!

The fate of the big clash between ‘Raees’ and ‘Sultan’ will also depend on how their two films fare at the box office. If Salman’s ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ doesn’t work, YRF might back out and the same applies for ‘Dilwale’ too.



  • i don’t care if clash happens or not..coz they all are sensible and they knows btr what is good for them..i am just waiting for raees..no matter when it will release..as a SRK fan i am waiting for all 3 movies but for me i am desperately waiting for raees just feeling it will be a great a movie..and about sultan..from dabang i always watch salman movie in theatre if both clashes than may be i ll skip it..

  • Hahaha, so what even SLB said that they will release BM on Christmas few days ago, the Raees vs Sultan clash happen or not will probably decide on next year only, more than 1 year left for next eid. So there is huge time left for this.
    @indicine SRK never lost in clash than what about Asoka vs India, oh sorry that wasn’t from yrf/dharma, neither was remake of Don/karz.lol.
    We all see how jthj perform against SOS in domestic market so never se NEVER.

  • Read the tweet carefully it says this eid speculation ends..(Speculation on #Raees release date! It all ends this Eid.)Means i guess with #bajrangi baijaan they r gng to release a small teasr with the release date..
    secondly srks fan is releasing post ipl means in 1 month he willnot have 2 releases…
    Do you really think srk and salman will clash that too when yrf has movies with both of them,if anyone really think so including you i dont have to say anything you can imagine what i was trying to say…

  • I am excited more for Raees compared to Gunday director’s Sultan!

    But I seriously hate that guy @Javed due to his anti-hindu comments! Why the hell he is bringing the religions in all article?
    Believe in that God/Supernatural power which HAS created the universe, not in those who ARE created by people!

  • Great! SRK and Salman fans always fight with each other and bash both the superstars. A clash would shut up the mouths of one of the either fan base. No excuses, just 1 winner. And, both are at the best phase of their career.

    But, I think it will never happen. One will eventually change the date. It is only good for the publicity of both films. I don’t think that either Salman or YRF would back out, so it’s up to SRK, whether he sticks to his previous date, or postpones, again.

    Anyways, I think it is already a clash!

    Whoever post/pre-pones his film should be the loser if the clash at BO doesn’t happen.

  • Indicine – what’s this?

    I think you misinterpreted his tweet!!

    Ritesh Sidhwani has just tweeted that he will announce Raees’ release date THIS EID.

  • Indian (2001) release on 26 Oct,2001 and Asoka released on same day, while Asoka was a disaster at box office, indian became semi hit and I don’t think we need to discuss about opening weekend of both films.

    There was an article done by Indicine for srk clash history on diwali where they didn’t included asoka vs Indian clash in the article to say that srk has 100% of clash record, as far as I know Asoka released on diwali 2001 and o don’t think you can say it is 100% record. What say Indicine. Waiting for answer.

  • SRK never lost clash? LOL
    What happened during Indian vs Asoka
    Asoka flopped and SRK lost to Sunny Deol.
    Because it was not from Yashraj or Dharma banner nor Don brand.

  • He meant new release date (which could be Eid or not) will be announced on Eid and that raees coming on eid 2016 is just a speculation as of now.

    If he confirmed it for Eid 2016 then why wouldn’t he say so directly?

  • “Speculation on #Raees release date! It all ends this Eid.. ”

    It sounds to me as they will re-announce the release date of Raees THIS Eid next month. It makes me think they are planning to change their release date, again, due to Sultan since he’s written ‘speculation’ after already announcing the release date it few weeks ago (so what speculation?), and will re-announce it on this Eid. Otherwise, he would have simply written, that Raees is releasing on Eid 2016.

  • before 2010
    Don vs Jan E Man

    Nan E Man Flop
    Don Hit

    Time for
    back to back Hit

    Salman Khan
    back to back Folp


    After 2010

    Sultan vs Raees

    Sultan screen count 3500
    Raees screen count 2500

    Sultan 250 cr ATBB
    Raees 70 cr Flop


    back to back Blockbuster

    if content outstanding(Raees)
    I don’t know

    my prediction true

    bet me

  • Last time Srk did non commercial film, it was MNIK which was did 72 crore. Raees will not cross 100 crore even in the best case.
    Sultan will be the clear winner, and blockbuster of 2016.

  • @Rohit just want to confirmed are you same Rohit who is Hrithik fan and commenting here since 2013 PR any other Salman fan as your comments mostly inclined towards Salman than srk, so are you another Rohit or same, want to know as you seems to a genuine Bollywood lover.

    Agree with @babaji that article is misinterpreted but because they will release date on thus eid so might be they want to clear that Raess will come on Eid 2016 (may be bakri EID).

  • Come-on indicine…..!!…

    He just said… He will confirm on Eid…..!!…

    I want raees vs sultan clash….!!…

    Legend srk…. Will rock….

  • i agree with Babaji ka thullu its a complete wrong article..Indicine misinterpreted the tweet as if he don know english..Jst to publish an article he has done this..

  • @Babaji, exactly. I think there’s some misinterpretation. His tweet hints that makers of Raees are planning to change their date because of Sultan. Otherwise, why would they re-announce the date when they have already done it few weeks ago?

  • Excel will postpone when someone at the studio finally tweaks that they have inadvertedly made CON 3 n not Bhojpori Rice King…! Delayed film suggests this may have already happened…

  • Srk n salman fans dont get exited clash is not gonna happen..This eid Raees team are gonna to announce d release date of Raees chill..

  • This is getting bigger and better . SRK and Salman are good friends so it will be exciting to know how will they sort out this situation . On the other hand SRK and Aditya Chopra are not just friends they are like brothers . So all these things make it very entertaining . In terms of direction Raees has the edge . Rahul Dholakia got the National Award of Best Director for Parzania . But this will be his first commercial movie like AK had with BV . On the other hand Ali Abbas Zafar is a pretty average director whi has made MBKD and Gunday . In terms of casting Raees stars SRK, Nawaz and Mahira Khan . On the other hand Sultan till now only has Salman Khan . There is a rumour that Parineeti Chopra will be a part of Sultan . Till now 2 movies are scheduled to release on Diwali 2016 Shivaay and Shuddhi . Dangal is expected to release on Christmas 2016 . So one of them has to postpone or they should clash so that Bollywood is ready for such clashes . Because in the future if everybody will book holiday releases in advance then there will be more clashes . I am damn sure Fan will be a Non Holiday release because there are no Holiday releases left in 2016 . I agree with @ Indicine that if PRDP underperforms than Sultan may be postponed . If Dilwale is postponed than maybe Raees will be postponed . If clash happens it will be a cracker of a contest . SRK Fans should not think too much about 2006 because 10 Saal main bahut kucch badal jaata hai . I don’t care about Box Office Collections but what i really want is good content . SRK as a Alcohol Smuggler and Salman as a Wrestler let’s see what happens next Eid ………………………………………..

  • No clash….salman left shuddhi that mean ki sultan on eid n raees on diwali…..eid salman date n diwali shahrukh date….i dont think ki varun n ajay deserve a date like diwali……i am a huge fan of salman but also respect srk…..so time to cheer….three salman n three srk movie till next diwali….
    Eid bajrangi bhaijaan
    Diwali prdp
    Christmas dilwale
    Post ipl fan
    Eid sultan
    Diwali raees
    Too much fun

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