Rishi Kapoor or Akshay Kumar: Who’s better as Dawood?

Before the big-budget Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara releases in theatres on Independence Day, a smaller film directed by Nikhil Advani has Rishi Kapoor playing the real-life character of India’s most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim Kashkar.

Akshay Kumar’s character in OUATIMD is also based on Dawood, which makes for interesting comparison.

RIshi Kapoor - Akshay Kumar

RIshi Kapoor – Akshay Kumar

Who suits the character better? Watch the trailer and submit your votes!

OUATIM Dobara Trailer

D-Day Trailer has Rishi Kapoor playing Dawood

Akshay or Rishi: Who's better as Dawood Ibrahim?

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  • RISHI KAPOOR Hands down…Akshay is making dawood look like a cool hero…which dawood isnt…..Rishi has kept a bit real…..and acted better….

  • Akki all the way…!
    Sorry Rishi Sir but from what I saw of the trailer there was nothing that excited me about your character portrayal so Akki won quite easily…!

  • but you didn’t made a poll for,who is best in masala films??srk or salman.
    pro srk site will do everything do degrade big films releasing around srk films.

  • this is useless comparision.
    akshay is 1000 times better than rishi kapoor.rishi is looking so fat in that charector.

  • obviously akki. he is looking damn cool. great personality. rishi is looking like pakistani mqm leader altaf hussain.

  • My vote for Rishi Kapoor looking great in picture. Akshay Kumar will be crush by all junior artist like Rajpal Yadav & Rakhi Sawant now.

  • @boss bro the point is,frustreted jobless srk fans will vote for rishi kapoor.but this fools don’t even know that this kind of polls and its results don’t even make 0.0000000000001% difference in collection of OUATIMD.so,let them make 100’s of meaningless polls against akki and OUATIMD,and let them enjoy tll 15th august.

  • rishi did well in negative role in agneepath he along sanju baba saved film……rishi luks real as dawood unlik akki sir…

  • rishi kapoor looks 1000times better than akshay as dawood.akshay looks like rickshawala with rich suit.and worstdialogue delivery

  • look at your selves still point fingers at srk. he has nothing to do with this yet you people still attack him(his fans). I rarely see srk fan attacking other actor, at this point there’s nothing much one can do but laugh at these comment( about srk) kind of makes you look desperate, all ways trying to degrade him. Hopefully you will look at your selves and realize how pathetic you look. had to say it since so many of you never stop bashing.

  • @ahmed. Agree with u, Emraan hashmi was far better whereas akshay try to look cool but end up in joker style. Somebody was saying akshay plays fictional character. Just wanna tell him, sirf naam change karne se fictiional character nahi ban jayega. Every one knows whole movie is cashing on Dawood Ibrahim name

  • We should not compare between who is the best .tell me which actor tells to compare me with another actor? According to me both are giving there great perfermance as a actor.

  • @soroop beta don’t get frustreted now.wait till 8th august.it will be the perfect day for you and all srkians to get frustreted with CE collections,reviews,film,and specially your fake KING’s irritating (over)acting.

  • rishi kapoor is looking better as acting vise in this kind of role and d day looking frwrd to reality whereas ouatimd is looking pure masala type of movie as director already told that its fictitious but we should not compare akki and rishi kapoor as actors !!

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